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Library: Peter Bertano, O.P.
Title:      Peter Bertano, O.P.
Categories:      Theology
BookID:      28
Authors:      Kevin Wall, O.P.
ISBN-10(13):      0000000028
Publisher:      Western Dominican Province
Publication date:      July 10, 2018
Number of pages:      106
Language:      Not specified
Price:      0.00
Rating:      0 
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Biography of Peter Bertano, O.P. 


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!gw" !ti " ""/4 "'-tv "'S ", " " "...we "...with "As "By "Era "He "L'arcivescovo "May "Our "Residentiam "Semotis "Si "The "_..mai "aCk "alien," "all "an "baptized," "beginning, "con "concupiscence." "confinta "dead." "difficulties" "dispositive" "e "faith "faith" "faithful" "fear" "freely "hand." "hope" "imputative," "inherent "inherent," "just." "lasciate "living" "o "original "our "pari "pl "quam "reborn." "sin." "so "the "theological "una "which "without #r; %mperium." %the &Q44F' &ome- ' '$ '''J '- '-rem--t' '1 '1'41 '4 'L 'O 'o 'preti 's 'this& ( (( ((~c (, (-( (-7 (/ (// (06); (1"1— (1) (1), (1). (1); (12); (2), (2). (2); (3) (3), (3). (3); (3)?? (31). (4). (4); (5) (5). (6). (6); (61y (7 (8). (9). (??7) (???) (Evidently, (I- (Isaiah (Ito (J (NA (Pietro (Such (This (a (accept (be (c). (formale (historical) (living) (l~c (re. (replacing (sc. (the (tiewere (to\ (which (~ (~t ) )The )li_{, *-VIY *.__ *ay +- +.A; +hek1 , ,' ,14C4/1444, ,40 ,6 ,\to] ,anot_er ,c ,e ,ir:'ecial ,m-a-/ ,o ,rarer}-^t--one ,s1e, ,them ,tie ,w4ZīJ1. - -$ -(10 -(rn.c -, -- --- ---ae-t-elicited --Alily.n..;..,.,.Z-Bertano's --ex --fit^ --h==ag --r --titAWm4kitefe -. -.4-e -.der--ne -.e -.of -0436 -1 -16614/ki -44 -4i4 -5WThe -71441„(6 -:' -At -Bertano -Ck46#1PL-, -I-tItti -Q -The -The--suiseelquent -VVN& -_--.. -a(k -act -are -are-thetraditions. -at -be- -be-held -de(,R -distinguishes -e -e-f -e. -ef- -er- -e— -e€ -f/y19 -fit; -floe-effect -gam-- -h.e -he -i -ice -ii.nj -imper -ire- -ivul-a-tion -i~ -led -lidt -mock-4,46e— -mss -n-doIng -n-others -oC -of -o~ -place -r -riot -ryas -s -thc -the -the- -this -tk -to -to-undertake -tom -um -watt -we -whet -wibt, -• -€he . .(,iM ., .- .-- .. ... ...,, ...faciendo ..1 ..alios .414-40 .;v,(t~ .Eeitati-ons????) .M .e- .j .ms .n .on-. .r .such .t.. .wra~ .~~ .• / /.liN'C-M1l ////°GeV /11014-A /244404. /and /fart /w 0 0-••••"*: 0. 0.11 00 01 010 0111 02 03 04 04. 0443-0, 064 1 1*conception 1, 1-22. 1-jis 1. 10 10, 10. 100 101 102 103 104 105 106 107 108 109 11 11*[1^ 11, 11. 110 1101154a 111 11110 112 113 113. 114 114, 115 116 117 118 119 11; 12 12, 12. 120 120, 121 123 124 125 125; 126 127 128 129 13 13, 13. 130 130, 130. 132 132. 132; 133 134 134, 136 137 138 139 13e6*-64Ab 14 14, 14- 14. 14.414: 140 141 143 144 145 145; 146 148 149 149, 14v 15 15, 150 150, 1501, 151 151, 151. 152 153 1535. 1537, 1537. 154 154, 1545* 1545, 1545. 1545." 1546, 1546. 15462 1546: 1547, 1547. 1548, 155 1551. 1552, 1552. 1555. 1557. 1558, 156 157 158 158; 159 159, 16 16, 16. 161 161, 162 163 163; 164 165 166 166. 167 168 169 17 17, 17.'1 170 171 172 173 173, 173; 174 174, 175 176 177 178 178. 179 17; 18 18, 18. 180 180, 181 181; 182 183 184 184, 185 186 187 188 188; 189 189, 19 19, 19,112-1 19. 190 191 193 194 194; 195 195, 196 196. 197 197, 198 199 1; 1J41400AJL 1St. 1` 1b 1c6 1dLL— 1e 1l 1r 1us-ion, 1~~.f%T 1—te--E 2 2, 2. 20 20* 20, 20. 200 200, 2000 201 201, 2018 2018. 202 203 204 205 206 206. 207 208 209 20; 21 21, 21. 210 211 211, 212 213 214 215 216. 217 218 219 22 22* 22, 22. 220 221 221, 222 222. 223. 229; 23 23, 231, 236, 24 24, 24. 241547, 246, 247 249-251. 249; 24x 25 25, 250. 251. 251; 253. 254. 259, 26 26, 26. 260, 260. 261. 266. 267 267; 268 26; 27 27, 27. 278, 279, 28 28, 28A 29 29, 29. 293 2tt 3 3, 3. 30 30, 30. 300, 307. 309 31 31, 314 319, 32 32, 32. 320; 321, 328, 32; 33 337, 34 34. 35 35, 35. 36 36, 36. 37 37, 37. 38 38. 380, 386, 387, 388, 39 39, 39. 394, 394. 394; 39; 3; 4 4, 4,444 4,p 4-iary 4-s- 4-{ 4. 4/ 4/tit 40 40, 402. 40; 41 41,0v 41. 414(.4 414Ack 42 42, 42. 423, 42641 427, 428, 429, 43 43, 435, 44 44(44d6l 44, 44-6 44-a.0 44. 44/416141( 444 444-1 446. 447+ 44ao 44d 44t4c., 45 45, 45. 450, 453, 46 46. 466, 467, 47 47, 474, 475, 47: 48 484, 49 490, 49; 4; 4J 4anU 4c/4f 4ce 4e, 4from 4n 5 5, 5. 50 50. 509, 51 51, 51. 512, 519. 52 523, 527, 53 538, 54 54. 540, 544, 54; 55 55, 550, 552 552, 558, 56 565, 566, 57 570. 573, 574, 577, 579, 57; 58 581, 588, 59 59, 59. 591, 592, 593, 594, 595, 596, 599, 5r 5tJ 6 6, 6-4/(r 6-s 6. 6.:~3. 60 60, 60.-instrument 601, 602, 61 61) 61)4 61, 61.04A4A, 6164 617, 619, 61•4\ 62 621, 621. 622. 627, 627-28, 629, 63 63; 64 64.4A 649, 64:6), 65 65, 650, 658, 66 66, 67 672, 677, 677. 679, 68 68, 69 690, 697, 698, 699, 6f 6hiese, 6t 7 7, 7. 70 70, 703, 71 711, 712, 713 714, 717, 719, 71; 72 72, 724, 725-26. 73 730, 731 731. 731; 733, 735, 738, 74 740, 74a, 75 753, 754, 76 76, 76. 762, 77 772, 774, 775. 775; 776; 78 785, 786, 789, 79 7; 7re 7tfAk 8 8, 80 806, 81 81; 82 82, 824, 83 833, 84 84, 84. 85 86 860, 860,1ine 87 88 88, 89 8; 9 9, 9,q 9. 90 904, 91 92 93 937-44431144-y-4144944. 