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Library: Trinity Lectures 4, 5, 6
Title:      Trinity Lectures 4, 5, 6
Categories:      Theology
BookID:      12
Authors:      Kevin Wall, O.P.
ISBN-10(13):      0000000012
Publisher:      Western Dominican Province
Publication date:      June 27, 2018
Number of pages:      168
Language:      Not specified
Price:      0.00
Rating:      0 
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Transcript of class lectures given on the Trinity. This volume contains lectures 4, 5, and 6.  


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" "... " "...virtus "Baptize4in "But "Christ" "Deus "Eritte "Et "Father, "Fides "God "God". "He "I "If "In "Just "Lord" "My "Nihil "No, "Now "Oh "Polytheism". "Populus "Send "Son "Spirit" "Spirithood" "The "This "Well "Well, "What "Why "Yeah, "Yes, "You "You're "abandonment" "aggregatur "appropriations" "appropriations": "attributed "becoming". "begotten "begotten" "catholic" "creation" "cup "cup" "deified". "disinterested" "does "en "equal" "external" "foresaken" "forgives "god" "godlike" "grace" "ground" "grounding". "grounds" "histories". "how "identical" "induction" "insight" "it "kik "light "lowest" "magical" "man "master" "my "nature" "nature." "new" "not "ok "old "ousia" "per "person" "person". "persons" "persons", "persons". "physis"; "presence "priest" "probable" "problem" "quantum "realem "relatively "relatively" "saved" "sent" "society "spiritual "substance." "such "the" "this "to "true "unto "what "why" "will" "you "—as #00%, & &c. &c., &o. ' '4 'Councils 'Foundations 'Rif4- 'What 'a. 'at 'available' 'dogma'. 'event' 'given', 'honour 'in 'nonetheless' 'the 'untouchable 'with ( ("Blessed ("He ("we (-1 (.144144A1U4A/11 (1 (1.0.“-t) (1.4 (11At1etl5 (1442). (?) (Ada- (,, (Adoptionism (Ake, (Aug. (August. (Bultmann) (Chapter (Denzinger (Eckhart, (Eph. (Father (Father) (French (God (God) (HarperTorchbooks (I (Jesus) (Jesus), (Just/Rewarder) (LC41) (Latin) (Logos (Logos) (London, (Love (P. (Paul (Savior) (See: (September (Some (Son) (Spirit). (Student (Student): (Summa, (The (Trinity) (Utrum (a (absolutely (actual (also (and (as (ations, (breath) (but (did (eigen, (ethnical (evaloppn (faith (faith) (for (from (history) (hypostasizing, (i.e. (in (kenosis) (me?) (mind, (myth/history (no (or (orthodox) (page (political) (q0044/i7p (real (receptus) (relatively (solemn) (solid (t. (the (theory (two (vel (what (which (who (wit/1,st (z? ) ), )-(cs )Son *And , ,'^) ,0441-;.L ,141,1r1Ot ,4 ,40m4k ,:ruLawd" ,Eryvy14) ,The ,i4CLOAWM-d ,purpose ,really ,very - -- --a --ousia. --the -014,041-101,:f -11. -14- -15- -16- -17- -19- -1;b -20- -21- -31- -32- -33- -34- -35- -36- -37- -38- -39- -4,0 -40- -41- -42- -43- -4L -8 -I-. -The -Tryoliturred -a -du -must -t -thc -tk, . .,y14114.041/t,7.- ..*CPL ... ..." .0u,4,v,,-7,teti./44.: .1 .10 .Cc .For .Incomprehensibility .It-is,dope .One .Q.44 .Readings .arid / /'ti /,14 /01 /1 /1% /14944,1) /Jesus /N /NO( /Y, /consign /riot /slikGod /the /when /wk. /you 0, 0-ycyf 0.‘ 00"S 00% 001t4 00N 01014- 0111%, 02))100- 0m4k, 0t- 0‘toU 1 1) 1, 1,59 1,9 1-1, 1. 10 10(k_a4ttli 10, 10. 100 11 11, 11. 111•111••••=11. 1127145' 12 12, 12. 120). 126-133. 12th 13 13, 13-17 14 14, 14,443 144-2 1456 14: 14;4 15 16, 17 171-195 172) 172-189; 179 18 18. 19 1912), 194- 1974 1982, 1984), 1984, 1: 1; 1Q.2t,cti,ii*6-a:/2,, 1`12'rI45 1°‘ 2 2) 2); 2, 2-* 2-- 2-tal 2. 20 20). 20, 2018 2018. 21, 21-22 22 22, 22a 23 23, 24, 243-259 25 25, 25-27 25-32 26 26, 27 27, 278) 28 28, 28-54 29 29, 2; 2Augustin. 3 3) 3, 3,17 3. 30 30, 30-- 305-313 308-315. 31 31, 319-322. 32 32, 33 33-41 332-357 34 35, 36 36) 36, 3717-- 39, 3o 4 4) 4, 4,1'1 4---- 4. 4/ 4/20044 40"lk 41 41- 41. 410 4106 411 41919( 41:11 44 44, 441-465 441PlIS 44tc 45 45, 49 4:t 4;/L 4At 4QuAi•tuo 4U4041 4tm. 5 5, 5. 50 501)twit 56) 57—M,3-g-- 6 6) 6, 6,zlittlelbit.differenti 6. 60 60, 62, 62-66 64, 64044111414-1,;(4-14 65, 68 68, 68,90 68,907 69 6letto/eVeit] 7 7, 7,6 7. 70 70, 703) 71, 71. 7164 738-751 79() 8 8, 80 83-162 9 9-16 9. 97 9b : :14 :an ; ;"— ;. ;which < = ? ?" A A.D. A.D., A42.44, AAA, ABOUT AND ANSWER APPENDIX AQAitirlA0 AQUINAS: AS AUTHORITY Abandonment About Acceptance According Accurately Achilles Acts Ad Adam Adding Ado Advantages Af After After, Afterwards, Again, Ages, Agony Aimh, Ake Aki-klit. All All, Alookk. Alrft Also Also, Also: Although Always Amu An Ancient And And'soyou And, Another Anthropological Anthropomorphism Anti-sacramentalism Any Apostle Aquinas Aquinas's Aquinas, Aquinas: Are Are-there Arianism Arianism. Arianum Aristotelian Aristotelianism Aristotle Aristotle's Aristotle, Arius Arius); Arius. Arnold Art AryanAlispOtes. Aryas Aryas. As As% As, Asia At At. Athanasius Augustine Augustine, Augustine-- Augustine. Augustinian Author: Authority Avila Avila. Az, B., BEFORE BELIEVER, BEcause, BOOK Baptize Barr Barth Barth, Be Beatitude Because Because, Beethoven Before Begettor Begotten, Being Believing), Beloved Bernard Beyond Bible Birth Blackfriars, Bossuet Both Bradley Breathing Brown Brown, Brown. Bultmann's Bultmannian Burkhart, But But, But.certain By C.S.J., C1; CE6-, CEG-,I CHAP. CHAPTER CHRIST CHRISTIAN CHURCH CHURCH. CHURCH: CORRUPTION CREDIBILITY Call Calvinistic Can't Canaanite Cardinal Careful Catholic Catholicism Catholicism, Catholicism. Ceimioutwek Cephas Cf. ChT-X-WL Chalcedon Change Chapter Chapters Christ Christ" Christ's Christ, Christ. Christ." ChristUrOgy, Christi Christian Christianity Christianity, Christianity--the Christians Christians, Christological Christology Christology, Christology. Christus, Church Church's Church, Church,' Church--they Church. Church; Cif Class: Classical Claude Clearly Clearly, Co: Cognitive: Come Comme Community Conceptual Concluding Conclusion, Confession Confessions Confessions'. Confessions. Confirmation Conflict Confusion Conscious Consciousness Consciousness, Consensus. Considerations Constantinople. Cont. Contra Copernicus Copyright Copyrighted Corint.l; Council Councils Councils. Creation Creation, Creator Creator:-it's Credendi Creeds. Cross Cross. Crtflillfuh4-1 Cu Cult Currents, D. D., DEPENDS DEVELOPMENT DO-ctrine DOCTRINE DOGMA: Dark De Death Deborah December Decree Dei Deo Desert Desert, Development Dewart. Dialogus Didn't Different Dillenberger, Disp. Distinguish Divine Do DocOctober Docetism Docetism, Doctrine Doctrine, Doctrines Doctrines, Does Dog, Dogmatics Doming Dominican Douglas, Douglas,7-Natural Dualism During EVEWXaeV EVOLUTION Each Early Eastern Ecclesiam." Ecclesiology Economic EdA)Tati Egyptian. Einstein--you're Either Elements Elizabeth, Emergence Emergence, Epist. Er-eignis Essai Essential Essentially Eucharist, Eucharist. Eucharistiae Eucharistic Eugene Eve Even Everything Evidence Evil Exaltation Exalted Examination Exegetes Experience Experienced Explanations Expulsion F,, F. F., FAITH FAITH: FAther FAther. FAthers FAthers, FILIATION FIVE: FIVE= FOUR: FULL Failure Faith Faith, Fall, Father Father". Father's Father) Father, Father-(as Father--the Father. Father: Father; Father< Fatherhood Fatherhood, Fatherhood. Fatherliness Fatherly Fatherness, Fathers Fathers, Faustum, Faustus Female", Fenelon Fidler, Figure Filiation Fine! First Florence For For, Foresaken Foundations Four: Fourth Fr'ahl's, Fr'anks, France. Franks Franks' Franks, French From Fuller Fuller, Fundament. G GGL GIVE GOD GOD: GOO GPSAMINVs- GROWTH GahatfilkaiL Gallileo Garden Garden, Garden. Garden; Genesis Genesis, Gentiles, Get Gethsemane Ghtpf Given God God" God's God) God, God,/the God,/word God--correcting God--is God--not God--the God-head God. God: God; Godbut Godhead, Godhead. Godithe Gods. Gods? God—head. Gospel Gospel, Gospels Gospels, Gqiukti Greek Greek, Greek. Greeks Greeks--the.2Greekt Grelter Growing H. HOLY HUMAN Harnack Harnack, Harnack. Has Having He He's He, Hegelian Hellenic Hellenic, Hellenic. Hellenistic Hellenized Hence Hence, Her Here Here, Him His History Holder Holy How However, Hugo, Human Hyposises--whatever I I'd I'll I'm I, I. ICJ II II, II,II, II. III III, III. IMPIETY ING INN INSTITUTES IV, IV. IZZatn..