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Library: Commentary on Aristotle's Metaphysics
Title:      Commentary on Aristotle's Metaphysics
Categories:      Metaphysics
BookID:      14
Authors:      Kevin Wall, O.P.
ISBN-10(13):      0000000014
Publisher:      Western Dominican Province
Publication date:      June 27, 2018
Number of pages:      75
Language:      Not specified
Price:      0.00
Rating:      0 
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Commentary on Aristotle's Metaphysics. 


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! !!!_j !:;-=',:nor !vague " "",k "), "... ": "All "Ere "FORM" "OAWS_TE "Parmenides "Some "This "When "atheists" "atomic "being". "cause" "cause". "efficient "falling "final "first "for "forgetting" "form" "form"), "founder "from "inadequate "knowledge" "knowledge". "material "matter" "matter") "modern" "myth "myth/history "myths" "of "one" "original "paradidomena" "principle". "scientific" "seemed "t7 "that "theologizers" "these "thing" "world". "yes" "££ "—is $^ & &5x(7-cu.• &A/Avoca: &Eivos• &I. &NMft4I-voeation, &Or& ' '01 '0£ '1 '1'1 '1/1 '11 '11, '117"(91PTCLS '13111111 '17z '17£ '1£ '3311'N '4 '41 '41-£1) '41C '4z '4z-ti '4£-8z '51 '519 '5i '5£ '6 '61 '6z '6£ '8 '81 '8z '8£ '9 '9! '91 '9£ 'A 'El 'Er 'File 'ITp(UTOV 'Ia. 'JD 'JD) 'Me-/ 'Physics 'S 'Sz 'TO 'VOL 'What 'a 'ariv 'cal 'frac 'hi 'intention' 'ix 'iz 'laws. 'mid 'must 'natural' 'nature' 'one 'out 'oz 'oz. 'o£ 're 'rreckutcOs. 't,z 't-z 'uo!ounj 'uoJit•N 'zz '£11659 '££ ( ("1•TI ("here" ()Ueda (,71:101g• (-/Ti. (.1 (/aalv (1 (1! (1-61 (1. (1t) (2) (3) (510;4) (5s. (981 (985 (And (Crag. (Geo)..0yricroura.3 (IAA' (Int (Kai. (Me.' (Mysticism (OS (Parmenide (S1 (Slit (Trita, (US (Us (a (a) (abTO (adding (an (and (and, (as (beauty (because (both (cf (choosing (faller. (falls (for (frog (h11 (hail/Era/. (he (i) (i.e. (in (induces) (likeness (on (or, (order (ordered (pri07//taTtKO (principles) (r)CrTE (rITE/V (read (read, (recollection), (relative (see (since (the (these (whence (which (who (will (z) ) )) ). )1511 )Ory )\C-f€1-0 *Proper, , ,,,,Y ,-- ,0"3Y" ,4 ,56 ,7 ,Aaf3civ,(IAA' ,Trpoii7rdpxot ,\Oy(p ,a.vEpOP ,crt ,me ,tteTcliltpluv - -1103 -1110) -11100 -111011 -1111 -11TETAPHYSICA -313 -3A011f -443,)/14.(1-) -60 -7p6irov -8 -Co -I -doctrine -npa -o£ -urns . .(1.)a .- .. ... ..." .1-41.9 .10 .10.1 .11' .13111 .131110111 .3111113.1.! .51 .511 .61 .7.7 .7rOAAaViig .In .already .c .d .jD) .nested .nr,- .£ / /"Kaarot, /6\ /At:CAW-M. /La/2MS /Li) /lap-Topa. /lea /lel-fro /oxlip /tat /th• /u) 0 0' 0) 0,89 0.111N 0/171v. 00011(7") 0011 00813 01 01)CTICES 01,, 01.)K 01.5. 01.7TCOS' 010.9 01011 01013(1 010V 011 011011 01111 0111113 0115T0g. 011A1 013 015TE 015TO) 019) 0191 03(1(1111 03190 04- 044 04a 061 069 06Te 0704XEICUP. 094 0E0g. 0E8v 0S4 0gT7TEp 0iTalg 0£4 1 1'1 1'611 1(131.1131) 1(u3 1). 1)01 1)111 1)49 1)o3 1, 1,, 1,101 1,45 1,46 1,5zi 1,614 1,66 1,67 1,7 1,714 1,o4 1- 1-;IV 1. 1.! 1...av 1.1,1, 1.11) 1.11,b0 1.1110 1.1111 1.11111 1.131.10 1.i£1 1.£.£1 1.£1? 1/69 1/£11 10 10"XtEl. 1015101d 1028 1072 1072b 1073 10734 10£ 11 11" 11)A111' 11,,nrg 11,9 11,o' 11-M 11.1111111 11.11111:11 11.131113A0U1 11.13:10;3 11/111 11/1Aa. 110!1311115111 110109 110111 111 111'09 111.1311111 1110 1110.103 1110.1J 111001(1 111011N 1111! 1111!u1 11111 111111 1111110 11111111.1 1111151.103 111119100 1111M 11132q13)1.9 11133131)01U 111;nd 111DUI 11313 1133As139 114 115 116-12o. 1161 1174 119 11911 11:1.1 11:3911od 11;£ 12 12, 13. 13.1311 1300J 1300K 131 13111/11 13119111 133011 1331!11,93 13ut 13—m. 14 1417 144 1447 14o 15 15. 15.11.1 15.19 1511 152 1539 159 15epyeta• 15opponents 15raiV011: 16 162D, 169 17 17. 17.-:!ints-7, 171 171'4 171170 1714.1 178) 1781.07011, 180C). 184 187* 18£ 19 19). 19, 191 1911 1918, 196b21 199 1994 1: 1:1,49 1:804 1; 1CaT7iyop7i[ccfrwv 1Cf. 1J11 1St/ 1The 1d 1e 1g. 1oli3dos 1u9A1 1which 1£4 2 2). 2, 2. 20 201111 2018 2018. 20I1 21 21, 211 22 22, 23 23; 24 24, 24. 246. 25 25, 26 26. 27 271, 28 29 2:rocr(Irnrct: 2Ab 2De 2a:m. 2and 2d 2elp 2o 2titus 2—as 3 3)111 3)11101 3)t0a10(.5 3, 3,7. 3,911e,\' 3. 3.101.11 3.10111 3.11111111 3.l4.... 3/ 3/10 3/11 3/olti3 30 30-34 300 301 3010) 31 31(1!3wid 31, 31,1TOHUELE 31-l0e111 31/1i3011d 310 310)111 31001 31015 311 311) 3110 31101 31101SI.IV 3111 3111) 31111(1 3111110 3111111 31111111 31111111313p 311111A 311115 3111q9 3115 3131d1110)lo 319110011011 31eis 31l1oru 32 33 3311105 33111AO1' 3311311635 3311s101 34 34, 35 350111 3511 35111) 3511103 351113 36 36. 37. 39 39) 391 3A01.11 3S111 3and 3but 3ini 3it 3nuou9oisAqd 3o 3pou3j 3ta 4 4) 4). 4,14 4. 4.Kpt.f3jgTj 4.p.l1< 40 402 411 4111 414 415 4171 42 43 432b5 444 449 44t 44t, 45, 459 46, 461 47rei1raiv 47ro8E(Ecos- 489 48t, 49 4:9 4N7.1 4Perel-Lombard, 4a- 4i.e. 4i/oleos- 4ishes 4t/zi 4z 4£ 4—the 5 5"6• 5' 5)31 5, 5. 5/ 5/2 50 501111011 50291.3 51 51! 51-61 51. 51.9 5101-91 5111101( 51111110 51113(1 513131(111S 5133190 516 53 53(11 53)1110 53)11111 53.>11/0 53013 5311(11111 5311031D11313 53111 531111:11S 533111i 534311u1luo3 5350.1$ 53511 5355111 53911111 53A0 53A114 55, 5519 5521-61 559 5611 569 57 58 589 59 59, 599 59£1 5; 5t0 5ta 5z6 6 6, 6,,ttr..r0 6-17. 6. 60 61 62 63 649'91 64£ 65 6511 659 661 661-oi 66oi 67/ 677-11,um. 678. 681 684 68£ 69fi 69t, 6CVLKO'JTEpa. 6E 6VTOS 6g 6o, 6or 6rt 6v. 6vra, 6£4 7 7(7.1V 7) 7-11, 7.7 7/ 70 70, 71 71'421.8aptd)37) 71(31-7)Tat 71-/-0iiitEL'Oli 71-i.(57-7iirrjs• 71806 72 73 75 755, 77 77(1(1XEIV, 77-6i77-4/Lip, 77-ciyco.Oat, 77015, 77017OTVES" 7701E171! 770cr8v 77p0Et8EITtt, 78 79 7T0t01, 7TAELOVOIP 7TETTEpaatavrp 7TOCTOP 7TOTEpOI' 7TOtriTT1TES 7Td.VTC011, 7TpCUTOV 7TpOTEpOV. 7TpOiT01,• 7WIEVOI, 7`111,11, 7`j 7cpi 7j 7r01.71T-TP. 7r6is 7r6is. 7rEpi 7rEpi, 7raPTa 7rapO. 7rapa8EtwaTticitis, 7rd.077, 7rd.vraw 7reZs• 7roAAa 7roiOr 7rpoet.8vat 7rpoyEyvwcrKoicE'vcov 8 8' 8', 8(1. 8. 8/ 80 8001, 801 804 81 81' 810 811 812 813 817Aoiigtv, 85 859 861 87;7700 87J/10V 884 889 8CarEpOi 8Cf. 8E 8E' 8cci7rep 8j 8na 8oK€1... 8t;4, 8tEe 8tO 8ta 8£4 9 9-0£ 9-6£ 9-91 9-gz 9. 