94 95 96 97 978, 98 988, 99 99, 9caouttOuctot4-0.4.001 : :,because :- :_;,- :lr :pPJ ; ;'p. ;- ;.,:ks ;44 ;a_ ;mot/940'44m"C-4414414 ;t- <on = =ct =it =tie, ? ???? A A'I A. A., A.A. A01) A44/14, AAJ AM AN-cytt AO AP AUK AY Abbot About According Acta Adam Adam, Adam. Ae Afaith, After Afterwards, Again, Again,-his Ain Aite~beit Alakr0A4t All Allk AmtAC An And Angelic Another Another" Anta,'c Anthony Antonio Aokat, Apostle Apostles Apostles, Apostolic Apparently, April Archbishopric As Aside At Atanasio Atetick AtttO Au:\ Augsburg August Augustine Aurelio Author: B B. BEIR Bad Badia Baid. Baptism Baptism, Baptism. Basel Be Before Behind Being Ber Beres Bernardino Berta Berta:no Bertane- Bertano Bertano' Bertano's Bertano, Bertano. Bertano: BertanoA Bertanoo Bertanopaiidthat Bertanoā Bertano•occupicd Berto Bertāno, Besides Betano Beyond Bible Bishop Bologna Bologna, Bonuccio, Book Bressano, Bressano. Bucer But But, But. ButX' By C C, C,f C. C., C4 C7r,g14A,.11-, CAgo-\,/ CHAPTER CIA CLa CT; Ca Caiconius, Cajetan Canon Capua Cardinal Cardinal's Cardinal, Cardinalate Carro, Casteldurante Catholic Catholicj Cattaneo Cattaneo, Causality Cause. Causes. Cavalieri, Cd4 Ce-rvi Ce. Cervini Cervini's Cervini, Cervini. Cf., Chamberlain Chapter Charity Charles Charles, Charles. Charles.rrnthe Chironensis Christ Christ, Christ--the Christ. Christ." Christ/4 Christian Christiani, ChuLeli. Church Church, Church. Church/i ChurchA Ciaconius, Ciltr~1 Claudio Cologne Colonna. Conception Conception, Conception. Concerning Conclusion Concupiscence Consequently, Constance Copyright Copyrighted Couiicil Council Council'-ham Council's Council) Council, Council. Council1t Council: Councilbt Council„4-all Creed. Croce Croce, Crts'etk D. DOctrine David. December December"-of Definition Di Diary Diego Dio Diocese Disposition Diva Division Division. Doctor. Doctrine Doctrine. Doctrine., Domenico Dominic Dominic. Dominican Don Due Duke Duke's Duke's, During E' E- E. EMI Eden, Effects Effects. Efficie Ehe Eighth El Ell Emperor Emperor, Empire, England. Evangelical Examples Extravagances F F, F. Faith Faith, Faith. FaithcI Fanensem) Fanensis Fanensis." Fano Fano, Fano. Far-anThe Farnes, Farnese Farnese, Farnese. Farnesed Fathers Fathers, Fathers. Fatl February Ferran.; Ferrara. Fey Fifth Finally, Fiora Fiora. Fiora~ First For For, Fourth French Friars Fro From Function G G. GA GOO GSM Garden Ge GeLion Gemmodi- General General, General,. General. German Germans Germans, Germans. Germany Germany, Germany. Ghiozza, Gnu., God God, God. God; Gonzaga, Gonzaga. Grace Graeculus Gravity. Greek* Gt.- Gtt Guff Gulik-Eubel, Guro G~B H H. H14'J Having He He--th-in-k-s- He-suggests Hebrew, Hefele-LeClerq, Hefele-Leclercq, Hefele-Leclerq, Hence, Hercules Here, Hi His Historical Holder Holy However However, I I, I. I: IAA IF II II, II. II: III III, III. IIIMI IIMI IIMIN IMM IMMI IMN IMO IMP INA INI INII INIII INN INS ION IT IV IV, IV: IWO IX, Ibid Ibid., Ibid.em. Ibide Ibideat; Ibidein. Ibidem, Ibidem,, Ibidem. Ibidem., Ibidem.; Ibidem; Ibidemi, Ibidemk Ibidem® Ibiderit, Ibidern, Ibiderri, If If_ Ikdk/141 Ile Ilk Immaculate Immediately Imper4um---could Imperialists Imperialists, Imperialists. Imperialists.) In Ina Indeed, Ini Ink Institution Instrumental Instrumentality Intention; Interim Introduction Ira Irenaeus, It Italy, Italy. Ito Its It—notes I•• J J. JA JI JIGuro Janu50 January Jerome Jerome, Jesus Jewish Jt Jules July June Just Justice Justice, Justice. Justification Justification, Justification. Justification.' Justification.Berta-no K Kevin Kings. L L' L't, LL LUMWA La Last Latin. Leo Let Life Likewise, Limbo Living Lord Lord. Lr_eis66t-ficg Ls-Its-el{ Luigi Luigi. Luther's Luther." Lutheran Lutheranos. Lutherans Lutherans, M M4 ME MEN MI MIII MIN MINI MIR MIS MN MO MR MS MULAArti Madruzzo Madruzzo's Madruzzo, Madruzzo. Maestro Maffeo Mai Maker. Male Malopera Mantua Mantua, Mantua. Mantua: Many Marcel March Marco Mark Mass Massarelli Massarelli's Massarelli. Masselli, Master Matera Material Maurice May Me Meanwhile, Method Mich Migne, Miintua Mil Mo Modena Monasteries Mons. Monte Monte, Moreover, Moreover--and Morone Mortier, Mt N NM NMI NO Naturally, Nature Nature, Nature.] Neither New Nicene Niceno, Nihil Nit No Nonantula Nonantula, Nonantula. Nor Not November Now Now, O.P. OA OBI ODP OEM OM ON. ONI OP OR OS OU Oa Oat October Of Oft Oft; Ogni Oil Ole Olt On One Only Opening Opposed Oral Order Order, Original Other Otherwise, Othi- Ott Our Over P P'• P( P- P. PA PM PO— Pacecho Pacecho's Pacecho, Pacecho. Page Page'37 Pallavicino Pallavicino, Pallavicino. Parma, Passion Pastor-Mercati, Paul Paul, Paul. Paul: Pauli Pe Pedro Pesaro, Peter Piacenza Pkeek& Pope Pope's Pope, Pope,A Pope,in Pope. Popento Popes, Possibly, Preachers, President, Previously Protestant Protestants Protestants, Protestants. Proverbs Province. Provincial Prt~ Prude-nee Prudence Psalms Psot2Qstant Psychology Pt Published Pythagorean P• Q Q- Q-ArtdA Q-rammatical QQ Qi~E Quetif-Echard Quetif-Echard, Qui Q~ R R, RA Rather, Reading Reapectstqwg Relation Relinquishing Remedy Remedy. Respecting Responsibility Rights Rights: Rmi Rom Roman Rome Rome, Rome. Rome..Xn Root S. S.Sta S4-nGe SIM SO Sabina Sacrament Sacred San Santa Saxony Scholasticism Scripture. Scriptures See See, See. September Seripando Seripando, Serverolo. Servite Servites, Servites. Session Session, Session. Session.).The Seventh Shortly Significance Signor Simultaneously Simultaneously, Sin Sin. Sin._ Since Sixteen Sixth Some Soto Soto) Soto, Spagna Spain, Spain. Spanish Speaking Specifically, Spirit Spirit. Sri-& St St, St. Stakemeier, Starting Subject. Subordinate Subordinated Such Summa Symmetry Synthesis T T" T' T, T1 T7_ TLenL TR, TT Taaoik Tawthe Testament, Tglt4 That The The, The-leadership TheA Thearllysi Their Then Theo3 Theology. There Therefore, These They ThiS Third This This. Thomas Thomas, Tht Thus, Ti Title: To Transmission Trent Trent, Trent,if-is-now Trent. Trent.) Trent: Trent^w Trento Trento." Trf-nd'. UNIA1+464L UV Umbria, Undoubtedly, Urbino Urbino. U✓ V V!) V, V. V., V; VI, VI: VII, VIII, Van Verona Vespers Victoria Vt Vulgate Vulgate. W4 W41441A;162-4 WIN Wall, We Western What What, When Why Why, Wisdom: Wit, With Works Wu X, X. XI, XII, XIII XIV, XV, Y [A [sic] [t \ \A- ^ ^rt _ _'_1" _. _I-n _J __ten _pomvuzfAi ` `' `,1 `acet." `cbco, `fz3(-1- `o `tertano `v/7y~~{ a a' a',6-tiAbee a,c a,o141 a- a--wa a-m a-r-e- a-suggesti a-s— a-t a-ve a. a..'' aM= aWuk a_11-4-04tAA ab ability able about above above?) absolution abstract abstract, abu-sco, abuccs abundant abuse abuses abuses. ac acccptcd, acceded accentuate accentuatā accept accept, acceptable acceptable, acceptable: acceptable„ acceptak acceptance acceptaof acceptat- acceptat-men acceptatIon acceptateion acceptation acceptat±on accepted accepted, accepted," accepted. accepting accepts access accettasse accidental accidental, acco accompanied accomplished acconcia accord accordance according account acc•ount achieve acquiesced acquire acquisitions act act, acting action action. actions actions, actions. actionst active activities activities. activity activity. acts acts. actually ad adapted add added adding addition addition, adds adequate adequately adherence admire admit admonition adopt adopted advance advantage: advantageous advantages4 advisability advisable advised advising aek.erthulase affairs affection affectu affectu" affectuX" affirmation affirmation: affirmations affirmations, affirming affirms afflicted. afforded afraid after again again, again_to against age age, age. agenda. agree agreed agreement agreements, agressus...est." ahead ai aid aided aids aie ail aim ait, aith al al-so alien alii alioquin aliquid all all, all,he alla alla37) allowed alone alone, along already already.®ccup also also, alt altered alternative although always am am, amenable amended, amendment among amplius an an-i=r anMIN analogous analogously, analogy analysis analytical anathema anathema. ance. anche and and, and,ultimately, and. andare andimper and~ anensis anger, animosity announcement ano anointed anonymous anonymously, another answer answering answers anxiety. any any/ anybody anyone anything anything, anyway ao apartments apes appagare apparently appeal appears, appetite, appetite. appetites. applauded applied appointing apprehend approach approach, approached approbation approval approval, approval. approved approved. approves, approvt%t1-ie archbishop, arcof ardent are are) are, areapeculative argued arguing argument arguments arise arise. armi, arms arose arot around arrange arrangements arrangements. arranging arrest arrival arrival. arrive arrive, arrived arriving arthritis. ary as as'persone as- as-moved asAa aside asked asking asks aspect aspect, aspect. aspects aspects, ass. assai assent assigned assignment. assigns associates association assure at atA ate ate- atee—a-t-the ately ates atien, attach attack attacked attacks attained. attainment attempt attend attendant attended attention attentively attitude attribute attributed attributes attributing attribution, attribution. attributive atures audience aug aul, authentic authentic, authentici author author, author. author;( authoritatively authorities authority authority. authorship. avail avoid avows av~re aw/C aware away a~ aā a—bit a• b b--tween bRl bach back background background, bad baen balanced baptized baptized, baptized. basis bat-1n battle. be be) be, bearing bears beat became because because: become becomes becoming been befits before before, before. before: begin beginning begins begun behind being belaboring belief beliefs believe believe, believes believes," belongs ben bending bene benefits benignitas benignity bent best better between bey--into beyond bid biographer biographers biographical bishop bishop, bishops bishops, bishops. bit bitterly blame blemish blood, body books books, books. books: born both both. bound bpeculative. breeds brief brilliant bring bringing brings broad brother brother, brother. brought bull buon burdening buried but but, butk by by-product by; c c(tci-4 c,;-able c. c.onner•t c1-• c4.-64e, ca ca&ral ca-aRemc ca-oke. ca1 cal call called calling calm calumny came can candidate cannot canon canonici canons canons. cap, cap. capable capacity card, cardinal. care carefully caritatis carry carrying case case, cases cast casts cater catholica, catholico cation cation, cation. causal causality cause cause, cause. caused causes causes. causing cc-. cc^ ce ce. censure censured censures century certain certainly certitude cervello chance change change^ changed, changing chapter chapterls, chapters chapters, characteristics characterizes charges charity charity, charity. charity." charity...." che check chief chiefly chiesa children children, choice choice. choose choosing chose chosen chosen. chould chronic church ci ci:aue4 cioe circles circumstances circumstances. cit, cit. cit., citation cited citing city civil ck clarification clarification. clarifications clarified clarii'ctii clause clauses clausis clear clear. cloisters close clue cm/Lce. cntilzd, cntircly co co'jecture coexistent cognitive coherence coherency- coincide, coincides col. coleh:.,; colloquia colloquia) combine come comes coming commence commenced commencement commencingpersonally commentaries commentary commentators, commercially commission commission. committed committee committee. commodita. common common, common. commonly communications communion community. company competent compito complained complete completely completion complex complicated compromise con con14e concept-of conceptions. concern concerned concerned, concerning concerning-Bertano. concerns