° Ibidem Icka If If, Ilat's Ile Image Image", Immanence Immanent Immanent/Economic Immanent? Immanuel Immediacy Implicit In In% Incarnation Incomprehensibility Ingemuit Ink Inspiration Inspiration. Instead Institution Introduce Introduced Introduction. Invert Investig-. IoN IodUkCaii) Irenaeus Irish Is Is! Isaiah, Isaiah. It It's It's/fooling Itaque Its Itthink J J. JAN JESUS JO'S JOHN JUDGMENT Jacobites James James. Jane Janet, Jaroslav, Je Jean Jeremiah Jerome Jerome, Jerusalem. Jesus Jesus' Jesus's Jesus) Jesus, Jesus,/God, Jesus. Jesus? JesusI Jew Jewish Jewish. Jews Jews--among Jews. Jewsi Jhvestig, Job Job's Job). Job, Job. Johannine John John, Johnson, Jordan Jt6 Judaism. July/August June June, Just K. Kant. Karl, Kelly, Kenosis Kevin Kohner L L. LECTURE LOCUTION LOCUTIONS LUKE La Language,clearly Last Latin Law, Lectures, Let Let's Lib. Life Like Linguistic Lisieux Locution Logos Logos, Logos. Logstrup.61It Lonergan Lonergan's Lonergan, Lonnergan Lord Lord) Lord, Lord. Lt-ili40, Luciferum Luke Luke, Luther MARK MATTHEW MINAS: MOM. Magic, Major Maker Male Malinowski, Man Man, Manes, Manichees Manichees, Manifest Manifested Mark Mark, Mark." Mary Matthean Matthew Matthew, Messiah Messiah. Metaphor Middles Middleton, Minor Minor, Modalism, Moral Moreover Moreover, Morley, Mother: Mount Much Mysteries, Mystical Myth Myth,History Myth-sHistory Myth/History Myths N. NECESSARY NI NO NOTION NOV Nabert Nabert, Natural Nay, Neither Neo-Platonic Neo-Platonists Neo-platonic Neoplatonist Nestorians Nevertheless, New Newman Newman's Newman, Newness Newton Night Nights Nights. No No, Nom Nominalist Noone Nor Not Note Notes Nothing Nothing, Notice Notice, November Now Now, Nowhere O.P. OCT OF OF: ON OW Objection, Objection: Obviously October Of Oft% Ofto, Old Olives Om% On Once One One, One. One: Only Ontologi- Ontological Or Or, Or,he Ordine, Origen Origen's Origen--Origen Orthodox Orthodoxy: Oscar Ot'it Other Otherwise Otherwise, Ottf Otto. Our Outline P P.M, P.M. PATERNITY PO, PRACTICE PRE-UNDERSTAND-"... PRETENDING Parallel Part Patriarch? Patripassianism, Paul Paul's Paul, Paul. Pauline Pelagian Pelikan, Pentecost People Perhaps Permission Person Person, Person. Persons Persons. Peter Peter. Phil. Philosophers Philosophically Philosophy Pius Placing Plato Plato's Platonic Platonic. Platonism Platonists. Polytheism Pontiff. Possession Possession. Power Pre-Trinitarian Pre-trinitarian Precisely Presentation Presentation, Previously Private Pro.ces'sibhs,: Processi6nS,' Proclus, Properly, Prophecies, Prophet? Prophets? Protestant Providence Province. Prytheism Psychologists Published Q Q. Q24d.ii.6-a: Q:6c QL1 QUESTION QuA Qua Quartam: Quest. R, R. RELIGION. RaEiler, Rahner, Rather Rather, Raymond, Reading Readings Readings: Readings:. Really, Reason Reformation Reformation. Refu Refutation, Reginald, Relations, Relig., Religious Rembrandt Remoteness Rens, Responsibility Resurrected Resurrection Return Revelation Rhineland Richardson Richardson, Richardson,. Ricoqur Rights Rights: Roman Romans Rood4/11_ Roots S S(9"- S., S9vior SCRIPTURE SCRIPTURE. SCRIPTURES SCRIPTURES: SEPT SEVEN: SIX: SL SONSHIP SPIRIT SPIRIT: ST, ST2701 SUPERNATURAL: Saballeanism SabeAlianism Sabeliianism. Sabellian Sabellian, Sabellianism Sabellianism, Sabellianism. Sabellius Sabellius, Sabellius. Sairi,vrq, SalVation Salvation Salvation, Same Sanctorum Satan Savior Savior, Savior. Saying Schematic Schleiermacher Schleiermacher, Schlelermacher, Science Scriptura Scripture Scripture, Scripture. Scripture: Scriptures Scriptures, Scripturis." Scx:ipture Second Sections. Sed See Senses Sent. Sep September Sermon She Should Show Similarity Simple Since Situation Sixth Sniki,174-3 So So, Solution Some Someone Something Sometimes, Son Son) Son, Son--but Son. Son; Son? Soncinianism Sonship Sonship, Sonship. Sortitil Soul Soul. Sow. Soyk(7 Spain. Special Spiration. Spirit Spirit's Spirit), Spirit). Spirit, Spirit. Spirit." Spirit/Father Spiritum Spitit St. St.Paul. Stage Stages Stages: Stay Still, Stress Strictly Studies, Subsequent Such Summa Summa, Summa-Theologiae Summa-Theologiae, Sums, Supposing Supreme Suso Sv`rthi Swete, Synoptic Synoptics T T, T: TASK TB TESTIMONY THAT THE TO TRINITY TV, TW1 TY. Take Tal Tauler) Temptation Temptation, Teresa Testament Testament, Testament. Testaments. That That's Thats The Their Then Then, Theologiae Theologiae, Theologians Theologica, Theological Theological- Theology There There, Therefore Therefore, Theresa These They They'll They're Things This This, Thomas Thomas, Thomistic Those Though Thought Through Thus Thus, Thus: Time Title: To Tol) Toledo Toward Tradition Tradition, Transcendent Transmission Triniaa.rian Trinitarian Trinitarian, Trinity Trinity, Trinity-from Trinity. Trinity?" Trin— True True, Tubingen Tv Two U11116 UNDERSTANDING Under Ungraced Union. Unitarianism. Unless Until Urquelle. Ursacrament. Us Using Utilitate V, V,AArck.,.. V. VERBAL VI. VII VII. VORVERSTANDNIS Value Various Verbal Veritate, Vii Virgin VoluWe Volum'e Volume WE'll WELL WI% WWL Wainwright, Wall Wall) Wall): Wall, Walter Watch Watoqa We We' We've Week Welch Well Well, Western What What's Whatever When Where Whereas Which While Who Whoever Why Wisdom Wit With Within Word Word, Works Wouldn't Wt X XI XII's XIV, XIX, Y Y, Y. Yes, Yes. Yet You You're You.couldbring Z, Zeus Zi{t{cc [CM47(.. [GA44/T6.,Eforro [Preceded [Spirit _ _Symbols, _t*t? _to ` `if a a' a,center'of a. a.3, a= aSfsu6h abandoned abandoned. abandoning abandonment abandonment, abandonmentwas abandons abanonment, abaondons ability able about about. about/church above above, absence absolute absolute. absolutely absorption abstract abstracting absurd absurdities absurdity abundantly accedes accentuate accept accept. acceptable acceptance acceptance. acceptances acceptances, acceptation accepted accepted, accepting accepts accepts. accep— access accompanied accompanying accomplished accomplished, accordance according accordingly. account account, accounts. accurately, accurately. aces achieve achieved achieves acknowledged acknowledging acknowledgment—viz. acquire across act act). act, act. acting action action, action. action.' action; actions actions, active activity activity. activity; acts acts. actual actuality actualization actualization. actually actum acuteness, ad add add. added addendum adding addition addition, addition. additional additions address address. adds adds, adequate adequately adjustment administered admirably admit admits admitted adopted, adoptianism adoption adoption, adopts adopts. advance advanced advancement, advances advancing advantage aequo. aesthetics affect affected affecting affects affirm affirm. affirmation affirmation. affirmations affirmations) affirmations, affirmations. affirmations: affirmed affirming affords afq,;44•2 after afterwards afterwards, afterwards. again again, against against. age age, age. agents ages ages, agitur ago, agony agony, agreement agreement. agreements, aided air akin akt.1 alii?) aliqualiter aliquibus aliquo alive alive, all all, all. all; alleging allegorical allegories. allegorize allegory allow allowed allows almighty. alone alone. along along. aloud aloud, alqW. already already, also also, alter alteration altered alternative alternative. alters although altogether always always-limited always. am amazed ambiguous among amounts an ana anaexamRle analag analogies analogy analogy, analogy. analyses analysis analysis, analyze analyzed. anathema anathema.. anathematize ancestors ancient and and, and.yours and/distinction.