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Commentary on Summa Theologiae, I Q. 1-21
Title:      Commentary on Summa Theologiae, I Q. 1-21
Categories:      Theology
BookID:      8
Authors:      Kevin Wall, O.P.
ISBN-10(13):      000000008
Publisher:      Western Dominican Province
Publication date:      June 26, 2018
Number of pages:      117
Language:      Not specified
Price:      0.00
Rating:      0 
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Commentary on the Prima Pars of the Summa Theologiae 


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 !Mak " "" ",ax,-, "1122-1 "41A116,4, "Cranmer "Death "He "Imitation "John" "Nouvelles "Real" "The "To "Yes" "a "accident" "accidents" "ad" "angry" "anthropology". "being "birth "church", "come "comprehension" "connotation" "contingency "correct "denotation" "divinely "donum "dualism" "dynamic", "dynamic". "dynamism" "ended". "entia "enuntiables"? "essence" "explanation" "finished" "gods" "good "good" "good". "has "has" "having "homogeneous." "ignored" "in "infused "initiation "intelligemee "ipsum "is "is" "life" "locate" "ma-4411 "made "made" "makes "man" "mode "most "movement" "nature "necessity" "not "object "object" "object". "objects". "of" "on "opine "other "per "per" "perfect" "perfect". "pleased" "plus" "preconceived "property". "proved" "quasi-natural". "rational "rational" "reality" "reality". "reasoned "reparation". "se" "see" "seen "self" "self-consciousness" "self-love". "selves" "selves", "sense" "similitude". "simple "speech" "static" "stone "subject "subject" "that "thought" "through". "tiTy "to "tt- "vision" "vollkommen" "whole "ye #1.1 #it $ $4 $4; $c)efAtt--04/411j.w.C, %AN_ %HAIL &e-with &woo &y.4 ' '"49) ',YANA '. ';jklli--10k492474;722°174VW---' 'At 'Eke 'Third 'We/perfection 'and 'bjcs.aim 'common 'mss 'n 'signs 'tee 'tom ( (0A.644•0*Ar (1). (1964), (2). (416- (44‘mt-Cit% (= (Atka_ (Avril, (Cath. (Cf. (Conclusion) (ET (Freiburg, (I, (III, (John (July, (LA/4)- (London, (Madrid, (Major (Major) (Minor (Minor) (Oxford, (Review (Rome, (S.C.G. (Spoilt, (The (UM/A.13s (a (ad (although (and (article (as (beatitude (bodily) (composition (contrary: (cot.4 (early (efficient) (either (first (from (gratuitous (hav-er (his (i.e. (m1(0,114'0(4 (makes (nature (on (or (p. (perfect). (property, (pure (second (self-consciousness) (si (termination (that (the (theology (ultimate) (universal (which ) * **/ *02,14111 *4 *Firmer *NV"- *its *ma +,w-OA) +his—way , ,""(' ,-,.4-: ,...uncoeol ,.e ,4 ,Art ,ONN ,kix:a2.62An4- ,rut - -$ -':4-- -*AI0to.41, -- --- ----/w-we,strati--se-e-7-mttat ---dIR ---eboth --. --Fra-ratielt --abstract --fume --i -. -.#44-44P -0441 -1"15refmkstnwi-ov-d -1-rr -114A° -1444 -144tis/multiplication -1‘. -2krni-fer -4/AA, -41,04fiq0'.6.W -44(,I14.4 -4494 -614.07; -: -Anti -Fier -He-does-thi-s• -KV -Mystical -Pontgibaud, -T-Ite—eer4itu.sle.