concert conciliaribus concilio conclave, conclaves conclude conclus conclusion conclusion. concordat concrete concrete, concupiscence concupiscence, concupiscence. condemn condemned condemned, condemning condition conditions condoned. conduce conduct conferri confess confessed confessor confide confidence confident confidently: confining conformity confronting confused congre164 congrega91 congregation congregation, congregationpf congregations congregations, congregations. conjoined conjunction connected connection connections, consciences consent consent. consented consequPntly consequence consequendam consequently consequently, consider considerable consideration consideration. considerations, considerations. considered considered, considered. considers consisted consists console constant constitutions constitutions, constitutions. consummate contain contained contains contemplation contemplation. contempt contenesse content contento context, continually continued continues contra contradict contradiction contradicts contrary contrary, contrast, contribution control controlling conveni, convenience conversant conversation convince convinced convocation convoked. cooperating cooperation. coot copious copy copyright correct correct. corrected correction corrects correlative4doctrine corruption cosa cose could council council. councils councils. course course, courses court court. court® covering cr created. creep criteria. critical criticism cruE~ crusades, crux cry ct cta ctinq- ct~ culp- culpability culpability. cultivation cure cussing c~ c~v d d' d'Paolo, d, d- d/ d1, d=?, d` da damnation danger danger. dangerous* dangerous, dangerousiAto dark dary. date date, dated day day, day. dayX days dcrgonc de death death. death: debatable debates debeant, debito, decide decided deciding decision decision. decisions decisions. decisively declaration declared decree decree, decree. decreeL decrees decretale deduction deed deep deesse defeat defeated defective, defender, define definite definition definition. definitive definitiveness defray degli degree del delay delayed. deleted, deleted. delicate delicate. delighted delivered dell'epistole demanding demands demons, demons. demonstrate demonstrated demonstration denominate denomination, dents deny denying departure departure, depend dependeat, dependent depends depressingly deputed derisione describe description. desirable®thimj desire desired destroy destroying destroys destructive detail detail. detailed details. determination determine determine, determined determines determining detests deuxieme develop20 development devoted df di dialogue" diary dicendum dichotomy dicta. did died difference differences different diffic difficult difficulties difficulties, difficulty difrgt digest digitized dignita, dignity diligence dinner diocese. diplomacy diplomacy, diplomat diplomatic direct directly dis- disbursed disciple discouraged discourse discourse, discourse,i discover discovered. discovery discuss discussed discussing discussion discussion, discussion. discussions discussions, disedifying disengagesA disobedience, disobedience--eating disorder disordered disordination disparaging dispensation. dispensations displeasure dispose disposed disposi48 disposition disposition, disposition. dispositions dispositions, dispositions. dispositions? dispositive disputation disputations dispute disrepute. dissension? dissent dissi40(4 dissidents dissidents. dissolve distaste, distinA distinct distinctly distinguished distinj disturbs divides divina divinae divine division divulgation dixerit, dixit do do, do. docall docendum docta docto doctor doctors doctors...." doctrinal doctrine doctrine, doctrine-reepec~ing doctrine. doctrine: doctrines doctrines. doe does does, dogma dogma, dogma. dogmatic dogmatic_ doing domain domination done donor dopo dotto." doubly doubt doubt, doveva down dpk draw drawn drawn-out drawn-out, drew drissassero drop dropped drove drxt dubbing dubious dubitano. dubitationes dubs due during dētined d— e e, e- e-, e-- e-e e-inkling e//L~(/// eYN e_ ea ea-vcr each eagerness eal ealJ ear. earliest early ease eased, easily easy eat eating-+4 ebY ecclesiasti8 ecclesiis ected ecting ed ed--uport--him edA edBcrta edict edification ediotetn editing. edition. editions editor editor's ee4 eece-sorry een eensiered eet ef effect effect, effect. effects efficacious efficacious, efficacious. efficacy efficient efficient, effort efforts efforts. efr ego ego...semper eight eighth eilw ek elaborated elaborated. elaboration elaborations. elapsed elders. election election. elections element elements elements, elicited eliminate eliminated. elimination elimination,of elope else elsewhere elu-tion embarrassment embarrassment. embra emended emerges emperor emperor's emperor, emperor. emperor.-Urtfivorrtimmotke empire employ employed en end end, end. endangered endeavor endeavor, endeavoring endeavors ends ene- engrossing enjoy enmities enraged, ens--cannot entail enter entered entertain enthusiastic enthusiastic. entire entirely entirely. entrance entrusted entruste€- eo eof episcopatum episcopo episcopus epistles epistles, equa er erficacio error error, errors errors, erta erudition, erudition. es es-eential- es-tablished es.