-And andethesame andl angel angelology angels anguish animae animality, animates). animating animator annihilates annihilation. announces another another, another. answer answer. answered answered. answers answers, antecedently antedate anthropological anthropology anti-dualism. anticipate anticipates antimetaphysical antiquorum anxious any any, anyone anything anyway anywhere apathy aperiat apostle. apostles apostles, apostles. apparent apparently appeal appealing. appeals appear appearance appearances appearances, appearances. appeared appears appetitively application. applied applied, applies apply applying appreciate appreciation apprehended approach approach. approachable approached approaches approaching appropriate appropriate, appropriate. appropriated appropriately appropriateness appropriation appropriation. appropriations approval approximates approximation approximation, approximation. approximations. approximative aptior arbitrariness arbitrary arbitrary. are are, area area' area, areas--they argue argue, argue--the argued argued, argues arguing argument argument, argument. argument: arguments arise arisen arises arises, around around; arrival arrogance, art art". art. artefact artefact. article article, article. articulaation articulate articulated articulating articulation artist, as as, as. as: ascertained aside aside. ask ask: asked asked, askeme asking asking: asks asks: aspect aspect. aspects aspects: assembled assent. assentire assert assert, asserted asserted, asserted. asserting assertion assertion, assertions assertions. asserts assessing assessment assign assimilate assimilates assimilates. assimilating assimilation. associate associated association assume assumes assumes, assumption assurance assure assures astray. at ation ations, atogc atque attack attacked attained attainment attempt, attempted attempting attempts attend attention attention. attitude attitude, attitude. attract attraction attribute attributed attributes attributing attribution attribution. attthis auctoritas auctoritas, auctoritate autem authentic authentic. authentically authentically, authenticated author author. authoritative authoritatively authority authority!") authority, authority. authority; authors author— available avoid avoiding aware awareness away away. awitku,:ck awkward,to awt,yu,:, axiomatized aza b& b. babes back back. backed background. backing bag. balance. baptis01% baptise--I baptism baptism-- baptism--dsvaryery baptism. baptismal bap— base based bases basic basically basis basis, be be" be, be--the be. be? bears beatific beatifying beauties beautiful became because because, because.they becausesof become becomes becomes: becoming been been, been. before before, before--even before--it before. before: began beget begets begetting begetting, begettor begin beginners beginning beginning, beginning. begins begotten begotten" begotten, behalf. being being, being. beingness beingness. beings beings-- beings. belief belief, belief. beliefs beliefs. believe believe, believed believed") believed, believed. believer believer, believer,more believers believers. believes believe—no believing belongs beloved beloved. below benefit benefit, benefited benefitted better better, better. between beyond beyond. bible biblical bifurcation bind binding biological birth birth, bishbpss bishop bishop, bishops bit bit. bitAhe bitter black black, blasphemous blessed blindly blood blossomed board) boast bodies body body. bona, bonorum book books borrowed borrowing borrowing, borrowings both both, both. bound bound, bread bread, bread. breaks breath breath. breathed breathes breathes, breathing breathing, breathing. brethren, brief, bring brings broader brother brought brush brush. bu builds built buried but but, but,you by by. c c-cti„.,e, c. c4.4,,VUY cAitit4a-fito cG,t,1;yu,: ca4 cal call call, call. called calling calls cam came can can't can, can. canA candour. cannot cannot, cannot. canon canon. canonical canonization cap. capable capacity capital cardinal care care, careful careful, carefully carefully. careless cares carried carrier carrying case case" case". case, case-of case. cases cases, cases. catastrophe catechetical categories categorized categorizes category catholic causality causality, causality. causality..of causation cause cause, cause--a cause. caused causes cavil, ccam cd,o, ce_tit cease ceases ceases. celebrate celebration. center centers central century century, certain certain, certain--a certain--it certaine certainly certainty certainty, cf./0 cfcce.a. chalice challenged change change) change, change. changes, changes. changing chapter chapter, chapters character character, character. characterized charge charismatic charity charity, charity. charms child children. choice choose chooses. choosing chose chose, chosen christian christian, christian. christianity christianity). christianity, christianity. christians christological church church". church's church, church. church.' church/ church; church•of ciLwi-ek ciple. circa circumcision, circuminsession, circumstances circumstances, cit. cite cited ck, claim clarified. clarifies clarify clarifying clarity class class, classical clay. cleaned clear clear, clear--sometimes clear. clearly clearly, cloaks close closely closely-- closer closest cluvt4t/ cm-Vef, co-assert co-principle cogni- cognitionally cognitive cohere collectivity collectivity, collectivity. colour, com- combination combine combined. combines come come). come. comes comforter comforts coming coming, command commanding commencement commended commending commercially commit commitment commits committed committing common common. commonly communal commune communicated communication communion communion--I communion. communitarian. community community) community, community--and community. community." companionship companionship. company compared compares comparison comparison, comparisons compatible compelled complaint,"Why complements complete completely complex complex. complexity complexus component component, component. components composed composite composition compositions comprehend, conand concealed concede conceded conceive conceives concept concept. conception conception. conceptions conceptions, concepts concepts. conceptual conceptual. conceptualization conceptualize conceptualized conceptualized, conceptualizing conceptually. concern concern, concern. concerned concerned, concerned. concerning concerns conciliar conciliate concisted conclude concludes concluding conclusion conclusion, conclusion. conclusion: conclusions concocted concocting concrete condemnation condemned. conditions conern conferred confess confess. confession confidence confines confines, confirmed confirming conflict conflict. conform confront confusing confusion confusion. congregandus congregation congregationi conjectures, conjoined connatures connected connection connection. conquer conscience conscience. consciences consciences, conscious conscious. consciousness consciousness, consciousness. consciousness; consciouson% conse- consensus consent consequence consequence, consequence. consequence: consequences consequences, consequences. consequent consequently, consider considerable consideration consideration. considerations considered considered. considers consistent consistently consonant consortsium consternation. constituent constitute constitutes constitutive constructed consult contact contain contained contained, contained. containing contains contain— contemporary contend content contents, contents. context context) context, context--he context. contexts continually continuatio continue continues continuing continuity continuity. continuous contra contradict contradiction contradiction, contradiction. contradictory contradictory, contrary contrary, contrary. contra— contribute, control controls controversies. controverted, convenience. convergence conversiom.of conversion convert converted converts convey conveyed conveying conviction conviction, conviction: convinced convinced, cooperate cope copulatur copyright core core. corp. corp.; correct corrected correction correctly correctly. corrects corresponds corrupted corruptio corruption corruption. corruptly costs. cot could could, could--this could. could;," could] couldn't council council's council, council. councils councils, councils. counselor counter counters couple course course, court