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Library: Descartes
Title:      Descartes
Categories:      Philosophy
BookID:      19
Authors:      Kevin Wall, O.P.
ISBN-10(13):      0000000019
Publisher:      Western Dominican Province
Publication date:      July 10, 2018
Number of pages:      42
Language:      Not specified
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Notes on Descartes. 


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! !'faculty !ain !owled !y, " ". ".'e "...Since "1 ":'•e "And "But "By "De "Est "F.volut;on "I "Inter "Methodical "Not "Point "Reflecting "That "Thought "Thus "Universals "Utrum "Whence, "ation "but "first "he "it "nothing" "or "orderly" "property" "r-or "ur.'r-e;cent-k:•iled "whet "word ' ''c ''nit '1:e '1e '::het 'F;.mi 'Finally 'IN 'Ihis 'N 'T '`of 'ale 'as 'co 'ihet 'ir,ot. 'lime 'rc 'roposition 't. 'tact 'true, 'ud~ 'uxtspose '~ '•fcc?i;: ( (1596-1650) (=ih (DeL (Descartes) (Descartes: (Discourse (French (From (Meditations, (Principles (Surma (The (This (a (according (an (as (cf. (classically, (comron, (containing (e.g. (ef. (external, (feseartes: (for (i.e. (in (knc•en (near (nescartes: (no (proper (the (therefore (though (thus (viz, (which (with ) )ore , ,';ud?erents ,, ,Tay." ,k..o ,~s - -'ea -1e, -;hinE:s, -Qin -ar -contradi -eascn: -enus -he -ns -o; -r1 -raking -~ . ." .'udge .,.s .-_.__— .. ..• .7frst .:i;;L ._-^;.;s. .ale .as .i .i.• .in .ire .lust .ow1 .r .t .y) 011 0111 07 1 1''c:;ice 1'homme 1'i_ 1'āme 1) 1, 1. 1.' 1.1 1.:.on 1.:ht,: 1.^''.e 10 10, 101104 102-. 10: 11 11. 11ter 12 12. 12: 13 13, 13. 13: 14 14. 14: 15 15, 15. 15: 16 16. 1633, 1637. 1641. 1643. 1644. 1647, 1647. 1650. 1651, 1658, 1664. 1681. 16: 17 1701. 17: 18 18: 19 19: 1: 1e0 1eeding 2 2) 2, 2. 2018 2018. 20: 20ss. 21 21: 22 22: 23 23: 24 24: 25 25: 26: 27: 28: 2T.9: 2e 2{:` 3 3. 307;31 30: 31: 32: 33, 33: 34: 35: 36: 37: 38: 39: 3: 3s 4 4, 40: 41.18, 41111144 41111164 411114, 41114, 41181,4 41: 42: 43: 44: 45: 47: 49: 4: 4c?: 5 5) 5. 50: 51 52: 53: 54: 55: 56: 57: 58: 59: 5: 6 6. 60: 61: 62: 64: 65: 66: 67: 68: 69: 7 7. 70: 71: 72: 73: 75: 76: 7: 7n 7vith 8. 86, 8: 9 9. 992b 9: : :!' :) :,.'.4 :.. :.S :.enc :.untvocantur. ::e ::ore :=cotus. :E :I: :Put :Teals :__ :_lot :cnceivinf: :e :el :etsl :f :hat :his :ich :let :o :or :osition, :pact :su :uls :wled' :•, ; ;,ence ;:e ;e ;n ;y <-f =state. =tate;rent: =ts ?i.s.cession ?rnci-Y A A. AIN ANALYSIS ARN According Accordingly, All Among Amsterdam, An Analogia", Analogy Analysis Analytical Anceli And And, Another Answer: Apparent Apparent? Application Applied Apuerent Ar:;sterdr:::, Aristotelian Aristotle Aristotle) Aristotle, As At Author: B. Bement Bin_; But But, By C'.: C. C1 Calling Cartesian Cartesii), Cases Caution: Cc Cc'iclusi_or_: Ccd, Certitude Chapter Clarity Classical Clearly Clearly, Clod Co Co':iudoement Cod Cod, Cod. Cogito Coito Comparing Comparison Concents Concept Concepts Conclusions Cop. Copyright Copyrighted Cor'i Cori Corollary: Corporeal Correction Coto Created Critica Critics Cum C~._ D. DCE DE DESCARTES Definition: Definitions: Defnition Dei Deo Dependence Descartc.s Descartes Descartes) Descartes, Descartes. Descartes.) Descartes: Dhilosovhi2es. Diety. Dioptrique, Direct Discours Discoverer Distinction: Distinctness Diversity Divine Doctor. Doctrine Doctrine. Doctrine: Does Dominican Doubt Doubt." Duns Duration E E.g. EMI Economy Eliminate Ell End Epistola Ere Ergo Error Error, Essais Eter•na1 Ethical Exam Example: Examples: Exists Extension, Extrinsically F F.e F:es.s F>. Faris, Father Feascn: Feci Feks:n: Few Fienchorurn, Finally, First First: Fit Five Fleche, For For, French Friuc' From Fund_ Fundamental Furthermore, G. Gajetan, Galileo Geometry Gisbertum Gn God God, God. God: Goth Granted, Greek G‘omētrie). Has Having He He, Here, Him Him, Him. Himself Himself. His History Hold Holder How How, However, However; Hy I I'2': I) I, I. II II, II. III) IIMII IMA IME IMM IMO IN INN IV) Idea Ideas, If If, Iher•e Iie Image Immediately Impossible In Indefinite, Indefinite: Infinity Ink Inquisitio Institution Intellect Intellectual Into Intrinsically Iran Is Is, It Its Itself. Iut J'.P`j'E J., Jesuits Judcefe Judcements Judgment Judgments July Keeping Kevin Knowledge Knowledp;e L L'or, LE LN LXIII) La Latin. Le Les Leyden, Lhe Libros Life Likewise Likewise, Limits Lr;-o Lri'butes Lrvo M MEI MEM MEN MI