__ escape especially esse essence essential essential, essentially essentially, esser est, establish established established. establishment esteem estha- et eternal evangelical even evening event events events, eventual eventually ever every everyone everything everywhere evidenced evident evidently evil evil&since evil, evil. evils ex exactly examination examine example example: except exceptional excerpt excesses: excites exclude exclusively excommuni74 excuse execution executor exegetical exemplary exercising exist existence existing exists exists. expected expelled expenses experiences explanation explicit explicitly exploited expose exposed exposes, exposing exposition exposition. express expressed expressed)the expressions expressionsdf ext- extending extensive extolled extraordinary extremely extrin-&ically extrinsic extrinsic. extrinsically ey eye e~-a e€-3c' f f"'rY f'k'Firtsok.m, f(4. f- f-h; f. fa faccio facile fact fact, factor failure fair fairly faith faith" faith, faith. faith." faith/ faith: faithful faithful, faiths fallen falling false false, false. false: falsifies family famous far far)1 fare fasted- fatto faulty favor favor, favorable favorable. favorably favored favorer-et favoring fe4itdoiL44 fear feast feast, feature fece feci fecundity feed feel feigning fell felt felt, fever few fh fi,~ fi`i fide, fidem fides fie- field field, field. fields, file final finally finally, find finds fine finished fire. first first.e five fixed fi~'e,,-1i fl6 flared flatly flocks. flourish. fn.c fol follow follow, following followingdeveloping follows follows. foot- footnote footnote. for for- forR forbidden forbidden. force forced forces, forgiveness foribus forilw form form, form. formal formal3 formally formed former forms formula formula, formula. formulae formulae, formulate formulate'. formulating formulation formulation. forse forthe,i fortune forzato fought found founda184 foundation foundation. fount:,, four fp-k fre free freely friendly friendship from fromAhe fruit fruit. fruits ft~he fuerint, fulfills full full. fully function function, functions fundamental fundamentally, funds, furnish furnishes further future future, fxam-Rate: g g-~ ga4t, gain gathering gathering. gatherings gation gave gcnarst-ir,u genera general general, generation genesis gentilhuomini. genuine get getting gi gift gifts gifts, giorno gist giudichera give given given. gives gives, giving glad gli glory glti4 go going gone good good, good. goodness gospel gout gout, grace grace, grace," grace. grace: graced graces graiam, grant granted: granting grasp gratiam gratuitously grave gravity great group groups growing growth growth. guarantee guess, guished gut h ha-veThe ha; habbi habit had had, had—be-r-n.e han hand hand, handle handled handles hands hands: handwriting happen happiness. happy hardly harmful harmony harsh harshness has has, has- hatred have havefneai1ly having hcrc he head head-s, heads heard held held,* help help, hence, her here here, here: heresy heresy. heretics. hesitated hey hg4 hich-71 high highly him him, him. himp himself himself, himself. hindering hint his historical historical. historicali,r-faith history ho hoi hold holding holds holds." holiness, holy hope hope. hoped, hoping horror hough hours. house how however, however,Lconditionedn hue--u human huomini huomo husband's h~ h~~ h„ i i- i-ngl i-rZy i-se11,--1" i-tc i/C( i/i iC+viat iMMI iS i_ iag idea ideas identical identifies identity. idered''by idonei ie ievite iewev~r ie—perversion if ifi~---concept- ifok ih ii_s il il., il/ ilhey ilk ill ill, illa illation, illegitimate illness ills ills. illumination illusions immedi207 immediate immediately immediately. immutable, impatient impatlent impede impel impelled imperative imperial imperialistic imperiuin imperium imperium, imperium. impious implication, implications implied implies importance importance. importance? important important, importante." imposition impossibility impossible impractical. impromptu, impulse imputation imputation, imputation. imputed in in-the in_ inadvisable, incertitude incident inclines include included incomplete, incur indeed, indicate indicate. indicates indication indication, indifferent individual individually induced induces induction, inefficacious inefficacious, inf infallibility, infer inferior influence influencing informaa information informed infusion ingratiating inherent inheres initio injure injury inn insertions insieme insistence insistence. insistent insistēdl insofar inspired instance, instant instantia institution instr instructed instructions instrument instrumental instrumentality instruments insulted integral integrity. intelle" intellect intellect, intellect: intellectual intelligence, intend intended intending intent intention intentions intercede interest interest. interesting interests interests, interfere interference interpret interpret,the interpretation interpreted inteso, intimate into intrinsic intrinsically introduce introduce-of• introduced introduction introduction. inverted invitation invocation io ion iox ipsa ipsis ir iractical irimbS iris irritated. irst is is, is-in is: issued; it it' it, it-be it-does it-sitAk it. it1-1-0o item ith its itself itself, itself. itt ittik ity ium ivy iy iy1_ i{2 i~74: iī i„ i•-~no j j- j4A4Ap, jUst jin jngtrnmc~nl-a1_ joined ju-s-t--i-f-t judge judges judging judgment juitk, jurisdiction just just, just. justice justice, justice. justifi,. justifi3 justifiIt justificat, justification justification, justification. justification." justification..." justification.wh-ich—±s justification; justificatione justificatis justified justified, justified. justified...." justifies justifies, justifiof justify. justifying justifying. justite_'n k k4~ kL kUi..