craftiest creabuntur". create? created created". created, creates creating creatingAod, creation creation, creation. creative creative. creativity, creator creator, creator--as creator. creature creatures creatures, creatures? crea— credal credendo credit creed creed, creed--those creed. creeds creeds. cricifixion crippling. crisis. critical critically critically, critically. criticised, criticism, criticizes cross cross, cross. cross; crown crowning crowns, crucial crucified crucifiers, crucifixion crucifixion. cruel cruel, cruel. cruelly? cruelty cry cry. cult cult, cult. cultic cultivated cultttending cultural culture culture, cunningly cup cup. cupientibus, cur curch curiosity curiosity, customarily cut cuxteArit- cy‘ d d. daily danger darkness darkness, darkness. data datum datum, dawn/,- day, day. days de dead. deal dealing dealt death death" death, death. debate", debemus deceiver. deceivers decision declaration declarations declared declares decree deducing deduction deduction, deductions deductive deeds deeper deepest deeply defect defect, defect. defend defends defensive defensive. define definite definition definition, definitions definitive. defintions degree degree. deification deifying delegate deliberately deluded delusion. demand demand. demanding demands demonstration demonstration. demurrer, denial denied denies denomination deny denying departure depend dependence dependence, dependence. dependent depending depends depends. depression. deprivation deprivation, deprivation. depth depths derived derives derogation derstanding descend describe desert desert, desert. desert; deserves designate designation designation. desire desires desires. desolate desolation desolation. desperate desperately despisers despite destournant destroy destroyed. destroys destruction destruction. destructive. detect determinaation determination, determinations determinations) determine determined determined, determines determining detriment deuant dev develoment develop develop. develope developed developed, developed. developes developing development development, development,/also development. develops, devices devil devoid devotee devotion devotion. di/4-0 dialectic dialectical dialogue dialogues? diametrical dicere diction. did did. didn't die die. died dies differ difference difference. differences. different different. differenter differentiates differentiation. differently. differne differs difficult difficult, difficulties difficulties, difficulties. difficulty difficulty, difficulty. difficulty=-so diffuse diffused difinity digitized dignified dignity dilemma. dimensions dimly;- direct direction direction--no direction--they direction. directions directions. directly directly, discendum discere discernible discernible--even disciples disciples, disciples. disciples/Jesus disciples/followers discourse discourse. discourses discover discovered. discoverer discovery discovery, discovery. discriminating. discuss discussed discussed/trinitarian discussion discussion, discussions discussions. disgusting. disillusion. disinterested. disjoined disorder, disorder. displaying disposal' disposal, disputation disputations dissillusioned dissimilar dist/ distinct distinct) distinct. distinctiOn distinction distinction, distinction--in distinction-in distinction. distinctions distinctions, distinctions--hypostasize, distinctions. distinctions." distinctly distincwhether distinguish distinguished distinguishes distinguishing distrust diverting divested divide, divided divided. divided: divides dividing divinas-- divine divine, divine. divinity divinity, divinity-- divinity. divinization divinized divinized. divisible divorce dm dn,theiCatholic do do! do). do, do. do? doc- docebit doctrina doctrine doctrine, doctrine,4erhaOs doctrine. doctrine.) doctrine_zthe doctrines doctrines. document documentation documents does does, does. doesn't dogma dogma, dogma. dogmatic dogmatics dogmatics, dogmatics. doing doing-- doing--he doing. domain don't don't." done done" done, done. donor double double-termed doubt doubt. doubtful doubts dowh down doxes drawing drawn drew drinIc drinking drinks drive driven drop dt(Atut du duce due dupliciter during duty dwell dwelt e e.g. e4,v(-4664, eVicm e`N ea ea, each eager earlier earlier,/move earliest early early--very earth earth, earth--and earth; earthly easST,to easier easily easily. easy eat eating eats ecclesia ecclesia, ecclesial ecclesiology ecclisio% ecclisiological. echo economic ecumenical edge edited effect effect. effect? effected effected. effecting effective effective. effects effects. effectually efficacy efficacy, efficient effrontery, either elaboration element element). elements elements, elevated elevation. eliminate eliminated elimination elite elk eloping eloquence, else else, else. embarassed, embodied embrace embraces emended emerge emerge. emerged emerged. emergence emergence, emergence. emergent emerges emerges, emerges. emerging emotion emperor emperor's empirical emptying en encounter encounters encourage encourages end end, end. endeavor endeavoring endeavors ending ends ends. energy engineer enim enjoy enjoyed enlightened enough enriched enrichment entangle enter entered entering enters entices entire entire=-he entirely entity entymology. epiclesis episcopacy episode, episode. epistemological epistles epitome eppi equal equality equality, equally equals equivalent era era. ergo erroneous error errors errors. eruditis escape especially esse essence essence, essential essentially esssential est est," est." establish, established established, establishes et etc. eternal eternity. ethic ethical ethical) ethically, ethics ethics,6° etymological etymologies etymology etymology. eucbristic eucharist eucharist. eucharistic evacuate evaluate evaluated evaluation evangelical even even, event events eventual eventually ever every everyone everything everything--just everything. everywhere everywhere. evidence evidence?' evident evidently evil evil, evil. evils evils, evokes evolution evolution. evolve evolved, evolving ewish ex exactly exaltation exaltation, exaltation. exalted example example, example--I example. examples exceedingly excellence excellence--worshipping excellence. excellent except excesses exclude excluded. excludes exclusive exclusively execute exegesis exegete exegete, exegetecally. exegetes exegetes, exegetes. exegetical exegetically exemplification exemplifications exemplificatory exemplified exemplifying exercize exercized exercizes exercizing exhibited exhibits exist. existed existed.' existence existence. existential exists expect expectation expected expelled experience experience, experience. experienced experienced, experiences experiences, experiencing explain explain. explaining explains explanation explanations explicari explicata explicate explicate, explicated explicates explicating explication explication. explicit explicitly explicit— exploited expose exposed exposes express expressed expresses expressing expression expression. expression; expressions expressions. expressive expressly expressly, expulsion expunged extending extends extension extent extent, exterior external extort extra extracted extreme extreme. extremely extremes extricate eyes f face faces facets facie. facility facing fact fact, factor factor, factor: factors facts factual fads--people failure fair fairly faith faith". faith). faith, faith-induction faith. faith; faith? faithful faithful, fall fallacious fallacious, fallaciousness fallen fallible fallible, falls false false. falsify family, famous far far. farther farther, fashion fastened fat,Zois father father) father, fatherhood fathers favor fe- fear feature feel feel? feeling feeling, feelings feels fell felt female fested few ff-it ficance fiction fiction, fidei, fidei." fidelity fidelium fidelium." fidem fidem, fidem." fides fight figuratur." figure filiation, filled final final, finally find finding finds fine fine. finite firmed firmly first first, first. firsthand. fit fit, fitting