9011 904 91 9100 91171 94 94, 9417 948e;yyov 95 9511 9551.1-61 959 9611 9689 980 981 982 982b 983 9831' 984 984' 984b 985' 985aand 988 98}4. 992 993 993b 993bthe 9946 995 995b 995° 996. 9961'26-997'1s. 9o4 9ssaou 9suutintrom 9££ : :(z :(£. :01 :01-9 :1 :1'I :1,i :11 :17-Z :171141/8 :1E :4 :4.1 :4/ :41 :51 :511 :6 :61 :6£ :8 :81 :8i :9 :91 ::'1 :CA, :JO :S1 :SI :Sz :cmporary :ill :of: :or :the :whether :xtrerne :zz :£1-11 :£z :— ; ;,-,but ;,xf4v, ;-,but ;01-01 ;12 ;KEZI.a) ;Tay ;rap ;raw <Kai) <Kai> = ? ?rink. A A" A',718es. A(1 A, A. A.1111110) A.11S5D3311 A1.131).10 A1110 A113 A13A!soctind A13Aiqs A9 ACTUALITY AD AE'VETat. AE'yoftev AEVICOI. AEVOiljr(01,, AGSS AI ANcov AOKEZ AOyy ARISTOTLE AX'S AaPeiv. Ab Ab. Ab: Absolutely Accoedincly Act Acting Acts ActvOcivoi/Ev AcyErat. Ad Adl'OJV Aey6v-row, Afelaphysics. After Again, Agens Aim) Ajyerat Al!ssoDpu Alexander. Alexander: All Alli131J Amid An Anaxagoras Anaxagoras, Anaximander Anaximenes Anaximenes, And And, Anima Anima. Ap1115 Apnis Apori Apparently, Aq Aquinas Aquinas' Aquinas, ArTcv Aristotelian Aristotle Aristotle's Aristotle, Aristotle. Aristotle’s Ariszo:le, Arprinoru Art. As Asclepius. Ask At Ate, Atlas, Atomists. Author: Avirci Ay?) AyEcrOal., B BOOK Bea Before Being Beings Berkeley Bertrand Boethius, Bonitz Bonitz: Book Boon Brief Broad-breasted Burtt's But But, By C,W7i C-rirEiv C0,11 C7)0tC01, CC-0 CG CITM,Xja CONTRA COOS CTKE7TTEOV CTV CZITTE Cantos Causarum Cause Ccui Cemple Cf. Chance Changeable Ci7TACTUF CiE(, CiEi CiKptflOig, Classics Clazoinenac Clazomenae, Clearly Clearly, Colui Commedia. Commentary Compare Conj, Consciousness Consequently Contain Copyright Copyrighted CrTOLXEia Creates Cujus D, D1(11.11101.1011 D311111 DUO Dante Dante, De De= Democritus Development Dialectic. Dicendum Different Dinoru Diogenes Dip Diversity Divina Dm Dominican E E'Irrwpcev E'KaOTOV E'ttatverat E, E. E774 E7TEL E7rLaT7j,L7)c E: EAOEEV. ECTT1 ECTTLV ECrTLV EIC EICaOTOU EITTC11 EJ EJ. EJr. EK EKE11,01.1 EKEZPO EKEtVOV EKT,KOV EKaarov EKafTa EL EMT/ EOTL EOrj EPuTaipxecv• ETL ETaywyils. EUTCV EUTUL EV EXCOV• EXEL EXEL, EXELV EXOVTES EZcnrep Ea0i5. EaTI, Each Earliest Early Earn, Eartv Eci,•("1„1._ Egyptian Ei.71"Ep EicO0a/LEI,, Eil'at Eivac, Ejus El El'ATIV El, El. El7ropiav• ElYet Eleatics. Elem. Eli, Elpnidvcov. Elsewhere Empedocics, Empedocles Empedocles, Empedocles. En). Ephesus Epicureanism EpyEta Er Er.Trep, Ergo ErilaTT1/l,71, Ervat Et Et.' Etym. Eudoxus Eudoxus' Ev Ev.,AA,L Eva, Even Evidently Existentialist FLec FORM FORM) FORM); FORM, FORM. FORMS Faie, Finally, First, Following For Forget, Form Forms Foster. Foundations Fr. Free From Further, Gig Gilby. God God's God, God. Gods Graeci, Greece Greek Greek, Greeks Greeks, Greeks. H. HAND HO Having He Hegel Hegel: Heidegger Hence Hence: Heraclitus Heraclitus. Here Hermotimus Hesiod Hesiod, Hesiod: Him Hippasus Hippo His Holder Hom. Homo How However Hume I I! I' I) I, I. I09Ia I0U: I1c I3ut I: IAA II II, II. III III, III. IIoAEOTC IN INTELLIGENCE INTRODUCTION IV Ia. Ian Ibid. Identity Ieuollll If If, Iglig_f_t_go,is IhrAy Iii, Ilia Ill Illa Ilow In Indeed,the Institution Intelligence Intelligence). Introd. Irdvrtos IrpOii7T Irrational. Irrationalism. Isai Isiu Isom It Its Ix. J13s JDA31.1 JO JiCaC/701,. Jo Jo.) Jp,„,„1„ Jrav Jul June, Just K K. KCLO' KCLi KCa. KOITOt KQL KUG Ka0 Ka0' Ka0- Ka0C1,77Ep Ka0c;,7rep KaKOP, KaKcirap, KaOljitevov KaTtiyopIcc Kai Kai, Kai. KaiTot Kaiy6P Kal KaniyopallttE'l'ani. Kara Kat Kat. Kea, Kevin Kextoptait&ri Kra L L' L5 LEVOU LI LIFE La Laano Latin, Let Leutsch Level Light Lntendit Logic Logic) Logical Love METAPHYSICA METAPHYSICS, Maeda Making Man Man's Man, Manifestum Master Mathematical Mathematics Matter Men Meno Mephistophelian Meta. Metaphysical Metaphysics Metaphysics. Metapontium Milesians Mind Mit,,TWE' Mn"t1 Modern Moderns Moreover, Myth N. NE NEP' NOUS NOUS) NOUS, NOUS. Nam Neo-positivism Neoplatonic Nevertheless Nevertheless, New Newton Next Nihilism Nihilistic Nominalism Nominalistic Nor Note Note, Nous Nous) Nous, Nous. Now O O'Cfa O.P. O;11.0_15' OCOV OCUVat ODIC OEcopilaal OEcopta. OIKEttUll OLITCOS' OMI ON OTG OTHER OTL OTOI', OTOVO6V OTOtt OTrcfpxecp OUSE OUSEV OUX OV OVCIGKO. OVO OVTO. OVTOS OVTalt, Oa OaTtOg Oacriv Oapepairara OavauaarOv OaviimaTOv• Oavp..acrtd)- Observe Obviously Ocas. Ocean OcirEpoy2e;f8tov Oepitav Oewprire'ov Of Oi On Once One Only Op,oca Opcaltaw• Optatt01') Or Or, OrT(t.)1, Orat) Origin OriginareS Orrep OtW Otherwise OtiTE Otials Otyytiva. Our Ovra, Ozep PCL1 POINT:1 PURE PURPOSE PaN Paradiso Paradiso, Paradiso: Parmenidean Parmenides Parmenides' Parmenides, Paroentiographi Part Perhaps, Philosophical Philosophically, Philosophus Phrynis Phys. Physic.3 Physical Pio' Plant Plato Plato's Plato, Position Positivism, Previously Prima Principle Prmterea, Problem Province. Prxterea, Psychologically, Pt\wv. Published Purpose, Put Pythagoreans Question Quod REPLY: RESPONSIO: RIO Raise Rather, Reading Relation Responsibility Returning Reward Rewards Rights Rights: Rome Ross Russell, Russell. S S, S001 S1 S11111 S31(11301111 S3i0 S71/too; SA1M11: SE SEAcyo/ SECOND SECUNDUM SED SIS.11/11131(1 SIb SLEAal SO SOKEZ SSD111d1011 SUMMA SactKrat Savarat, Sc. ScecArCite0,4 Schneidewin, Science Scientific Scotus Se Sed Sein Selections Sg£ Si Si-1)10V Si/vac-10m Siaruyi Simply Since Sit. Sji Slital So So, Socrates Some Sozi Speaking Speusip- St,.! St,zz St1011331J1 Stoicism. Styx Substance Substance. Such Such, Summa Summa, Supreme S£ T T&oprot,cl'A?to T(1.) T(7)1, T. T01.7 T013 T1 T15 T15' T1VCOV3 T7is TC.)1, TC.0170 TC3V TC51, TCJV TCUV TCZIP TCp TE TE7A, TES TEpov. THE THEOLOGI,12., THEOLOGIrt., TI TIS TIVan, TL TLOL TLS TLVES* TM TO TO15701) TOC/CtUTaXC7J(' TOES' TOG TOLOOT(.0V• TOLOoT(011 TOO TOOT' TOOTO TOOTWV TOOg TOP TORE TORE, TOT TOTE TOU TOUT() TOUTO TOUTO' TOUTOJI' TOV TOVTO TOlCttitg' TOt;TO0 TOtOGTOV. TOtTCOP TOv TT TW TWO TWS TWV Ta TaJTCOV TaOra). TaUra Tadny TaerrOli Tag Tag, Tail' Taken TallTa Tamen Tatccv Taura Taw Tcl Tclni Tcz, Td. Te31) Tethys Tfov Thaes Thales Thales, That The Theaet. Thee's'. Their Themselves