MIN MIR MIk Marechal's Marin-Scla, Masters Mathematical Mathematical." Mathematics Mathematics, Matter Meditationes Meditations Metaphysics Method Method, Method: Methode, Methodical Metr.od: Metēores, Mg Might Modal Modern Monde, Moreover, Motion N N. NM NMI Nature Ncminum Neither Nihil Nihilo No No;rinalittic Nominalistic Nominalists Nominalists. Nor Not Note Notes Notes, Notice Now Now, O.P. OEM OF OM OMNI OS Objection Occam. Of Oft Omnipotent On Once, Opinion Opinions Opposed Opuscula Or Or, Origin Otherwise Our P P- PEINCIP PJr-_' PRTI Paris, Part Pascal, Passions Peason: Peply Perception, Person: Petional Ph Phi'osoehica Phi? Phi?.osor.,:;,) Philcsephy) Philos:;ohy) Philosoch:teal Philosoehy) Philosohy) Philosopher Philosophiae. Philosophical Philosophiques Philosophy Philosophy) Philosophy), Philosophy, Philosophy: Philosopr:y) Pi_ilosochy) Picot Pniee Possibility Possibility. Posthuma Pr Pr'nciples Pr: Pr=nci Practice Pree-Will Previously Pri Prieciples Prin:ciele Princ Princ;ple Princ_p1.e63: Princ`ole Princi Princi::le Princi;:les Princi;le PrinciLee Princiole Princioles Principia Principle Principle: Principles Proaosition: Problem Proof: Properly Province. Pt'inciple Published Put Put, Quae Question: Rather, Rational Re- Re.:s Real Reason Reason: Reasoning Reasons; Reas•' Reflex Reformation Regulae Remark: Remarks: Renati Rerra Rersrk: Responsibility Rights Rights: S S. SC SD Sceptics, Scholion: Scholton Schools Schools, Schools. Sciences Sciences, Scoti Scotistic Scotists, Scotus Scotus, Scotus. Scotus: Second Second: Sed Since So So, Soul). Spirit St. Stare: Suare2 Suarez, Substance: Such Suffice Sum Sum, Sum. Super T-ruths: T::1 T:ut, TI Te Tf Th ThEt That The The-c-e The; Then Theologies, Theolorrice, Theory There Therefore Therefore, These Theses: Thesis: Thet They Things: Thinims: Third: This Tho Thomas Thomism, Thomist Thomistic Thonist Though Thought Thus Thus, Thus. Time Title: To Trait( Transmission Tre Trost True Truth Uberweg's Univocal Uri Us, Uten V) V.:het VIII) Ve Voetium. WOrd Wall, Warēchal, Was We Western What Whatever When Whenever, Where, Whereas, Why Will Works XXIV) Yost ^ ^, ^ive ^reach ^••ost _ _, _... _:_eviction _? _c:. _elty _hy) _n _o _r _stinctness _t ` `. `ectively a a' a) a, a. a: a:e a:i aLone about above above, above. absclutely abserd absolute absolutely abstain abstracting abstraction abstraction, abstraction. abstractive ac... acceptable accepted accepted. access accident, accident. accidental accidentally accidents accompanies accomplished according account accurately accustomed achieved achieves acictja- acquire acquired act act, act. actin acting acting, action action, action. actions activity, acts actual actually ad add added addition addition, additions. adeo, adequate adequation adhered adjunctis admit admits admixture admixture, advance advancement advantage advantages aee aeove, aequivocniz;uib aequivocum." af'f'irmation affect affected affection affections affi affir'r_aticns. affirm affirmation affirmations affirming affirming. affirms aft after afterwards again against agreements, aid ail aim aistinction akok al alays algebra algebra, algebra. algebra; algebraic aliis aliquod all all, all. alledged allied allowed almost alone alone, alone. also although always alwc am am, amok amongst ample an an-I analogous analogy analogy, analysis analysis, analysis. analytical analyze analyzed anc.inr and and' and, anger. angles angles, anima animae anlik anor.led,'s another another, another. another." answer answer, answer: ant-intellectualism. antiquity, any anyth: anything aoolied aoplirs aoubt. apparent apparently appeared appears appellation appetites appetites,'althouih application application: applications applied applies apply applying appreciation apprehension approach approaches are are, are. areas argues arise ark: around arriving arts, as ascertained aside aspect aspect. aspects. assent assert assertions, assign assurance, astonished at ati ati:ri ation ator attach attached attain attend attended attending attention attentive attitude attribute attribute, attribute: attributed attributes attributes, attributes. attributes: attributes? autcnu autem author authority authors authorship automatic automatic. automatically automatically. avail avoid aware awareness axioms axioms. aūaout_l- b b) b. b^ back based basis bb be be'.ng be, be. beI be] bears