fiu fixed flatly flesh flesh, fleshed fleshes fleshing fleshly flovvr44 flow". flower fluid, fo focus focussed foes follow follow. followed followed, followed. followers followers, followers. following follows fondement food food, fool. foolish, foolish. foolishly foolishness foolishness. for for. for.'ekample, force forced forces fore fore, fore. foregiveness foregives foresaken foresakenness forever forget forgive forgives forgiving forgiving, form form. formal formal. formality, formalized formally formally, formation formation. formed former forms formula formula, formula. formulae formulated formulation formulationof forsake forsaken forsakenness, forth forth. forthwith forward forward, foster fought found found, foundation foundation. foundation.2 founded fount"-='lleg6rTiliv- four fourth framework free freedom freeing freely friends friends, friendship friendship, frightening from from" from, from--at frustra fudged ful, fulfill full full:. fuller, fullness fully fulness function functional functional) functionalised, functions functions, functions. fundamental fundamentalist, fundamentally, fundentes further further, furthest fusite gG gain garden garden, gathered gathering gave gavetheril, ge general general. generalize generalized. generally generation. genius genius. genuine genuinely genus, get gets getting gical gically gift gifts gious give given given, giver gives giving glimmering glimpses glorify gloriously glory. go go. god god. godlike godly godly, gods gods") gods. goes goes, going gone gone. good good, good-will goodness goodness. goods goods, gospel gospel, gospel," gospel. gospels gospel—what got gotten grace grace, grace. grace? graced graced, graced. graces gracious graciously gradual gradually granted graphically grasp grasp, grasped grasping great great. greater greatest greatness greatness, ground ground? grounded grounding grounding, grounds groundwork group group) grow growing growing. grows growth growth, growth. growth: guarantee guaranteed guaranteeing, guarantees guard guesses guidance guide guides guilt guilt. gy,- had had. hand hand, handed handles handling hands hands, hands. happen happened happened, happening happens happens, happiness happy happy. hard/to hardihood harm harmed. harmful. harmony has has, has. hast hast.begun has‘a:very,interesting-c,- have have, have/the have? having he he'd he's he, he: head healed healed". healing healing/purification= hear heard heard, heart, heart. hearts heaven heaven, heaven. heavenly heightened heightened, heightened. heights hela held held.1 hell help helped helping helps her her. here here) here, here. heresies heresy heretics. herets herself hesitated hesitation hidden high higher highest him him, him. himself himself, himself. hint his his). his, historical historically histories history history) history, history. hitherto hoc hold holds holds, holy holy. homage. hominum homo homogeneous homoousios honeing hood hope horizon host, hot house. how how, however however, hubris' huianity human humanity humanity, humanity. humanly humility hunger. hymns hypinta hypos1 hyposises hyposises--call hypostasis hypostasis, hypostasization, hypostasization. hypostasize hypostasizing, hypostasizing. hypostatic hypothasize hypothesis, hypothesis. i i.e i.e, i.e. i/ich ibti2jr:tg.'":" idea ideas ideas. identical identical, identical. identification identification--identity identified identify identifying identity identity. if if, ii ii. ilfANI, illuminate illuminating im image image. imaged imago imamse imbalance. imbibed imitation immanen immanence immanent immanently immeasurably immediate immediately imminently immortal impact imparted impasse, impede impelled impeller impelling impels imperfect imperito imperitze implication implication. implications implications. implicit implicitly implicitly) implicitly, implicitly. implicitly? implied implied, implied. implies implies, implies. imply imply, implying import. importance importance. important importation importation. imported imposed imposes impossible impossible, impossible. impotence imprecise impressed. impression improper improperly improperly. improving impulse. impulsion in in'all in/creation. in/enuntiaour in/particular in/sacramental inaccurate inadequacies inadequacy inadequate inadequate, inadequate. inadequately inalterable inappropriate. incarnate incarnate, incarnation incarnation. inclining include included includes incorporated incorporated. incorrect indeed, indefinitely independent independently indicate indicated indicates indicating indication indicative indirect individual individuals indivisible induce induction induction. inductive indwelling inequality. inevitability. infallible. infant, inference inferior. infers infidels infinite infinite, infinity inflictor influenced information ing initial initially initiated initiation initiative, injudicious inner innermost innocent innovation inordinata inquiry insane insanity inscribed insert insight insight/or insinuates insist insisted insistence insists insofar instance, instinct instinctively institution instrument instrument, instrument. instrumental instruments, insult insulting integrity intellect intellectual intellectum:"] intelligence intelligeret." intelligibility intelligibility. intelligible intend intends intense intensely intention intention, intentions, intentions. inter-conception interaction interest interested interesting interferes interiorization interiorize interiorized interiorized. intermediate internal internalized internalized, internalizes internally interposed. interpret interpretation interpretation, interpretation. interpretations interpretations. interpreted interpreting interprets interst intertwine intervene intervenes intervention intervention. inthe intimate into introduce introduced introduced, introduces introducing introduction introduction, invenitur invent invention inventor. inverse inverse. investigates investigation inviolable invite inviting invocational invoked involve involved involved. involves involving inward in— ion, ionis irjr, irkillwros irrational irrationality irrationally, irrelevant is is) is, is. is.the is/based is: is;'a,trea§oningand ism isn't issued isto is•not it it's it) it, it--you it. it/seem- it;tc, it? itayzik, itito itjun't itkx its itself itself) itself, itself. itstates. itt ity iv.) izing. j januam," jeers jiegYak,, jotOtti joy. judge judge. judge.. judged--the judging judgment judgment, judgments judgments, just just, just; justice justice, justice. justified justified. justifier justifier, justifies justify juxtapose k kA2,,t katf,i keep kenosis kenosis. kept key kilellenism--we kind kind. kindly kinds, king kingdom kingdom. kingdon. knew know know, know. know: know? knowh,that::: knowing knowing. knowledge knowledge, knowledge--you knowledge. known known, known. knows l'Escriture lAlthough lack lacked lacking laid laity language language, language-- language--total language. large large, larger last late lately later later. latter latter, law law-giver. laws lay layer layer. layered layers layers. le le. lead leaders. leadership, leadership. leading leads leap, learn learned least least, least. leaves leaving lecture lecture, lecture. lectures led led, left left, legal legal. legitimate legitimately legitmately lent less lesser lesser. let let's level level, level,not level--far level--its level--on level--the level. levels liable lib. licensing lie lies life life, life. lifeof lifting lifts. light light" light, light. like like". like, like. like? like?" like?", likely likens likewise like— limit limit. limitation limitation. limitations, limited limiting, limits limself line lines linguistic linguistically, lining list, listen listened listener listening litanies litanies. literal literally literally, literature literature), literature, literature--the little liturgical liturgist liturgy. litur— live lived lives living living, living. locutio lofty logic logic, logical logically long longer look look, looked looking