Then Theologiae Theologiae, There Therefore Therefore, These They Things Third This Thomist Those Though Thought Thr Through Thus Thus, Ti TiaOac Tic) Timotheus Timotheus. Tip Title: To To0To),107j7opats• ToGro Tocatir-qs• Totoiirov, Tots TpIrrrixv, TpO7TOP TpO7ros• TpOirov Tptir17X1) Tr(IIPTON Tr/ Tr10T71/1.6JV. TrAELP TrETrat8Efi0-Oat. TrEpi TrEpl., TrOCTO1' Trais TralITCOV Transmission TreTrepa-, Trepc Tri0(7.1TOV• Triip Trinity, TrocOv TrpOcrOccrty TrpOirov TrpOrepov Tt Tt'I'COT' Tt, Tt1,07/1, Tti Ttp Tts, Tts• Tuyxcivoti U0( UTOIXEEil Undo Urbs. Use UtA V V, V. V071T01.3 V61 VI' VII VOI35' VTOL' Validity, Videtur Vol, Vol. Volition), WE WILL WILL. WO WO-re WO. WS WV WV, Wairy Wall, Wan We Western What When Why Will, Wisdom, With Within Works Works. Worship X, XII XIV. XV. XXXIII, XpOlip. Yet York, You Z11 ZA ZI;le"reneni;1 ZKaCITOP, ZOZ1 ZXEI Zeit. Zeno Zi11-171 [Kai [and ^fle _ _possesses `11099 `3. `41 `41-1.z `51 `ZZ `g `oz `o£ `tiz `z `z£ a a'311 a'ia.07iats a07-77 a7-m.7.7174ov, a:nem: aA aJnleu aKpt/3cc aOTCov aUTO aX,\o a^i,-,-als ab abandoned abidest, able able, about about. above above. absence absent absolute absoluteSdiverse absolutely absolutely, abstract abstracting abstraction absurd absurd), absurd. accentuates accept accept. acceptable acceptance accepted accepts access accidental accidents accomplish accomplished according account accounts accuracy accuracy, accurately, accusggsa accustomed, accustomed. achieve achieved achievement achievement• achieving achieving; acquire acquire. acrias acry.av_p.Ovov act act. acta acted acting acting. action action) action, action. action:: action; action= actionem actions activated activates active activities activity activity, acts actual actualities. actuality actuality; actualization actualization. actualize actually actually, actum. actuum ad add added added. addition, additively addressed, adduced adequately adequately, administration admiration. admission, admits admitted adopted adrdh' advance advanced advanced, advancing advantage; advantageous aesthetics. af,cret affections affirmation affirmation, affirmations affirmations, affirmed after again again, against agens agent agent, agent. agent; agente: agentia agere ages ages, aggregate aggregated aggregation agit agit-ur agitur agree agree, agreed agreements, agrees aim ain11/1 air al al!uyt9 al'EU al'ir(7)1. al, ali0 alias alien aliis alio aliqua aliquem aliquid aliquo aliquod alit alive all all). all, all,-but all-important all. all/Call.(( all/nature allowed allows almost alogia. alone alone, alone. along already also also, altIm alterius, alternative alternative. altero although although, altrove. alu0.9- always am amaat'pEt,' amassed. among amoru amount an an-iv analogical analogy analysed analysis analysis, analysis. analyzing anc ancient ancient, ancients and and, animal animal. animalia. animality, animals animals, animals. animals? annoyed another another's, another, another-he another. anq answer answer, answering answers anther., antiatvet anticipated antique antiquity, any anyone anything anywhere, ao apa apart apicroi app app.etitum, apparent appearance appearances. appeared appears appetite appetite, appetite. appetites applied apply appreciated appreciates apprehend apprehends apprehendunt apprehension apprehensum, apprehondere approach appropriate approximated approximating. approximative apxas apxfjs ar,rta arOpamos arathicrw arayfq arbitrium, arc arc, arc. archer are are, are. argu argue argued, arguing argument argument, arguments arguments, arise arisen arises arises. arising aroixcia around arranged arrangement, arrived arrow art art. article articulation articulus artificial, artimalia, as ascribes ask asking asking: aspect assert assert, asserted asserting assertion assertion, asserts asserts, assume assuming astiajap astonishing at at'prois at/ at8cov atiTO atiTati atiTiv atomic atoms atoms; attain attained attaining attains attempt attempting attempts attention attention, attribute attributed aurem autem autem. av avavOs• avitfioAataw, aviuktrros avoid avoid, avoids avrwp avrwv avvexis aw!1 aware aware, away awe axe axiom: aya0OP b back background bad bad," bad. baffles ball base based bases basic basically bats bccn be be), be, be. be: beatitude beautiful beautiful, beautifully beautiful—,--therefore beauty beauty, beauty-cream. beauty. became became, because because, become becomes becomes: becoming bed been before before. beforehand, began begin beginning beginning, beginnings begins behave being being, being," being,. being,2he being- being. being; beingness beingness, beingness. beings beings, beings. beings? belief belief, belief. beliefs, belong belongs below below, bend beneath bent bent, besides besides, best best! best, best. better better, between beyond biological blaze blind blindly blow blows, bodies, bodies. body body, bolster bonum book both bound bq branches brightness bring bringing brings brings. bronze brought bruta brute bsolutely bu'll buil built; buried business but but, by c c'17rEtpa• c'erracia c'tAAa c, c. c1 cA cAA0.)1, cITOTrOV cal calculus call called calls came can can, can. cannot cannot, capable capacity capital capitals capricious cardinal carent carent. caricature caricature. carried carry carrying cary07/ats, case case, cases cases, cast categories category category, category. cattle caught causa causa: causality causality, causality. causas cause cause! cause" cause". cause, cause. caused: causes causes, causes. cause—say cause—they causing causing, cboaticasO cc cd. ceases certain certain, certainly certitude certum, cf cf. cfart. cfta. chageable chance chance, chance. change change, change. changeable changed changes changes, changing chaos character character, characteristics, characterize che cherish, chief childish choice choosing christian ci&caperOs ciAA' ciAAa ciKptfloAoyiat, ciTro8E'xovTat cieL01.3fLEV cilhepis cipicrT7)IttKpOv ciplarov, circle circle, circle. circling circumference circumference. cirrop_otiptEpoe, citation citation, citation. cite cited cites citing citoLigtv city, civilized, civitatis, civitatis. ciya0Ov ckaaw, cl7rapoi,KaTa claiming class class. classification classified clause clay, clear clear, clear. clearer clearly clearness, clement clira.cro, clitCL clokr.