-of -T-la-u+s-Masterman, -TrW -Tri/koy -`4" -ag -b-e-c-aus-e--thex -berat-pri -c -entr-a -fer-ttrion. -fts-in -ge-Fre-rically -gis -i-a -i-s---i=5-s-what--ni -i-t----i-s--a----subj-e-e-t-, -i•s• -kim. -ltd.' -pizi.thscp*sy -r -r-awilwg-ei -roAkt- -s- -s447ke- -sum. -tAL5 -tic'tPWIA -titersreo-af -to -vePHF;ThEm, -we- -we--era -wok- . ., .,,.alit .,.: .. ... ......z. ..Pifatir-violated ..nactssAeve,r4Ega,ixt.g.ire(in ./at .0 .01404* .1 .1111111111.... .2 .2.C/44,0 .4 .4, .4.44, .46440 .48-;AV .4LE7.. .4iiiel .cUPF .e„ .goiratetto-ggittitegt .relation .todit .• / /"\ /1°1'4 /44mice /Amok /HAIWid /IN /In /The /effects, /provided /wit, 0 0(1>64;,akk, 0,4;suvr-i, 0,51-t_ 0. 0..,70041,Gi.. 0.11L2.. 0.4 0.P., 00.4 0004, 00\ 01,4 01-11240 0111-0)1a44: 014A& 04 04-ect 04.46441i 041.44,wil 04411 0627-0:0114. 09-f--e 0avv 1 1) 1). 1*-micia-gonceivar 1, 1,, 1,444n 1-0 1-21 1-fx 1-t=ws 1. 1.-aast4. 1.4(Aft:tatik• 1.7tris 1.9 1.94,6, 1.: 10 10, 10.4,1 100 1013 107 10: 10;a-ssair-ing-theequiv-alent: 11 11'01 11, 110, 111-:01% 114, 114.4 1144(f 11441._ 11: 12 12, 12: 13 13-era-el-ii-f-e-rent 134.64).0 13: 13°14 14 14, 14.0 141::C14 144 144er 144frk... 14: 14d- 14de 14t 15 15, 15: 15oiag.-spoc-42..tati.34P-. 16 16: 189-216 19-eGaus-&—they—e-Fe-signs 1936) 1950), 1952) 1954, 1955. 1957), 1958) 1962, 1964) 1964), 1965 1966 1: 1:14, 1W 1g 1nTrEr 1yo5" 2 2) 2), 2, 2. 2.14.wwiatjArmiLJ 20 2018 2018. 20: 21 21, 21. 210 21: 221 239-264 24 274 28, 283-357 29, 2: 2nd. 3 3) 3). 3. 30 30' 30, 30,1_ 314- 32, 327 34, 348 3: 4 4'M 4(4 4) 4)&1-.01' 4). 4+3-401 4, 4,42igitil 4,Aste 4,k 4,to 4--as—w€41 4-44t. 4-e-a 4-extliC'"ahave 4-inadmissible. 4. 4.).rrA- 4.1/414: 4.141.4, 4.44;e7. 4.e 4.ed 4.r.: 4/ 4/4.4.cruz. 40)11- 40,61AGA 40.4a 401 404- 405 40E45--41* 40i, 41 41-' 41.4444A14-, 4104fiatlikefrtikeaDlikokkettly.,..44,4_41,31e/i'VyviesAtICIAI)A41.444.1y 411 411(44,- 412A-J 413 414/4- 41411- 4144- 41440400.4- 41444cel 414f 41; 41k. 42, 43, 44 44'7 44* 44- 44-ifigs---b4sIdesto 44-kidi. 44.4,4o 440- 441,011, 441/ 4410i40M-1 44134)0" 44244*.i-et, 4434drit 4441040 4444.6-4as-tma..-asp,ect. 44444ffe-Tratte-V-a14--b- 4444K 4445.96/1 444c1,f4auma-it,4691k41104. 44A- 44A/- 44ir1fi 44‘i!-_)1 45, 46'46 46/14,to 488) 4: 4:naniie-43-t-Ectztun 4;) 4A/01 4A4V 4Ama.04mat-4444. 4CiltAill-if 4V&AV 4X/614. 4_ 4_0,44y 4_4444 4a"VTTIL(Y144A-1 4a011 4aespz.-seems 4it 4quAbL 4schooli,itylpiriirrarrihryr. 4t141 4th 4thatauf 4tivort0w4- 4vArit 4wAy 4watit.fliawa) 4x4411.14-• 4•t. 5 5) 5, 5-4-1111,e-. 505). 507). 54, 545 55, 56, 569, 57 57, 58 5: 6 6) 6, 6,4 6- 6-144' 6. 6.i. 604. 607, 617M(0, 61SW 624-626 64 65 6: 6; 6;1° 6nt,V4C-4-0\. 7 7/1 706 72% 73, 744,4 744/2:1t/elj 7: 7W. 8 8, 84 86, 89, 8: 9 9, 9,c-V3 944 982 99. 