lookl'at lop loquala--and loquala--recta loquala--the lose loses losing loss loss. lost. lot` loud love love, love. lover lovers loves loving loving, lower lower. lowering lowest lowliness lutheran ly lying m'N ma, made made". made, made. madetcythinkotheine magazine, magis magisterial magna, main mainline mainly maintain maintained maintained. maintaining maintains majesty major majority make maker maker, makes making making, mal mal,59 male man man's man, man. man: man? manifest manifest. manifestation manifestations manifestations. manifested manifesting manifests manipulation manipulation, mani— mankind mankind, mankind. many many, many. mark marked marks marriage, marvelous. mass master master/disciple mate material materials mathematical mathematician matter matter, matters may maybe mbols, mbvee me me". me, me--a me. me." me? me?" meal meal, meal. mean mean. meaning meaning, meaning. meaningful meaningfulness meaningless. meaninglessness meaninglessness, meaninglessness. meanings means means, means. meant meant. meant." measure measures meat meat" mechanical. mechanism mediated mediates mediating mediation medieval meditation medium medium. meet meeting meiv melody member members members, members. membership memory men men, men. mental mention mentioned mentioned, mentioning mentions ments, merci- merciful merciful, merciful. mercifully merciless merciless, merciless. mercy mercy, mercy. mere mereiful merely merely, message message. mess— metaphor metaphor, metaphor. metaphorical metaphorically metaphors metaphysical metaphysics metaphysics. method middle might might. milieu milk milk" milk, mind mind) mind, mind. minds minds, minister minister. ministry miratus mirror misconceptioe&1ikeathatS1.St. miserable misread mission. missionaries, mistate mixing mnd modalism modalistic modality mode model modern modernorum). modes modification modifications modify moment. moments monotheism monotheism, monotheism. moral moral, morality. more more. morei moreover, mortal most mother mother', mother. motivation, motivation. mount mountains mouth, mouths move moved moved. movement movement, movements movements, movemur, mover moves moving mucf. much much--we're much. multiple multiplicity multiplies multiply multiplying multitudini mused music music. must must, must. mustard my myself mysterious mystery mystery, mystic mystic, mystical mystics mystics, mystics. myth myth-thinker myth/ myth/history mythlevel naive naively naivete-- nam name name, namely namely, names names. naming narrative narratives. narrowly natural natural, natural. naturally nature nature, nature--like nature. ncessity nd near nearly necessarily necessary necessary. necessity necessity, need needs negate negated negates negation) negations. negative negative, negative. negativity neither neo-Platonic neo-Platonic. neo-platonic neo-platonists,convihced; neophyte ness. ness? never never, nevertheless nevertheless, new new, new. news news. next next, nice night nihilistic nisi no no, no-they no. nobis noble noche nod nominal non non-believers non-binding non-contradictory non-existent non-goodness none none. nonsense. nonsensical. non— noone nor normal. normally not not, not-ness not. not...) not/that notFather notdon note note, noted notes nothing notice notice, notion notion, notion. notions notions, notions. not„made, nourish nourishes now now, now,)it nowhere nth. ntot nuance nullus number o o. oF oak. obedience obedient obeissance obfuscation. object objected objection objections objective objects obligation. obscurity observation observations observe observing obstacle, obvious obviously occasioned occasions occults occur occur. occurred occurred. occurs occurs, occurs- od of of--Dog, of. of/thought. of_contradiction. off off. offer offered offers ofmN often often. ofthe old older ology olook omits omnia omnibus omnipotent omniscient on on, on,very, on-going on. once once. one one's one, one. one..." oneGod--followe&byCreatOrPof.Heaven oneness ones oneself ongoing online. online: only onto ontologiCally ontological ontological. ontologically op. open-ended opening openly operating operation operative opinion opinion, opinion. opinion/based opponents. oppose opposed opposes opposite opposite, opposition opposition, optimistic option or or, or,/if or/precise orbis, order order, order. orders ordinarily organic organization organon organon, origin origin, original originally orthodox orthodox. orthodoxa--the oscura". ostentatiously other other). other, other. otherer others others, others-what otherwise otherwise. ought ounded, our ours. ourselves ousia ousia, ousia. ousia; out out, out,,ambiguity out. out." out.of out? outlet outpourings outside outsider, oven over overcome overcome. overcomes overcoming overeat. overflow overlooked, overrides oversimplifying, own own). own, owned owner. p. pa:1k pagan paganism pain painful painfully painless painter painter. par paradigmatic paradox paradoxes paradoxical paradoxical--they paraincluding parallel parallel, paralleling parallels pardon parents part part. partially participates participating particular particular, particularly particularly, particulars. partly parts pass passage passage, passage. passages passed passes passing passion passion, passion. passionis passive passivity past past, pastoral paternity, path patripassianism pattern pay pays pcl,i44(.1) peculiar people people--it peoplellater peoples per perceived. perfect perfected perfecting perfection perfection, perfection. perfectly perfectly--in perfects perform perform, performance performs perhaps period period, period. peripheral peripherally peritus permissible permission permit permit. permits permits, pernicious perpetual persecute persevere person person) person, person--there person. person/only personal personality personality, personally personas. persons persons. persuade persuaded persuades persuading persuading. persuasion. pertains pertinent perversions pessimistic phase phenomena phenomena. phenomenology phenomenon phenomenon, phenomenon. philisophical philosopher philosopher, philosophers philosophical philosophizing philosophy philosophy, philosophy. philosophy:— philosphy. philosphyl philospphy physically physically, physicist) pick picked picking picks picture. piety pile pious pitiless. pitilessness pity, pity. place placed places placing plain plan plausible plausible. play play. played playing plays playthings plcture plea. plea.for pleads pleas pleas, pleasant pleasant. pleased pleasing pleasure pneumatic poem poet poetry point point, point. point.of pointed pointing points points, poitible,from political poly polytheism polytheism, polytheism. polytheistic polytheitm. pondered ponent, poor poorly poorly. pope popular pose posed position position, position. positions positions. positive posits. possess possessed possessed. possesses possession possessors posset possibilities possibility possibility, possibility. possible possibly post-conciliar postulate postulate. potential potentiallythere, potest poverty power power. powerful powerfully powers pp,-28-38 practical practically, practice practices praecedere praised praxis, pray pray. prayed prayer prayers praying prays pre-church pre-community pre-condition pre-myth/history pre-religious preach preached preached. preacher preacher, preachers, preaches preaching preaching, preaching. precarious preceded preceding preceding, precese precise precisely precisely. predisposition prefacing prefer preferred prejudice premise premise. premises premisses prepared prepares preposterous prerogatives presence present present, present. presented presented, presenting presents preserved presider presses presumed presumptuous presupposed, presupposition presuppositions presuppositions--as presuppositions. presupposi— pretend pretended pretended. pretext pretty prevailed—viz. prevalent prevents previous pre—sacramental priest priest/faithful. priesthood priestly priestrand priests priests. primarily primary prime primum primum: principle