---ok,--ttk keep kept key kfterl kit knew know knowing knowledge knowledge. known knows ktm l l!4aFt l'avvenir. lArktilyiLYnown lY&CN\ la la, lack lacking lapse, last lastic later later, latter latter's laughed law law, law. laymen lb-idea, lc le le, lead leading leads learn learned learned. learned." learning, learning. least leave leaving led left legal legate legates legates, legates. legations legendum legger legi legitimate length lengthy lesid,-here less lesser lest let letter letter, letter. letter: letterate letters lettione lettore level levelled liY~u lib, lib. liberates liberty liberty. libros, licensing lie life life, life. life." lifts,- light lightly, lights. liheral like likely likewise limit limited line line,16 lines listened lit literary little little, little-known lived living ll lli loc. loca]G local logy. long long, longer longs lore losses lost. love love. lower lrcfAxF luenc lzhn m m4d mAtk maa~ made mai main main;:ain maintaining majority make makes mala malady malice malitia man man's man, man. managed maneuvers maniera," manner many margin marriage master master, material material. materially materially- materials matter matter, matter. matter: matters matters. mature may mcat: me me.i meager. mean meaning meaning. means meant measures. mediate mediation mediator medium mediumship meet meeting meeting, meetings meetings, member members members45 men men, men. ment mentality mentality, mention mentioned mentions ments merciful, mercy mercy. mere merely merit meritorious merits met method method- method? methoda methods methods, methods. mezheds mi mia might military militate mind mind, mind. minor minority miracles miracles, miracles. mirror mis200 miss mission mission. missions missions. mixture moans mod` mode modes modified modo molk_ molto moment moment's moment, monasteries. mondo." money months months, months. mor;t morally more more, moreover, morning most most, mostly mostratZ3,che mother motivated motive moun28 move move)of move- moved movement movements moves mt much multiple multiplicity must must, mutually mystery mystical n n'andrei n---ana n. n6.justice name name."concupiscence." namely natural naturally nature nature, nd ne nec necessarily necessary necessary, necessary. necessary: necessity necesttlA; need neeees; negotiations negotiations, neither never nevertheless new news next nf-o ng--the nmen nn, nn. no no, no. non non-imputation. nonresidence nonresidence. nor nos. nostra not not, not. notable notably notation note noted nothing notice notice. notice: noticeably. noticed noting notoriety. now nrn1+o nt;on nuanced, nuances null. nullo number numero numerous nunciature nuncio nw nwipted. o o) o, o-f o1n o4 oA oa ob22 obj object object, object. objected objection objection!i-s—that objection, objectionable objections objective objectively, objects obligated, obligation obligation, obligatory obliged obliged,„but obscurity observance observing obstacle obtain obtainal obtained obtaining obviate obviated, obvious occasion occasion, occasions. occupied occur* occur, occurred occurrence occurs oer of of)benefit of--Be. of-Bertano of-Sertang of-an of-theft off offended offered official of„ oggi oignifIcanci. oinEte4iiilug old olle,'t, omnibus on on, on_•treating once ondgil one one) one, one. one?) ones online. online: only onr oo op opaGit;on open open. opened opening opening, opening. openly opens opera opera, operates operati operation, operations operative, operibus opinion opinion, opinion. opinion., opinions opportunity opposed opposes opposing opposition or or, oral orator order order, order. ordered. orderly ordinary organized original originates ormulate ortyvit ot otL otat other others others. ottimo otwAiLatta7t ounded our ours ourselves, out out, outlined outstanding ov over overflow ow,41. owe own own, own. owned owner. p p, p- p--of p. p176\77--of p;; p_ pacto paged painted papacy. papal paper paper, paper,—another part part, part. part_of_ma.iin parte participate participation particular particular, partie, parties pass passage passage, passage. passages passed passing passing, passion passion. passions patience patristic patristical payment pce,ai peace peacefully pecifi&d pen42 penalties penalties. penalty penance penance, pension pensione pent people people, per perfecting perfectly perform performed performing period period, permission permission, permitted persistence person person. persona personal personally, personally. persuade persuasion persuasiveness. pertaining pertinent perversion perverted. petitioned phenomena philosopher phr-refI phrase picked picture pietatis piously pirrperse piu pl pl. place place* place, place,t place. place: placet placet, placing plague plan plans plansK•ia play played ple please plene plus pnrposs. point point. point: point_ points policy political politics ponatur ponderar pontiff popular portar posed position position. positionAmost positive positive, positive. positively possess possessed possesses possessing possession possibile." possibilities possibility possible possibly posterity, postpone postponing postulates poten14 potencies, potrebbono power power. powers powers. pp pp, pp. prPppersra-s practical practicality. practically practice practice, praised praticato...." preacher preachers preaching precede preceded preceding preceding. precept. precious precisely prefaced prefacing preferred prelate prelates prelates, prelates. prelati, prelatial prelude- preoccupation preparation preparations preparatory prepare prepared preparing prescribe presence present present, present. presented presenting preservation president presiding, pressing pressure pretend pretens prevalent priests. primary prime primum." prince, principio." principle prior priori, privacy private privation pro probability, probably problem problem. problems