beatific because beceuse become been before began beginning beinF being being, being. beliefs believe belones belong belonging beside best better between beyond bier blame. block. bod bodies bodies, bodies. body body, body. body..." body; book, bot both both, bounds brief bring brings broadly but but, buted by by* c c) c.ut cArefully c_ ca ca. cadit cadre call called calssification camera, can can; cannot cannot, capable capacities. careful carried cartes case case, case. cases, cast causal causality causality. cause cause, cause. caused causes causes, causes. cbtain cc cc-se, cc.mait, ccn';r^ ccuscl ce ce7 ce; ce_ cease ceases cenc cencerni cenfu censi-ter centa center centinually cents certain certain. certainty certainty, certitude certitude) certitude, certitude. cetera, cetera. ceu.-id, cf ch chE chanced change changing character character. characteristic characteristics characterizes char°acter, chiefly choice choose choosing chretien cipline, circle, circumstance ciso cl claims clarification clarity class class. classes classical classification clay." clear clear': clear, clear. clear: clear:: clearer clearest clearly cleerly clone closely cn cnl_y co-exist, co-existence co;'poreel, coherence coherence. coherent color color, color. colored. combination combine combining come comes commercially common compared comparing comparison comparison, comparison. complete completed completely complte comprehdnds, comprehe: comprehend comprehend. comprehended comprehension comprehension. con-ained con: con_i.:2er conce;_•t conce_ conceive conceived conceives conceiving concept concept, concept. conception conception, conception. conception;, conceptions concepts concepts, conceptual conceptually concerning concers concip concipitur concipitur, concipiuntur conclude conclusion conclusion, conclusions conclusions, concurrence condemnation conduct conducted confer confuse confused confusedly confusion coning conioining, conjoined conjoining conscious consciously consciousness consequences consequently consequently, conserves consic' consider considerable considerably considerations considered considering consist consisted consists constituted constitutes constituting constitution construction. constructions contain contained contained." contains contefit content content, contents contents. context contingent continual continually continually, continues continuing contra contradiction contradiction, contradiction. contrariety, contrary contrary, contrast contrcd' contributed contribution control conviction coordinate coordinates), coordinates. copyright cor cor+', cornmeal corporeal corporeal. correct, correctly. correctness correlation correlative correspond correspondence corresponding correspondir.t-z coryoreal could counsels. counterpart. course, cr crakes crated crder crea created creating creation creator creature creature. creatures creatures, creatures. creatures: cs--.1 ct:r ctght cti ction ctory. cumbersome cur d d) dIMM dc-at: de de-;ice deal dece've deceive deceive. deceived deceiver, deceives deception. deduces defects defects. definite definitions delay deletion delighted delivers demo-strated demonstrably demonstrated..." demonstration; demonstrationes. demonstrations demonstrations), deny depart departure depend depend, dependence dependence. dependent depends der- derivation derived derived. derives, derstandi deserving design desire desired desires destroying detached details determine determined determined, developed developed. devoted di di"Licult dichotomous did differ difference difference, different different. differently differing difficult difficulties, difficulty difficulty. difficulty: diffuse digitized ding direct directionem directly dis discere, discouraged discover discovered discovered. discovering discovery discovery, discovery? discuss discussi::n discussion discussion. discussthe disjoin disposed dispute distance distin distin7ui distinct distinct, distinct. distinct: distinctiiu. distinction distinction, distinction. distinctions, distinctions. distinctly distinctness distinctness, distinctness. distinguish distinguished distinguishing divergency diversa diverse diverse. diversified diversis diversum dividing. divine divisibility divisibility, division division. do do, doc- doctorum doctrinal doctrine doctrine, doctrines doctti does dogme doing domain done donor dos dou.'t