principle, principle. principle: principles prin— prior priori privacy private prkeding probability probability. probable probably problem problem, problem. problem: problematic proceed proceeded proceeding proceeds process procession procession, proclamation proclamation, produce produced produced? produces producing profane profane. professes profession professo proffers profound profoundly progress progress, progress. progressive progressively, prohibited projected projection prologue prolongation prolonged. promises pronouncements pronunciation, proof proper properly properties. prophet prophet; prophetic prophets prophets" prophets, proportion, proportionality. proportions proposal proposed proposition proposition, proposition. proposition: propositional propositions propositis, protect protected protecting protection protestant prove proved provide provided providence. provider provides provoked psychological public publicity punisher punishing punishment purchase pure purely purfication, purific-1 purification purified purifies purifying purity purpose purposes purposes, pursue pursue. pursuit push pushed put put. puts putting puzzle puzzled puzzlement puzzling puzzling. q. qu'ello qua qua, qua--qua quae qualification qualifications qualified qualifier qualifies qualify qualitatively qualities quality quamquam quantum quasi-gods. quasi-historical quence quest question question, question- question. question: questionable questionable, questionable. questions qui quia quick quickly quickly. quiet quit quite quod quote quotidie r rabbi rabbi; radical raise rapidly rashly rate rather rather, ratio rational rationality rationalizing rationally ratione ravings re re-assess reached reactions reacts read read, readers readily reading reading. readings real real, realise realised realities reality reality, reality. realization realize really rear reason reason, reason. reasonable reasonableness reasoned reasoning reasoning, reasoning. reasoning: reasonings reasons reasons. reassert reassesses recall recapture receive received receives reception recess recession recessions recognised, recognition recognizing recollections recommends reconceptualization reconcilable reconciled. reconciling reconstructed reconstructions recorded records recta recurring redeemed. redeemer redeeming redeemption redefines redemption redemption. redifice redounds reduce reduced reduces reducible reduction refer refer? reference, references referred referring refers reflected reflecting reflection reflections reflects refusal refuse refuse, refused refuses refusing refuted refuted. refuting regard regarded regarding regards regress regression, regulate reinctions reject rejected rejected. rejection rejects rejects--you relate related relates relating relatiomto relation relation. relational relational. relationality relationality, relationality. relationally relationally. relations relations--totally relations. relationship relationship, relationship. relative relatively relatively, relativity relevance relevant reliSignificance religion religion. religions. religious religiously reli— relligious remain remained remaining remains remark remark. remarked remarks remarks, remember remembrance, remote remoteness removal remove removed removed" removed, removingdependence, renowned, repeated repeating repetition replace replaced replies reply represent representation. representative representatives reproducing reproduction repudiate repudiate. repudiated repudiated, repudiated. repudiation required required. requirement requires requires. res resemble resembles resignation resistance resists resolved respect respect, respected. respond respond. responding response response. responses responsibility responsible responsible. rest restore restores restrict restricted restrictions, restricts rests result result. resultant resulted results resurrect resurrected resurrected, resurrection resurrection) resurrection. rethinking rethought return returns reveal reveal. revealed revealed. revealing reveals revelation revelation) revelation, revelation. revelative revelatory revelatory, reverence reverence, reverse reversing revulsion reward rewarder rewarding rich richness rid ridiculed right right, righteousness rightly rights, rik riot rise risen rises rising rite rite, ritual ro4are role room root root, root. rooting roots roots--you rose roughly rudely rule rules runs rwt. s s.• sacra sacrament sacramenta, sacramental sacramentalise sacramenti. sacramentis sacraments sacraments, sacraments. sacramentum sacred sacrifice sacrifice, sacrifice. safe sah said said, said. said? saint saint. saintly saints salient salubrior, salvation salvation. salvific same same, same. same.formula sanctioned sanctity, sandwiched sap satisfaction satisfied save save. saved saved, saves saves. saving saving. savior savior, savior. saw say say!" say)[would say, say,"Well, say. say?" sayiig? saying saying, saying," saying. saying." sayings says says' says, says--I scandal sceptical schema schema, schematically: schematize schism schisms scholar scholar, scholars scholasticism, science science, science. scientific scientist scoffs scope scriptural scriptural, scripture scripture, scripture--as scripture. scripture." scriptures sculptor, se sealed search second second, secondarily secondarily, secondary secondary, secret seducer seducer. see see, see] seed. seedthe seeing seek seeking seeking, seeks seem seem, seemed seems seen seen, seen. sees self self-consciousness. self-evidence. self-sufficient self-validating. seminary sender sending sends sends. sense sense, sense. senses sensibiles sensibili." sensitive sensual sensuality sensuality. sensum" sensum). sensum. sent sent. sentence sentiment sep separate separated separates sequence sequence, sequential sequi serious serious. seriously. serves session set seul seventh sever severe sfro shaky shall shameless shape share shared sharing sharing. sharply sharpy she she's she, sheer shift shift), shifts short short, shortly should should. shouldn't show show/will showed showing shown shows shows, sib side side, sight sight. sign sign, signi4t significance significance, significance. significance; significance? significat signifies signify signo signs silence similar similar. similarity similitude similitudinaria simple simple. simpler simplicity, simply simultaneous sin sin, sin. since since, sinfulness sing single single-termed singular sink sins sins". sins, sins--I sins. sins; sit situation situation, situation. six sketched slides slight slightly slips slow slowly. slowness smaller. smallest smoother so so, so. so? socalled. social society society, society. sol. sole solely solid solution solution) solution. solved solved. some someone something something. sometimes sometimes, somewhat son son, son. sons sonship sonship. soon sophisticated sophistication sophistication. sort sort. sort: sorts sorts: sought soul soul, soul--and soul-body soul. souls sound sounds source speak speak, speaker. speakers, speaking speaking, speaks special special. specially species. specific specifically specified speculation speculation. speculations speculative speculative) speech speech, speech--recta speech--the speech. sphere spiration spirit spirit". spirit, spirit. spiritual spiritualia spirituality spirituality, spite split spoken spoken, spokesman spperate springs stage stage, stage. stages stages. stages: stamp stance stance. stand standard standard, standard. standing standpoint. stands start start, started starts state state, stated stated, stated. statement statement, statement. statement? statements statements, statements. statements: statements? states states, state— staunch stave stay staying stays step step. steps still still, sting sting. stirred stones stones. stood stop stories story strain strain, strange strangeness stranger strengthening strengthens stresing stress stress,(it stressed stressed, stresses stressing strict strike striking strive stroke strong stronger strongly strongly.:criticizes,Kohner