-laker close closely closer clots°. cntos. co-relational, cog cogently cognitione, cognitions cognoscant cognoscat cognoscit cognoscunt coining coinino cold cold, collectively collectivity collocations color, combination, come comes comfort coming comment commentaries, commentary. commentators commercially commitment committed common common. commune, comparatur compare compared compares comparison comparison, comparison. comparisons compels compendiously competely complete complete, complete2_../ completely completely, completeness complex, component. composed composite composition composition, comprehended comprehends comprehensivesness. con- conceive conceived conceiving concept concept, conception concepts concepts. conceptual conceptualized conceptualizes concern concerned concerning concerns concetrate concisely concisely, conclude concluded concludes conclusion conclusion, conclusion. condemnation, condemned condensed confirm confirmed conflict conflict" conflict. confront conies. connect connection connection, connexion conscious consciously consciousness consciousness, consciousness,the consciousness. consequence consequence, consequences, consequitur conserved, conserved. consider considerable consideration considerations considered. considers consiousness consist consist, consistency consistent consistent, consorteth consposed. constituent constitute constitutes constitution constitutive constitutive. construct constructing consumed contact contain contain, containing contains contemplate, contemplation contemplation, contemplation. contemplative contemporary contending content contents context context. continually continuous continuous, contradic- contradict contradiction contradiction, contradictory contraries contraries, contrary contrast contrasted contribute contributed convenit converts conviction convictions convinced copyright cor.siderandurn corn corn- corpus. correct correspondingly cosmetic, cosmos, cosmos. could could, course course, coward coyii crattara, crcUpccacp• create creation creation; creative creatures creatures. credited crinca(Pec cripples critical criticism criticism, critotios crrtv].` crt;v7i0cs crtdaaf3cir crtivOcrot crucial crup€Ipav crvicilaivovacv• cujus cul.)C culinary culture) cum current custom customary cut cuts d d(70V7)OEGaV d.AA' d77"08EKTO1', dAAO. dAppetite, dKpocicretsTa dVEAEI;OEpOV da)La dark. darkness, darkness. day" day, day; dds, de deal dealing deals dealt dear dearest, death debris deceptive, decide decided decimal, decision, decisiveness declared deduce deeper deeply defeated defective defiant deficient defined, definite definition definition, definition— dela delving demand demanded demonstration den denied denied: denies denominated denotes deny denying departmental departure depend dependent depends deprecate depths derived derives describe described designated designation desirable desirable. desire desires despair, despite destined destroy destroyed destroyed, destruction destruction, destruction:proceed destructive detailed determinable determinate determinates determinatio, determination determinatum determinatum. determine determined determines determinetur determining deternfinateness deterrninatum deus develope developed developing developing. devoid devotion, di diagonal. diagram diagram: diagrams dialectic dialecticians. dialectics diameter dicendum dicendurr_ dicitur did did, die differ difference different differs difficult difficult. difficulties difficulties, difficulty difficulty, difficulty. digitized digress dimly direct directed direction direction. direction: directly dirigit discourse discourse, discourse. discourser discover discovered discovering discovery discovery. discuss discuss- discussed discussed. discussing discussion discussion, disdaining disorder dispute, disputed, dissatisfied dissolved distinct distinction distinguished distinguishing diverse diverse, diverse. diverse; diversifying diversity diversity, diversity. divina. divine dl11111;3111 dleThe do do, do. doctrine documents does does. does; doing domain dominating dominium don't done done, donor doom door,' dost doth double down drags drat'. draw drawing drawn drive driven driven, drove drunk drunks". dual ducens ducing ducitur, ducta, due dupliciter: duration dynamic dynamism, e e!K e. e.g. e1-1) ea each earlier earlier. earliest earth earth, earth—to easy easy, easy. ed. edition. effect effect, effect. effects effects. efficient effigy efrecturn, eft egg ei eis either either. ejus ekall'Ecut el el'111 elVTOW element element. elements elements, elio elitAcos elparrov, else else, elye embodied embodies embrace embrace. embraced embraces emerge emerge, emergence emerges empire empirical empirically emus, enable end end, end-goodness end-object end. endeavor ends ends. energy enim enim, eninl enjoy enjoy, enjoy. enjoys enkindled ennoble enough enough; entire entities entity entity—either entrust eo-J3rirrjaEtE eptarov. equally— equilibrium equivalent equivcation equivocal. equivocation equivocation, equivocation. er ere ergo ern. ervai escape eseence esp. especially esse essence essence, essence/existence essential esset est est, est,2 est.' establihcd,' establish established estimation et etTecturn etc.). etc., eternal eternal, eternal. eternally. ethical etiam etvat, eu,e'ycOos even events eventually ever every everything everything" everything, everything? evidence evidence, evident evident; evidently evil, ex exactly exactness example example, exatly, except excerpt excluSively excludes exclusion exclusive exclusively execv, exegesis exemplification exhibit exist existed. existence existence, existence: existent existent. existing existinz exists exists, exists. exists: expanded expect expect. expected experience experience, explain explanation explicate explicate. explicating explication