doubt doubt) doubt, doubt. doubt; doubted doubted, doubting doubting, doubting. doubts doubts. down du dual dubious dubious, duce- due duration duration, duration: dvisibility e e) e, e3:.3'te e:o_e e;:ists e= each eadem earth easily easy easy. ebe ecclectic. ections ed edge edge. eees eetabli effect effects effects. efficient efinitions: egaally egerding ehi ei eish eistin either ejus el elated, elements elernen eliminated, eliminating ell else elsewhere elsewhere. embodiment embracing emen.t. ements eminently eminently." employment end end, endeavor endeavors ends endure. endures enduring enif enii, enormous ens ental enter enthusiasm, entire entirely entirety, entitative; enu:. enumerate enumerated enumeration enuntis eonetitutes eor' eoz'e epistemology eqoisite equal equation, equations equations, equire equivocation equivocation. er erPfo ere ergo erit err err, err. err: erroneous erroneous. error error, error. error: errores errors errors. errors? es esaential escapes especially essence essence, essence. essences, essential essential. essentially establish established establishing et etc. etc.) etc., eternal eternal. ethically. euet eve even every everyone everything everythinr evidence evident evil evil, ex exact exactly examine example example, example. exarrple, except excepting excitement excluded excludes excluding exclusively exercise exi exist exist, exist. exist? existed, existence existence, existence. existentia existina existing exists exists, exists. exol1ci expanding expected experience experience, experimental explain explained explained? explicit exploited expose exposed exposition expositors expressing expression expressly extend extended extending extends extends. extension extension, extension. extension: extent external extra-subjective extremely extrinsic ex} eye, f f) fa faced fact faculty faculty. failure fair fal fall fallen falls false falsehood far fatigues faults fee feel feeling, feet, feign few ff.) fi fiMb fiction fictions field field, field. figure figure, figures figures. figures; fill final final, find finding finite finite. firs"; first firstly firsttheaof five foetus. follev:s follow following following: follows follows, foot foot, foot. for for'1t3 for, for:red for:rinp force forced, forget form form) formal formality formally formation formed formerly forward found found, found. foundations, four._ fourth fox' frame framework framework, framework. free free. freedom freely frequently fret frightened froA from ftescartes: fu.ishes fully fundamen;a fundamental further, g general generalization, generalization. generalized generally generel generic generically genus genus, geometrical geometricians. geometry geometry, geometry- geometry. gift gifted give given gives giving gnifi go goal goes good good." goodness gradually granted grasp grasp. grasped grave great greater greatly ground guarantee gust h h3.s ha habit had had, hand, hands, happens has has: have havi having hc: he heaven, hel held hen' hence here here, here. hes him him., himself his historically, history hitherto hive hmowl hn:ther ho hold holds hopeless horr:ogēne hours hout hove how howev however, ht human hunger hut hypotenuse, hysics h€ i i'UILCEOPH_' i'emars: i. i.: i.e. i.e., i:,,, i:l' i; i?escartes i?i ial.:. ias ich icing iciter ictio-l. idea idea, idea. ideal ideas ideas, idem identified ides. ie^l ieaFining, if ifrpossible igitur ignorantia il ilia ill illa illation. illis ills illustrations iloso image images imagination imagine imagined?" imitated immediate immediately immensity immersed immortalitate; immortality immutable impeded impediment imperfection imperfection. impetus implias important imposeibility impossibility impossibility, impossible impossible; impossible? impression impute imputed in in. inMO inability inadequate inasmuch inborn incapable incidental incline includes including ind inde, indeed indefinite indefinite, indefinitely indefinitely, independently indicates indifferent indinates individual indubitable. inf'in infallible. inferior inferred infinite infinite, infinite. infinite: infinite? infinitely infinity infinity. inflexibility ing ing, ing. initiate ink ink- inks, inquire ins instance, instead instinctively instructed insuifictently intellect intellect, intellect. intellectual intelligent intended intentional inter interest interested interesting interposed, interprcn