strophe, struck structure structure. structured structures structures, stubborn students studied. studies studium study study. stumbles. stumbling stupidity sub-group subdue subject subject-object. subject. subjected subjected. subjected—into subjective subjects. submission submission. submit submitting subordinate subordinate, subordination, subordinationism subordinationism, subsequent subsequently subsisting substance substance, substance. substances, substances. substantia substantial substantiality. substitute subtraction subverts sub—statements: succeeded succession successive suceeding such such, such-and-such. such. such; suffer suffer, suffered suffering suffering. sufferings suffers sufficed suffices suffices. sufficient sufficient, sufficiently suffrage suggest suggest, suggested suggests summoning sunt superabundance superficial. superfluous superfluous. supply support suppose suppose. supposedly supposes supposes, supposes. supposing supposita suppress suppressing supreme supremely sur sure surface surpasses surprise surprise, surrendering survived survived. suspect suspected suspected, suspend suspicion sustain sustained sustained, sustained. sustaining sustains sustains. sway sweet swim. syllogism syllogism. syllogism: syllogisms syllogistic syllogis— symbol symbolically symbolize symbolized symbolizes symbols symbols. synagogue synagogue. system system--paganism systematic systematically t t'ikth t, t.- t.—C,;D'o'ctrine tH-the take take, taken takes taking taking, talent, tales". talk tamen tamen: tampero tance. tantamount task taste. tation. taught taught. teachable teacher teacher, teacher/disciples teaches teaches. teaching teaching, teaching--the teaching. teachings ted tell tells tempations temple temple. temporal tempore temptation temptation, temptation. temptations tempted tempter tempting ten tend tend, tendancy tendancy, tended tendencies tendency tendency, tendency--a tender tenderness. tends term term, term. termed terminal terminally terminate terminated terminates terminating terminating, termination terminological terminology terminology, terms terms, terms. terms." terrible terribly ters test test. testament testament, testifies testimony testimony. text text, text. texts texts, texts. textual th th6 than that that's that) that)but that, that,/not that. that? that?" thats the the"Father, the'Son the(ethical the, the-Fahteras the-Son the-Trinity, the-community the/Caananite the_Eucharist-as thechristian theifaith. their theism them them" them, them. thematic thematically thematically. theme theme. themselves themselves--it then then, then?BecauseFranks thence, theolo- theologian theologian, theologian. theologians theologians, theologians. theological theologican theologize theology theology); theology, theology. theolo— theoretical theoretically theoretically, theories theories. theorize, theorized theorizing theorizing. theory theory, theory. there there's there, there- there--the there. thereafter, thereby therefore therefore, therefore. these thesis they they're they, thihk, thine thing thing, thing. things things) things, things. think think, think,for think,what think. thinker thinkiCbadwick thinking thinking. thinks third this this, this,surfaces: this--and this--are this. this.M.Taking this/manifest, this: this; thoroughly those those, thou though though, thought thought, thought. thoughts, thoughts. thrOw threatened--I three three. through throughout throughthe throw throw.people thrust thrust. thrusts thus thus, thwart thy tically: tidiness tie time time, time. times times, times. tinual tion tism tit tive tkf tkiA tkiltyxamte to to, to-do to. toa,A tocrb today today, today--we today. today/in tog,ether together together, together--assimilate together. told toleration toneless. too too, too,` too. took tool topic tor total totally totta totus touch touched touches touching tout toward towards toyed tra traceable traced trademarks. tradition tradition, tradition. traditional traditions traditions--among traditions—such tradition—which transcendant transcended transcended. transcendent transcendeny transcending transcends transfer transferred transform transformation transformation, transformation. transformed transformed, transformed. transforming transforms transition translate translate. transrational trapped treated treatise, treatise. treatment tremble trenchantly triad triadic triads trial tried tries trifurcation trine trines, trinitarian trinitarianism, trinities trinities. trinity tritheism tritheism. triune triune. trivalent. trouble. true true) true, true. truly trust trust, trust. trusts truth truth, truth. truths truth—truth try trying trying-to ttt turn turning turns tuum two two, two-fold two. twotogether. typical typological tyranny tyranny, tz.; u, uAda't,, ue,.z. ultimate ultimate, ultimately unPauline una unacceptable unaltered, unambiguous; unapproachable unbelievers unbiassed unbridled unceasing uncertainty, unconscious unconsciously undemocratic, undeniable undeniably under under- undergo undergoes understand understand--but understand--he understand. understandable understandably understanding understanding, understanding. understandit understands, understood understood, underwent undeserved unenlightened, unequivocally unfair unfolding unfolding--it's ungraced unhesitating unified uniformly unify unifying unimpaired unintelligibility. unintelligible union union, union. unique unique. uniqueness uniqueness, united united. unity unity, unity. unity/whatsoever universal universal, universaliter universals unjust unknowable unknown unless unlimited unmerited unnatural unnecessary. unpleasant unpleasant. unpublished unquestionably unreasonable unreasonable, untidy until untransformed, unwarranted unwillingness up up. up/in upbraids upon upon, upon. urge urge, urge. urges urges. us us, us. us; us? usa usage usage, use used user. uses usual usually usum" ut utter utterance uttered utters v, v.). v6 va vague, vain valid valid. validate validated validates validates. validity value value, value--in value. valueless varied various vel veneration' venture. verba verbalization. verbalized verfiigbar. vero verr„very version version. very very, vicissitudes victory videatur view view) view, view. viewed viewing views vigor. vindicated vindicated; vindicating vindication vindication, vineyard violate violates violates. violating violation violence violence. violently. virgin virtue virtus vision vision. vivifies vocabulary voice voices volition--thought volume voluntarily vos wace. want want, want. wanted wants wants. warning was was, was. was;Jesus wasalso washing wasn't water waters wavering, waxing way way, way,/this way--it's way. way/picks way: ways ways, ways. we we'll we're we've we, we. weaken. weakness weakness. weariness week's week. well well, well/there's went were were, western westerner what what's what, whatever whatever:_ whatft whatsoever whatsoever. when when, when? where whereas whereas, whereby wheresoever whether whether, which which, which- whichmakes while whirl white who who's who, whoever whole whole, whole. wholesale wholly whom whose why why, why. wicked wild-eyed, will will's will, will--to will. willed willing willingly willingness wills wills. wills? win wine wipe wisdom wisdom, wise wiser wish wishes with with. withdraw withdrawal. withdrawing within without witness witnessed witnesses wives won wonder wonderful, word word, word. words words, words. work work) work, work. working works world world, world. worship worship, worship--At worship--or worship. worshipping worships. worst worth worthy:,sacrifice. would would, wouldn't wouldn'tvhaVe wrap-up write writer writers writers, writes writing writing, writings writings. written written, wrong wrote, xi' xxxii.) year, years years! yery yes yet yet, yield yielding yields you you'd you'll you're you've you, you-say, you. you? you_understand your yours, z__tuoit zsSfstematically — ‘c,--, „ • •The ► 






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