explicit explicitly, exploited exposes exposition express expressed expresses expressing expression expression, extend extendit extent extent, extent. external extinction extraneous, extreme extremes extrinsic extrinsic, eyes ezili face faced fact fact, fact. factors facts facts. facts; factually fail fail, failed; failure fair falls falls, false, false. falt faltering falteringly falteringly, familiar familiar. familiarity famous fanciful fantasy far far-fetched fashion fashioned fat fay fayovv, fears, feeling feeling, feet feinieu fertilized fewer, ff) ff. ff.). ff., ff7k fictions field fight fights; filled final finalis. finality find find, findeth finds fine finem finem, finem. finem: finent finern finern. fines finis finis, finis. finite finite, fire fire, firm firoduces.1 first first, first. first; fit fits five fixed, fla&Zot, flaRco, flame. flash flaws. fleshes fleshing flighted flow follow followers, following following, following. follows, follows: for for, force force, forced forced, forces forcing fore forefathers, foregoing foreign forgotten form form, form. form; forma. formal formalitatis, formally formam former former. forms forms, formula forward forward. found found, foundation founder four fourth fourth— fr. fraction fractions fragment fragmented, framed free free, friendship friendship, from from, front fulfilled. full fulleSt fuller fullest fully function function. functions fundamental fundamentally furniture: further further, fused, g g. g4643) g4tx gain gal gap. gate gathered, gave gaze gazing. general general, general. generally, generate generated generation generation, genesis genius, genius. geniuses geometer geometrical geometry get gets getting gfilf gg£ gi5 gift give given given, gives gives, giving glimmering gloria glory go goals god gods gods, gods. goes going gone good good, good,2and good. good.h good; goodness goodness). goods got governing goz granted. grasp grasped grasped, grateful, gratia, gratitude grave; great greater greater, greatest grips groping ground ground, ground. grounding grounding. grounds growth growth, guidance gxci. g£17x ha habent habent, habente. habit habit, habit. habitation habits habits; habitue. had hand, handed handled hands happen happens happiness hard, hardly has has, have have, having he he, health. heard hearer heart heartless heat heavens heights held help help. hen henceforth henceforward heneka, here here, hermeneutics heroism, high high," higher highest highest. highlights him him, himself himself, himself. hinting hints his historical history hit, hndo hoc hoc, hold hold, holding holds home. honor honourable honourable, hope hopeful hopeless hopelessly hopes horno, horno; hot how how.many however however, human hypothesis i i,, i. i.Szi i.e. i0"711, i7 iStarov iStx iTaffa. ia., icciAAcw id idea ideals ideas identical identical. identification identified identity identity). identity, identity. ideo idolt, if ignoble ignorance, ignorant ignore ignotum. ii&op ii. iiciAtara iinuEv, ill_tiv. illogical illogical. illud, illud: illusion illusion. illustrations illustrative image imbued imitation immanent immaterial immediate immediately immovable immoveable, impartible imparts impassive impatiently impatiently, impede impelled impellente, impels imperfect imperfect. imperfection imperfectly imperio implausible implication, implications implications, implications. implicit implicitly, implied implied, implies implies.c imply import important imposed impositions impossible impossible, impressions impulse impulse, in in, in:per:urn inadequate inadequate. inadequately, inasmuch inborn inclinationem inclinationem, include incommensurable inconsistent incorrectly indeed indeed, indefinite indefinite, indefinitely independent independently indeterminately indetermined indetermined, indicate indicated indicates indicating indication indicative indirectly indirectly, indispensable indispensible individual individual, individuality individually individuals indivisible induce induction induction, induction. inescapable inevitably inexhaustible inexplicable inferior inferior. inferred infinite infinite, infinite. infinitesimal influence influence, ingathered, inherent inherited initiated, innate, inner innward inquire inquire' inquires inquiry, inquiry. inroKeitte-vot, insensibiles, insentient insert inserted insight insight, insight. insights inspirations, instances, instinct instinct, instinctive instinctively instrument instrumental instrumentality instrurnentum inte.11i;thilis, intellect intellect" intellect) intellection intellectu, intellectus, intelligence intelligence. intelligent intelligently) intelligibility intelligibility, intelligibility. intelligible intelligible, intelligible. intending intending. intends intensity intent, intention. intentione inter interest interesting internal interpret interpreting intimate into into, intrinsic introduce introduced introduction inure inversion investigate investigation investigation, investigations. invicem invoke involve involves inwardly io io92k ion io£ ir ironically irrational irrationalibus. irrationalis irrationalist irrationality irresistible is is, is. is.illusion. is.opposed isow is—rather it it) it), it, it,nt. it. it.