interpretation interpretations, interpretet•ion. intervention intlm2tc into intrinsic intrinsical intrinsically introduced introduction intue intued intuition intuition. intuitive intuitive. investigation invirtu3 involve involved involved, involved: involves involving ion ioraliy ir ir-e..rfection ir. irgs irleamust irrperfection is is) is, is. is.. is: istas it it) it, it. it.) ito its itself itself, itself. itself; iudc.emente iue iuntur, iy i~., i•;,, ject joining juar. jud, judEer:ents jud_'e judge judgement judgement. judgements judgements. judging judgment judgment, judgment. judgments judrement. judro'rent just k k-own k:ewled kind kiorledge kn knew kno:uledee knorledE_e know know, know: know:iedne knowing knowled knowledc'e knowledce knowledge knowledge, knowledge-, knowledge. knowledge: knowledpe knowledre knowledre. known knows kr,or:ledee: kr- kr.ow- kx k~,nvn l l;y lAe l_dhood. la lack lar;- later latter lc-low le leads learned least, least. lecti"e led ledf.e left less lesser let level level, level. levels ley: lfirq li: licensing lie lies life life, lifht. light light) light, light. likewise limit limitation limitation. limitations limiting limits limits, limittion: line ll lmen_t ln'_' lo local, loci locomotion loftier logical logicians) long longer look looking loose lp. lsion lty lumen lumiēre. m mAhery ma made made. magnitude, maintain maintains major make makes making man manifestly manipulation manner manual. many many, mass mast masters, material materials mathematical mathematical. mathematician, mathematician. mathematics mathematics, mathematics. mathematics•and matter matter, matters may me me, me. mean meaning means meant meant. measure mechanical media medium medium, medium; memory men men, mental mentally mentioned mere merely merit metaphysical. metaphysicam metaphysics metaphysique" method method, method. methodical metriemetics. mi might mill, mind mind, mind. mind; mine...God." mingling minimum minor minutest mistake misunderstanding mix mixed moanti--le. mobile, mod modal modally mode mode: modern moderns moderns. modes modes, modes. modification modification. modified modify moral moray more most motion motion, motion. move movement movement. mt much multi multiplicity must must, my myself. myself; n n, n-• n. n: n:; n:_es name named namely namely, natter natural naturale naturally nature nature), nature, nature. nature; natures nc nc. nceri nci ncp'_ ncr nctes. ne ne',tier ne:-etions, necessaria necessarily necessary necessary) necessary. necessity need needs nerali net net: nether neve'thcless nevertheless, new newly ne•'er ng ng, ngs ni. niy nk5 nking nnd nny no no; node nodes noeion nog' nol;ions nomen non non-univocal none nonessential, nor nor, not not, not. note noted notes). nothing noticed notion notions notions. notions:) notitia notwithstanding, now now, nr ns nt ntradi ntu.i. nu nuTber nultiplicity number number, numbered numbers, numbers. numerous, numner:not n~~~ior~ o o" o, o:' oD,iectively oL' oar oas_ions ob ob'ect ob.'ects ob.ect obiects object object. objectiones objective objectively objectively, objects objects. obliged obscured observation observe observed observing obstacle obviating obvious obvious. obviously obviously, ob°ects. occasioned occupy occurred occurs oetai of of'this of, of,movement. of. off often oitbr olature ole olowN omne omnipotent, omniscient, on on, on1 once one one's one, one. ones. ones: ongs online. online: only onstrc ontological onv' oomk open operate operating operation operation. opinion opinion, opinion. opinions opinions. opposite opposite. or or: ordee. order order, order...We order: ordered orderly orderly." order• ordinary ore organization, origin original originally origination orior orir•inal, os ose ot othe:_ other other, other. other." others others, otherwise otherwise, othor ou ou'ht ought ought, our ourselves ourselves, ous out oute_dc outside ov over own owned owner. o•^i p p'reater p. p:l_c. pE pain pain, pain. parallels part part, particular particular, partly parts parts, pass passed passes passing passions passivity past past, patent, peace peculiar peculiarity per perceive perceive, perceive. perceived perceives perceiving perception perception. perceptions perceptions, perfect perfect. perfect....For perfect....I perfection perfections perfections. perfectly perfleet. perhaps permissible, permission