proceed proceed. proceeded proceeding proceedings proceeds process process. procurator produce produced produces producing production profound profound. profoundly project projected prolonged prolonging prolo• prom prominence prominent promise" promised promises promising promissionis promote prompt promptly, promulgate promulgated promulgated. promulgating promulgation pronouncements pronouncements, pronounces pronunciations proof proper prophet propitiation proponent proponents proportion proportion, proportionality. proposal proposals, propose proposed proposes proposing proposition proposition` propriety protected protesting, prove proved provide provides provincial provision proximate proximity, prudencey prudence• prudential ps public publication publicity publishing pulpit punishes purchase purely purp. purple purported purports purpose purpose, purpose. purposes put puts putting p• q qi ql qua quae qualch'altra quale quali qualities quanto quarrel quarrelsome quasi-agent quasi-instrument quasi-instrument. quasi-instrumentality quasiinstrumental quel quem questa question question, question-afhe question. questionarises questions qui quibus quickly quicumque quique quis quite quoad quod) quominus quotation r r'ticism r,1i r- r-a-1--me-thod r-m. r4-aitl r4V-011;Y r7~'narP rA- rF=..-, rPna rQ ra race, radically rampant range ras135 rat-tire rather rather, ratio rder re.., reached reaching reacted reaction reactions reactions, read read, reading readjusted ready reaffirmation real reality reason reason, reasonable reasonable. reasoning, reasons reasons, reasons. reborn, reborn. recalcitrant recall recalled receive received received, receives receiving reception recipi recognized recommended, reconstruct recorded rectitude recurrent red. redeemer redeems reduced reducible reducing redundance, refer referred referring refers reflect reflection reform reform. reformation reformed reforms refused, refusing refuted regrettable reinstates reiterated reject4. rejectcut rejected rejection related relation relation. relations relative relatively relatlim relaying release. relegate relegating religious religiously, reluctance remain remained remained: remaining remains remark, remarkable remarkable, remarked remarks remarks, remarks: remedy remembrance remevirg remission remote remove removed removes removing ren- render rendered renew reopening repeated repeatedly repetition replace replaced replaces replied replies replies. reply report reported reports reprehensible represents reproduction reputation request requesta requested requested. requires requires: requirit, research. reside reside, residence residerem, residing. resoluim resolution resolutione resoluto resolvam." resolve resolves, respect respect, respect-i-ng-sacr respecting responded response responses restcd restoring restrict restricted restrictions, rests result result, result. result/b resultant resulting results results. results: resume reting retired return return,. return-far__t_h- returned returning reveal revealed revealing revealing, reveals revelation revelations revised. revolt rfratio' ri1 right right. rights rights, rigid riginal rigorous. rimandarlo rinc risk rm.''ce rnrO ro robab robbed robbery role roopsuG root root, rop roperitem. ropose rose rough rr--em-such_love. rrvr rt rt. rte" rti rue ruled rumor rumors rumors. running ruvdC r~ r—~ r•r s s'e s, s- s-- s-tia s6 s; sacrament sacramentorum sacraments sacraments, sacraments. sacred sacrifice sacrifices safe said said, sake salte-decree salvation salvation, salvation. salvus same samo sanctification, sanctity sarrPa sary satisfaction satisfecisse.... satisfied satisfy save saving saw say say, say: saying says sc.4olasticism scandal scenes schism schism, schoa scholar. scholastic scholasticism scholasticism, scholasticism. schools schools, schools. scope scripti scripttrree-: scripture scripture, scripture. scriptures scriptures, scriptures,c scriptures. scripturesx scripturesx-which script„res. scuti se, seco secon5 second second, seconda:- secondary secret secretary secretly section secular secure secured sed see see: seeing seem seemed seems seen sees self-interest self-interest, semp6e sen send sending sense sense, senses: sensibility, sensible sent sentAas sentiment separate sequence serenate." series serious sermon serve session session, session. sessions, sessions. set seven seven.' seventh severe sf, sharp she shortly should show showed showing shown shows si sick sickness sickness, side) sides sign signed significance significance, significance; signified silence silence. simbola, simple simply sin sin, sin," sin. sin; since since, sine sinful sinfulness single sinners sinners, sins sins, sins. sins; sint... sion. sitmqlx sits" sitting situation six six, sixteen, sixteenth sixth skeptical sketch skill, skill. slight, slight. slightest slightingly slow so so. soften softening soi soiled solam soluL:iona solution solve solved solving some somet something sometimes somewhere son sono sons soon sort sorts. sorts: sought soul soul, soul. souls souls, souls. source speak speaking speaking, speaks special species, specific specifically specifically, specification specification. specified specifies specify speculative speculatively speech, speech. speed speedily speediness spent spirit spirit, spirit,on spirit. spiritual, spisc. spite spoke spoken spokesman spring squelching sqursitior~ srripturP_ srt--in-te ss, ss. ss.,' ss; ssion st st--e€-, st-4-Hj- st-ffiat-ionat---Trent sta, stage, stante star stars start stata state state- stated statement statement,,o statement--scholastic