£1 it: it; itAAEs. ita itaNka.rtfor, itaariliarucc7ig itaczAas item itfil'Ot11,017t itiOPti itn-;„noi‘''.rr, itopion, itrOparrrov• its itself itself, itself. itself: itself? ittOpta itticpoAoyi.av• iucatara iv8(xOlicvov j j'11 j. j7Ti jKacrrop jav jccts jeLac ji, jipcarp,e'vov• jirtanite-ri jo jog joined joy jpycca jr jr, jrcpov judge judging judging. juridical, just justice justice, justification, jylpycia k k. k1!ss333N keeping kept kind kind, kinds kinds, knew knot know know), know, know. know2o knowing knowing) knowing. knowing.. knowledge knowledge. knowledge." knowledge: knowlege knowli known known. knows l'Amor l'altre l'universo l,,,,-iads* laT7 labours lack lacketh; lacking language language. larao large, last later later, latter latter, latter. law, laws, lay laying lchangeable lea leading leads leap learn learn, learning least least, leaves lect. lecture lectures lecturing, led ledge left legendary leiDA3s leisure less let letters level level, lewd liberum licensing licni. lie life life, life. life; light light, like like, like. like? likely likewise likewise, limit limited line lined lines linguistic link lio!ou lir lire lisping listen listener literally little little, live lived lives living lo lofty logic logic, logical logically long longer look looking lose loses loss love love) love, lover loves loving, lower lowest, luitriuu luroluu lyric lyrical mac/thia machina machines, made made, magnitude magnitude, mainline maintain maintain, major make make, make. makes making malz-e man man, man,—not man. man; man? manifest manifestation manifested manifests manner mantra', manufacture many march marks marvellous marvellous. marzis master. masters matches materia material materials mathematical mathematically mathematically, mathematics mathematics) mathematics. matrix matter matter) matter); matter, matter. matters, may may, me me. mean mean, mean. meaning meaning, meaning-giving meaning. meaningfulness meaningless meaningless. meaninglessness meanings means means, means. meant measure measure, mediating medication medicine medieval memories memories, men meno ment mental mention mention, mentioned) mentions, mere merely metaphysical metaphysician, metaphysics metaphysics, method might might, mind mind, mind. mind; minds mine minute missing mistake. mix mode moderation modern modern, modifications), modo moist moist, moment, moment. monism. moon moral more more. most most, mot mot= mota, motion motion, motion; motu move moveantur moved moved. movement movement, movement. movements, movements. movement—vaguely, movens, movent moventur mover mover, moves movet moveth movetur moving mptes,2 much much. multiplicity muove musical, must must, my mysteriousness. mystical mystical, mysticism myth myth, myth-level myth-thinker myth. myths myths. n n, n. nONP nOU name named) namely namely, naritram, naruralem nat natura natural naturalem, naturalis naturalis. naturally naturce nature nature, nature. natures natures, natures. natures:. nature— nature—not nearly necesarily necessarily necessarium necessary necessary. necesse necessities necessity necessity, necessity. need needed needs negate negating negation neglect neither neither, never nevertheless nevertheless, new next nihil nihilism nihilist, nisi nit-et nnythHz no no:, noaarific• nodern non non-changeable non-existent. non-rational none noonday noone nor not not, not; note note, notes notes, nothing nothing. notice, noting notion notion, noundn; novice now npprehas ntat nu number number. numbered numbers numbers) numbers. nunquam nutriment nve o o.alt o4£1 o69 o715/.v oLoi oVOEn oacrIav• oath ob- obTco object object, object-consciousness object. object." objective objectively, objectivity objects objects, objectum objecturn observe observes obstacles obtaining obvious obviously occupy occur occurred occurs odolasnoil odpavds oe.,at'aTisaSios of of- off off" off. offer officials often oh oi!Tia oillAt oinc oktt, ol ol'ErrOat ol. olOileGa older oldest olyvcourcircpa om. omelette. omnes omnia omnino omnipotent on once once. one one!" one's one, one,' one. one? oneness oneness. oneself one—from onirepov. online. online: only ono ontologi,Cally ontological ontologically ontologized. ontologkally ontology ooz op open opened opening operating operation operations operative opinion opinion, opinion. opinions opinions, opposed opposite opposition oppositions options opus. or or, orani3Aoto order order) order, order. ordered orders ordinantur. ordinare ordinari ordinary ordinatarum, ordinate orexfs: oriental origin origin, originally originates ot'Kria ot'Yat'as ot) ot)01vet ot.57-€ ota other other, other-facts, other. others others, otherwise otherwise,—in otherwise-but otiK otiaa, otiaias, otiatav, oticria• ots- otw otxria ou our our=01 ourselves ourselves, ourw out out, out. outcome outline, outside outward ova ovatome over overcome overcoming overlook overlooked. overpowered owing own own, owned owner. o£1. p,Opca p. p.,u0co87) p.iiv p3Aow p3w3Aoti pUt page pai!ntoe paieduio) painfully painted paltioup paltriness par parallel parallel, parallels paraphrase parents part part, part. parte participate participation particular particular, particulare. particulares particularia particularly particularly, parties parts pass passage passages passed passes passing passing, passions passive passivity path patiently pc;pnv pe"ol peculiar pejorative penetra penetrate penetrating pentrates people per perceive perceived perception perception, perfect perfect. perfecta perfecting perfection perfectly perforce performance perhaps perishables permission perpetua:ing person personal pervasive. pettifoggery. pettiness phenomena phenomenologically phenomenon philosopher philosopher, philosophers philosophers", philosophers, philosophers. philosophiaaPinferior philosophical philosophical-level philosophical. philosophically philosophically, philosophically. philosophize philosophize. philosophized philosophized. philosophy philosophy", philosophy, philosophy. philosophy: philosuOly, physical physician pi pi. picture pie piece pieq piiAAov, piiie pile, pipta pitiless place place, place. placed places places, placing plan plan, planned planned. plant plants play play, plays pleasant pleasant, pleasure. pleasure.' pluralism plurality plurality, poet poet. poetical poetically poetically, poetry poetry, poetry. point point, point. points poison) pomlus pool pooli poop poorly poorly, portion pos- pose posed, poses posing posit posite positing position position, position. positions posits possess possessed possesses possessing possessio possession possibilities possibility possible possible), possible, possible. possibly possint possunt, post-Aristotelian posterior pot, potentia potential potentiality potest power power. power; powerful powerless powers practical practically practice practice. practice; praise. pre-condition