permit permits perprius, pertain pertaining pertains perverted ph_losophiee phenomena phenomenon phenomenon, philosobhical philosophers philosophia, philosophical philosophical, philosophise philosophize philosophizes philosophy philosophy, philosophy. philosophy." physical physics) physics, picture picture, picture." place place, placed plane. ple pleasure point point: points. pose pose. poses posing posit position positive poss:,bly possess possessed possibile possibilities possibility possibility, possibility. possibilityof possible possible, possibly possit posterior posterius" postulate postulates. potency potential power powerful pp. pr?neipi prCoat:? practical practice, praise pre-ordination preccss preceded precepts precise precisely preconceived predetermination. predicate predicate, predicate. predicate: predication predudices prefer prejudice prejudice. prejudices prejudices. premises, preordained present presented preserved presupposes presuppositions prevent prevents pri3r prima primarily prin:.pal princicie princicles princiole principle principle) principle), principle, principles principles, prior prior. priority privacy privations prloi' pro pro-ordination. pro.osition probabilism. probabilities, probability probable probable, probable; probably problem problem, problem. problems problems, problems. proce,d procedant." proceed proceeded proceeds process process. processes prod produc- produced produces productioe progress project projects proof, prop)sttion proper properly properties properties. property property, property: proportional proportioned proposed proposing proposition propositions propositions, propositions. prorises. protected prototype prove provide proving proximate prudently, pr•ocerly psychical psycholo;-ical1V psychologically puarantcc public publication publicity publish published purchase pure purely purification purpose, purposes pursuit put q. qu. quae qualify qualities qualities." qualities: quality quality) quality. quantitative quantitative, quantitative. quen= question question. question: questions quisp.iam quite quod r r.) r.errark: r.orl: r.p.;y r11 r:, r= r^ultiplicon ract radically ran ran;_e ranae range rapid rare rather rational rationally rationally. ratione rationibus ray,.' re re"ic re,?scted re-translate reach readily real real. real." reality reality. realization realized really reall• realm reared reason reason, reason. reasoned reasoned, reasoning reasoning. reasonings: reasons rec:,llect recc_nciled receive received receivinp reception recogni2e recogniinp recognized recogpIned recollect recollecting reconciliation record reduce reduced, reducible reduction reeeon, reference referred referring refers reflective reflex reformation refused regarded reject rejected. rejection related relating relation relation. relations relations'eip relative reliquum reloct rem' remains remark remember remembered remonstrate removal remove remove, removed removed, removing rench render rendered renders renlity rental rents repetition repo reppecting repr repre represent representation representatively represented reproduction repugnance repugnant requires requisite. resemble resembles reserved reso=vin respect respecting rest restatement restrain restricted restrictions, rests result result, results results. resume revealed, review rho ri riUe right rightly rights, rigorous rigorously rind rind, rive rk rl:~ rledre ro rock rodes root roots rost rot rr rr. rr.ust rrequently rrey rrinci rrode rrodes rror.nlly rrro rt rules rust r•;: s s':i s- s.:ch s1 s: s:.:bsecuer same sand, sane sansiblo satisfactorily saw say say, saying sb sc, sceptical scepticism scepticism. sceptics scherrati7ed scholastic scholasticism school schools science science, science. scientific scientiis sclf. se search searching season: second secondary see see, seeing seeing, seek seem seeming seems seentially seer sees sei self self-evident selves sen' seneeti sensation sensation, sensations sensations, sense sense, sense. senses senses, senses. senses: senses; sensible sensicle sentation sentatively, separable separation seriously ses set shall sharply sheer shiall shine shortest should should, shout show showing shows si sides sign significance significare signification signifies sill sim similar similarly similitude; simpl simple simple, simplicity simply simply, simultaneous. sin sin. since sine singulars, singular• sinolest siquidem sit skill sleep sleeping; sloe slow slow, slowness sn0 so so-called soe-ce, soecif solely solid, solution solution, solution. solved solved, solving some some",_ somethin; somethinc something somethinr sometimes soning sons soon sort sort. sorts. sought soul soul) soul, sound source source. sown sp: space) speak speaking speaking, special species, species. species: specific specifically speed speeded spent spirit, spirit: spiritual spring sprro square, squareness srerk ssys: stamp stare: stars stars, start state stated statement statements states stence still stingy-.