statement. statements statements, statements6f states states, stating stato stead. step still stir stirred stood stra4ght strada." strange striking structure studied studied, study study, studying su sua sua, subject subject. subjection subjective subjects submissive4 subordinate subordinated subsequent subsequently substance substantial substantially substitute substratum, success successful such such, such. sue suffered sufferings suffice suffice* sufficed sufficed. sufficere: suffices sufficiency sufficient sufficient, sufficient. sugges60 suggest suggested suggesting suggestion suggestion, suggestions suitable suitable' suitableness summarizes summation sums superfluities4( superfluous superfluous. superior supernatural supernaturally support supported supporter supposed surprised suspects suspen151 suspend suspended suspended, suspending suspension suspicion svalizato, sway swing symbol symbol, symbol. symmetry sympathetic synods. synthecis--will synthesis synthesis. synthetic system system,, s~-=„:t t t&t t''~ t, t- t-,s-The,, t-h4s t-he t-hh t-i t-i-orrs t104, t4 t4ese t6 t: t<i tAA4M tIma-t-e tL tMct,L tTlitt-' tact tained tains. taita. take taken takes taking talents talents, talents. talk talk, talking talks talks) talks, tano tanta tantum tates taught, te-role te4' teach teach, teacher teaches teaching teachings teachings. tek-C telki telling tells temporal ten tend tenet tenet. tengo tenuto terminology terms terms, terrible tex text text, text. texts tftua th th. thE,': thP_generat4-on thPo14gi tha' than than, than/the that that, that,the that; that;,-scri thatBertano thatihis thatman thc thcse-acts, the the, the,,significance the- the1text: the4 theA theM thee--difficulties thei their them them, them--by-nature, them. themselves themselves" then then, theocentric theologian theologian, theologian. theologian." theologians theologians, theologians. theologiansa theological theology theology, theology. there there- thereafter, thereby therefore, these theses thesis thesis, thesis. thet they the—reasener-f-or thing thing, thing. things things, think thinkingt thinks thiough' third this this, this-perception this. this: this_* thisfiG-L thle thoc tholic thorough thorough-going those though thought thought, thought. thoughtKao thoughts thougll threat threatened three threefold, threefold: throne through throughout throw tht thus thus, ti tic ticamik. tie tie. tik time time, time. time.. times, times. tion tion, tion-e-f tion. tions tions. tiqat-something tir. tit."49 tivit tk tlite tliticitf- tnt to to, to-decide to-stay to-āL together together. told tom tom, tom. tome tome. tomorrow tone. tongue too too, took tool topics: torn, torn. tot, touch toward town town-- to£e-t&, tr tr-ue---tha-t- tra tractatum trademarks. traditionit. traditions traditions, trained traits, transfer transfer. transferred transferring translati. translating translation translation, translation. translation.arrang®a translationA translations translations. transpired treat treated treated-.should treating treatment treatment. treats treaty, tried tried, tries trik trine+ trip trip, trip. troops trouble trouble. troubles- trova trs-I true true, trueratio) truly trustworthy trustworthy. truth truth, truth. truthA try, trying tt-which ttempt ttta, tu tu4a'C turn tutte tv tvLO twice two two, twofold: twohk441-0 tw•interested type types t~y, u u, u., ubj uct uiscussed uizz0.,a2 ultimate ultimately ultimi um. un una unable unanimous uncertain under understand understandable, understood undertake undertaking undertook unfavorable: unimportant unimportant, unique, united universal universale unless unnecessary, unobjectionable unorthod unpleasant. unpublished unsatisfactory. until unyielding up upon upon, urge urged urgent us us, us. us." usage use used used, useful useful, useless useless. user. uses using uspen ut utiles utility utterances uw✓V u•'y' v v.4( vVe va4 vacant vain; validity value varied varied, various ve vehement vein vely-. venendo venire venuti, ver veracity vernata vero, versed version versions versions. very vescovo viadtcustomh viaggio vicinity victory victory. view view, view--the views. vigor villa." violentar, virtue virtue. visit vitiated, vitta vj~tc`, vl vn vogliono vol. volebam." volentieri volerlo volta vote voted votes voyage. vthi vu+a-Pk vu. vult vv~ w w-` w-as-desire w-as—i-n w:11 wA5 w_ wa&suggested wa' wa'ti.- waiting want wanted wants war warn was was, wash= wasting watch water. way way, we weakness wearing wee, wek0 welcome well well, well-contented: went were were, wereto what whatsoever. whe when where whereabouts whereas whereby whether which which, while while. whirch who who, whom whose why why. wi wife wife. will will, will. willA willed. winter wis wished wished, wishes. wit, with within witho without without. wombs,eThe won won't wonderment word word, worded wording words words, words. words: work worked working works works" works, works. works." world worn worried worth worthiness worthy would would, wouldaccept wr_ write writers writes writings written writtenAabout wrote wt wti wuvtn--- wyhtt w~o) w~th—the x x. xx, x~ y y, y- y4- y; yam. yarn ychological year, year; years). yet yielding yj youth yvu` z zeal zealous zee—mss- zo' {tQ. }fica~en }he }tee--Co ~ ~&. ~'.. ~, ~,,~~ ~,~r~ ~-` ~-abe ~. ~2 ~4 ~Be ~C ~a ~i ~i-e ~il ~not ~r ~rZUCl ~t ~v ~w ~wceeP~ ~~ ~~I ~~~ ~• ā ā.;`r"kee` āns ār;um ē ēcember ĪSI Īt,,he ī ū ūthorA — —co —e~.e —t-hit--ta,Lti1 —thcqk ‚Cu „Iel-deft, • •' •- •-•- •. •10-d-at •d •q, •~ •• € €ollQwirn ■ ►M, ►~ ✓c ✓t~ 






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