pre-eminent, pre-existence pre-historic pre-reflective preceded. precedes preceding precise precisely predecessors predecessors. predecessors." predecessors..." predicate predicate. predicated predicates predicating predication predications preeminent preface preface, prefacing prefatory prefers prelude premise prepared present present). present, presents present—as preserve presumably presupposed presupposes presupposition presupposition, presupposition. presuppositions preternatural. prevail prevail, previous prevision priestly prima primacy primal primarily primarily, primary prime primitive primum principal principale, principle principle". principle, principle. principle; principles principles, principles. prior priority privacy probable probable, probably probat problem problem: procediturnt procedure proceed proceeds proceeds, proceeds: process producat, produce produced produces producing product production proend-condition profess profound profounder profoundly profundity promise proof proofs, proper properties property proponent proportion. proportionalities. proportionality, proportionality. proportionately, propose proposed proposes proposition proposition, proposition: propositions proprium propter protected proudly proverbial proves provide provided psychological psychologically, public publicity pue puerile punisher, punishes purToscs, purchase pure purely purpose purpose, purpose.3 purposeless, purposes purposes, purposive pursue pursued pursuing pursuit pus push pushed put put: put; puta puted. puts puzzled puzzling q q691) qua qua.- qua: quad qualification qualifications, qualified qualities qualities. quality quam quando quantities quantities. quantity quantity, quasi quee quest question question. question: questionable questions qui quia quick quite qun quo. quod quoting quz r r's r/„ r:,.,°:;,‘ rAt. ra ra2:.c. race radical radically rage:real raise raised random randomly range rario rate rather rather, ratinp, ratio ratio. ration.: rational rational= rationali rationali, rationalis rationality rationally ratione rationem rationis rationis.4 ratiras rbOaprd, rcivrcor. rct3p, rdskt reach reached reaction read, reaffirm real real. realities. reality reality, reality. really really. reason reason' reason, reason. reason.' reasoned reasoned, reasoning reasoning, reasoning." reasons receiving recent receptive receptivity reckless recognition recognize recognized reconciliation reconstructs recount recreation rector reduced reduces reduces, reducible reducit refer reference referred reflect reflected reflecting, reflection reflection, reflex refuse regard regarded regarding regressed rei, reject rejectors rejects rejoining rejoins relate related relation relation, relation. relational relational, relationality relationally relationally, relationally. relations relations, relationship relationship) relationship, relationship. relative relative'to relative, relatively relentless religious remain remaining remaining, remains remains. remark remark, remarks remarks, remarks. removes rendered: renders repeat repeated repeatedly represent representative reproducible reproduction require required requires research researches resemblance resembles resolve resolved respect respect. respond, responded responding, responsible responsible. rest rest, restore restraint restricted restrictions, rests result result, resultant return returned reveals reverse reward rewarder rewards rhos ri richness right right, right. rightly rights, rigidly riiiirockFi rijs rimer! riot rip risplende risy-opactiol rkaaw, rnovet ro roionras roj role rolk rolled—even rolls rolluu roor.61\ root root, rooting roots roots. round rrcaat rrpoyeyvoicocce, rrpu5rws rs rtizx rtryvtee: rudimentary rui!uu ruins—all rule, ruler rules run running runs s s! s)!sittld s1 s2upq s31com! s391prou3ti s3A0 s3I-iepti3c!de s3sodind sAemie sAumpr sUTISTANCL safely sagitta sagittanne, said said, said,' saidiarold sake sake. same same, same. save saw say say), say, say,—that saying saying, saying? says says' says, scaffolding scanned scattered scents schema schema, schema. schematically schematization schematization: schematized schizophrenia. school school, schools. science science, science. sciences sciences,2and sciences. scientific scientifically scientist scientist, scilicet scssing se search sec second second, second. secondly secondly, section secularized secundum secured, sed see see, seed seed, seed. seeds seeing seek seeker seeking, seeks seem seemed seems seems.a seen seen, seen. sees segregate segregated segregation, seiosum seipsa seipsis: seipsum self-acting self-actualizing.b self-conscious self-consciousness. self-consistent self-dependent self-negating. self-understanding, self-understood, sensation sensation.g sense sense'to sense, sense-perception sense. senses senses, senses. senses—that sensible sensing sensitivus, separate separated separately, sequence series serious seriously set sets setting settleth several shall shape. shaped share share, shares sharply she shines short short, should show show. showed shown shows shrine shudder si sic sicut side sight sign significance signify sillr sillstrange similar similar. similarities similarity similarly simple simplicity simply simply, simul simultaneous simultaneously sin" since single singulars, sit sit:ob.) sitToond sits sitting." situation situation, sive skeleton sl slave slins3.1 slow, sluAtiu small smiling: smitten smolioj snbstnnee snonvodos so so, so,,then so-called so. sober socalled, social society sole solely solum solution solution. some some, somehow someone something something, sometimes sometimes, somewhat sonic sophisticated sort sort" sort, sorts sou sought. soul soul's sound sounds source sovereign sp!poq space spatial spe-aking speak speaker speaking speaks special species, specific specific. specifically spectacle; speculate speculation speculation; speculations speculative speculators speculators, speech. speechless spite spoke spontaneity sprw!uu square sribstanee ss313.91 ssed stage, stages stages, stance