- stone stop straight stran^:e. strength. strictly stripp strong strongest structure studies study studying sub sub'ec sub_ suba subject subject, subject. subjected subjecti, subjective subjectively, submitted subordinates subordination subsequent subsist subsistence. substance substance, substance. substance." substance: substance; substances substances, substances. suc'. success succession such such, such. sue suffices sufficient suggested summarized summary sun, sunt sup superficial superior superstructure suppc suppose suppose, supposed supposing supposition sure sure, suspect suspectthat suspend suspending suspension suspicion syllogism syllogism, syllogism: syllogisms system. systematic t t! t%-a t' t'! t'- t'eeae t'i.: t)ci t, t,:. t-zr:t t. t.:er t.l- t2' t2:; t4 t: t:- t:_ese t:e t:hetell t:nines, tA:c tC tLi;a_s tM-. t^ia t^inns. t_ t_ha t_he t`e= tai tainF tak take taken taking tance taphysi taphysique" taught tboucht tboupht': tc te. teaches ted teen temooral tendency tentatively, ter term term, termed terms terms- terms. test. test: text text). text, th th's th. thEt th_. tha than that that, that-occurs that. that.-efore thc thc. thc.t the the. the.infinite the; their them them) them, them. them." thematics themselves themselves, then then, then. thence theology theoretical theoretically, theories theory ther there therefcire therefor_ therefore therefore); therefore, therfore these thet they thflt thi thie thii'- thine thing thing, thing. things things, things. things: things; think think, think. thinkinf, thinking thinking; thinkira thinks thinks" thinks. thinn.s, thins third thirrs this this, this: thiz thorou-ih those thou:.-ht though thought thought, thought. thought: thought; thoughts thoughts, thousrt thouzht: three three, through throughout thrt thsre thst thus thus, th© th€ th€i ti tic-1 tically tics: tie time time" time, time. times timugh tinges: tio tion tion: tions tips title tity tke• tne tni tnxt to to, to- together too took top. tore total totally, to• tr tr.f tr:e trL-o traceable trademarks. trait( traits translate translated translated, translating translation translation, translation. trcoe treat treatise triangle triangle, trine, trines trirg. true true, true. true..." true; truly trust truth truth, truth-en truth. truths truths, truths; try try, ts tt tt_.h tters tti tu two ty type u u: u_shing ubi ud udi- uiti:- ultimate un uncertain. uncertainty und- under underlined underlying understand understand, understand-- understandine understanding understanding, understands understar.d`e understar:din` understendi understood understood, understt under•sl undigested undone" undoubtedly unheard uni uniijersal." unintelligible universality universals univocally univocation univocril. univocum unknowable. unless unlimited unpublished until unum up up, upon us us, us. us: use use; used useful user. uses usually, ut v v'L.,ch v.a v;hen vAion vague variableness variae varied variety various ve vel veritatis version version) version). very vho view view, virorum virtue vision vl vo;e vol. voluntaristic volves, vs w w-akin w.-ose wI wLich walk, wander was was. waste way way, way. ways ways. ways: we well were whEt wh_' what whatever whatsoever whch when when, whence where whereas wherever whet whether whi which which, while who whoever whole whole. wholly whose whp why wider will will's will, will. willing, willing: wills wills. wind wing with withet withheld within without without.. word word, words words, work works world world, worthy would wouldwould written wt.y y years yet yield youth youth, youth. zind { ~i•~ ~n ~r. ~s ~~ ~~e-rent ~• °ything, ā ē Ī ī ōn ū-1 —,t • •% •'.; •.;o •iuC'f;er.€nt •n, •r,e € 






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