stand stand. standing stands stars, stars. stars.' start started starts state state, state. stated stated, statement statements statements. states static stating statue, stelle stemming step step, step. still stimulated stop str straightness strange, stress stress, stressing strictly strife strife, strike strong strongly- structure, student studies studies, studies. study study. studying sua suam subject subject, subject,of subject. subjectivity subjects submitting subordinate subprimary subsequent subsequently substance substance, substance. substances substances, substances. substratum substratum, subtrahatur, subtrahi. succeeded successors, such such. such.e such?, suffer suffice suffices, sufficiently suggesting suggests summarize sun sunt suo suo!oriallu suo111:13do suorum superficial superior, supernatural, supervene; supple, supplies suppose suppose, supposed supposes supposes. supposition supra supreme surd surd. surds sure surely surprise surprises surrounded survey surveyed survivals suspect suspects, suspended suspiciously sustain sustain, sustaining sustains swears. syllables—for system system, systematic systematically t t,89 t,ing‘ t. t.,Epyei; t1113.19 t117£f1 t79-11 t7TI,, t?S£1 tH1 ta'--:e. ta. ta2. ta2m. taaae. take taken taken, taken. takes taking talk talks tar target. tat, tav taw tb td,4 team, technical tecti,041,Ew teleological tell telling tells temple temporarily tend tended tendency, tendit tends tendunt tener, tenns tension tentative term term, termed termediates terminated terminating terminology terminology, terms terrors tertium tether text text, texts th""m° th"^bi'cts than that that) that, that. the the-eternal thee theeelroy their them them, them. them.) thematically theme theme, themselves themselves, themselves. themselves; then then, thence theologian theologian, theologians theologizers theologizers; theoretical theories theory theory". theory. there there) there, there; thereat thereby therefore therefore, therein thereon) these these, these,3are these. these.) theses: thesis they they, thi thing thing), thing, thing. things things" things". things). things, things. things: things; things].° thingsp thing—or think thinker thinker, thinkers thinkers") thinkers, thinking thinking, thinking. thinks thinks. thinpikers third thirg this this, this. this: this—(i) those though thought thought, thought-identity thought. thought.' thought., thought; thoughts thoughts, thoughts: three three. through throughout thrust thus thus, thyself thyself, ti tiKlinTros ticiA/Nov tied tilrdpxci,• time time, time. times. tins tiopow tireless tirne, tirrcipxe, tiulDq tiut3q tiytaIvEtv ti£ tkatav tl to to) to, to-day to-morrow to28b to31., to: to;, tog, together together. tolerate, tomed ton" too too) too, too. took tory tota, total totality totally tote touched touches toward towards toz tp!qAt tr trade trademarks. tradition tradition) tradition, tradition. traditions traditions, train,, trained trampling transaction. transcending translates translation treat treatise, treatise; treatises treats tries tries, true true, truly truth truth, truth. truths truths, try trying tt/v tti ttis tuatara, turn turnest turojod tutto tuul!uu twelfth two two-fold two. twoi type types tyranny tyzees. u u! u1911AA u2IS uA7j uE uI uariq ugly, uir ultimate ultimately ultimately. umbrella. un- una unacceptable, unalterable; unanswered. unawares unbearable uncertain unchangeable uncomposed. unconscious unconscious. uncritical uncritically, under underlying understand understand, understandable understanding understanding, understands understood understood) understood, undesirable undetermined undetermined, undismayed undoubtedly unified unintelligible unintelligible, unintelligible. unintelligilde union united unity unity, universal universal, universal. universale, universale: universali. universali; universality universe universe, universe. universe; univocal univocal, univocal. univocation univocation, univocation. univocity univocity. unknown, unless unlikely unlimited unmovable unmoved, unpublished unscientific untie untrained untrue unwontedness. unyielding uo!ounj uol1!socl uoneuuoj uop113U3t uopuioN up upon ure urges us us. us.° use use. used used. useful user. uses us—" ut ut49 uth,r)Ocs utilitarian utility). utrunt v v, vOitot vSIxerai. vain. valid validity valuable value value, value. values various varying vast vc'rriats vel verified vero verse very vestigate view view, view. viewed views views, violent violently virtue visible vo7)T4v. vocitiv, voei vohtntads void voiis. vol) volition volume, voluntarem. voluntary voluntas voluntas, voluntate voluntatis voluntatis. voriats vorircis vovrog• vs waking, walk walks want wanton wants war' ware was was, water water), water, water,' water. watery way way, way. way: way; ways. ways; waysonlE; we weak weak, weakest weary well were were, what what, what," whatness whatsoever wheel when whenever where whereas whereby wherein whether which which" which"; which' which, which. while while, whit white who who, whole whole, whole. wholly whom whom, whose why why, whyness widely wil1,4whereas will will, will-agent, will. willing willing, willing. willing•i-a wills, wings, wisdom wish wishes with with, within within'univocation, without without, without. with• witness. wolddhelm wolf wonder wondered wonders wonders) wood word word. words words, work work. working worl, world world, worship worthy would would, written wrong wrongly wv x xapui xcapcActx(r)s xiv. xo xot/an, xpOvov xxxi. yap yapaAcov ybalvErat ydp yel'oc. yet yewp.CITEZP yi.yverat. yielded yielded. yikuplitcov. yip, yirGOOKELV yl'O'ICIEL you your yp ypi-Op.Ev. yro;ptitEa. yv(7)p,t,'7) yvcapi(aw yvcopeEZ yvcoploowitEv• yvo'Jptii.ov.17`-ilt yvoiTi; yvtopt,u6rf z. z.±Latiu.s., z1 z4t7 z5z1 z99 zil zo zory2b z£oi £ £.51. £0: £1,11 £1,4 £14.1 £6/ £6r £911 £917 £99 £bb £oz1 £zz1 °A °Joy °See °The °facia ‘asneD ‘o£ ‘sosspoN ‘z „Tatt • •1 •;TE-1. •AtItiosoloirt •ci5tvaTot), •i) •i8. •t €156at €Ooc. ▪ 






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