9: : :Rader :t/-04.4? ;() ;understanding, = =ta-Zhe A A(4.41. A, A,N41'444t- A-414.44 A. A.,444nal A./m.14, A/TOOkemotions A111 A:47 AA AA" AANhi AJtt AND AVAM1 AZMiXt, Abstraction According Ackeron, Aco Ad Additions: Aelred Afor Aft AgaT4-,:Whe Again Again, Agora Ai Aim Aim. Ait.,ck Ala Albert All Also Alta American An Anaaher Analysis Analysis, Analysis. Analysts. And And, Anima, Another, Ao, Ao-their Aosmik Appetite: Applied Aquinas Aquinas' Aquinas, Aquinas: ArAa Are Arectik. Aristotelian Aristotle Aristotle's Aristotle, Aristotle. Aristotles Arl, Arm* Article Article: As At At/outs,/ AtIte Atcyriiim Augustine Augustine, Author: Authorities Awe. Awml Azimill B BTWB BartI3,,;tends Barth Barth's Barth, Barth-Brunner Bauerll, Beatitude: Because Begs Being Berkeley, Bibels Bible, Bible. Boethium Boethius' Bossuet. Both Briefly British Brunner Brunner, Bultmann, Burrell, But But, But-the-s-pe.Gula.tilre ButiAthe By C4÷ CAL CBQ CNA CONCERNING Can Catholic Catholicism. Catholics Catolico Causality, Certainly Cf. Chap. Charity Charity, Chinese Choice Christ Christ" Christ", Christ, Christum Church Church, Cite Ckr— Class Clearly Cnt4rAWd16 Cogi; Come Comment. Commentarium Commentary Common Comparisons Comprehension Concept: Conclusion: Consequently Content Contra Contra: Copyright Copyrighted Corpus Corpus: Could Cova Cow& Cranmer Cross Cross. Cross? Cto Current Currents, Cyran, D David David, De Dec. Descartes Descartes, Descartes. Die Dionysian Divinis Do Doctrina Does Dogma Dogmatics Dogmatics. Dom Dominican Du Each Ecumenical Edingurgh, Efr Empedocles. Empedodles Empedojcles Endeavor English English. Enthusiasm Ergo, Ergo. Eri-its--ele-v-elefula.e.ntThis Essential Essentiilly Etymologically, Eugene Even Everyone Everything Evolution Existence, Existential Existentialist Existentialistswould Fackenheim Faith, Fall, Father Fathers Fathers. Fenelon Figure. First Fletcher. For For, Form Forms, Fourth Francisco French Freud. Friday: From G G441-' GA GOD GOD'S GOd(01 Gairt-i4 Ge-f- Gem General Genesis. Gentiles Ger Gerald German German, Germans Gilbert Go God God" God's God, God-language. God. God." God; God? GodA'is Godx-timyt Good Goodness, Got. Graham's Greek Greeks. Griisate"V Gtft- H' Hamer Happiness Harvard Hav-er Having He He-8-tarted Hebrew, Hegel Hegel's Hegel, Heidegger's Here Here, Heshould Hi Hilary Him Him$ Him, Him. Him? Himself Himself, Himself. Himself? Himsillf. His Holder Holy Homogenea How Human Humanity, Hume, Hume. I I, I,. I.W IA) IA4 IFETer II II, III, IV IV, Id4 Ideals Identification If If, IlicTeforc Illgr In In% InFor Inclination Indians. Infinity Insight. Institution Insufficient International Is It It% It--WEEemdivinely It-rs It.. ItActv, Italian Iter-eme-e-i Ithe ItqlSLWEJ Its It—judges J. JANUARY JUSTICE Jansonist, Jewish Joann: Job Job. John Jt June, Just Kant Kant, Karl Kevin Know Knowledge Knox, L4. LOVE La Lase Later Latin Lawyer Leibniz Leibniz, Leibnizian Leibnizianism, Let Letplja Libros Like Likewise Linguistic Live? Locke Logical Logically, London Lonergan's Loretz Love Love, Lthey Luther Luther, Lutheran Lwisdom M MC' MERCY MIAAL) Mace, Major Major, Mal Man Man: Many Mar Marechal Marin-Sola, Masterman, Materiality Materiality, McCabe McGee, McShane, Meaning, Men Meta. Metaphysics Metaphysics, Mew Mhat Mid-Century, Mill Mills Mind Mind. Minor Minor, Minor. Minor: Mk Modern Monday Mondin's Monse6 More More-Pontgibaud, Moreover, More• Most Mount Movement Mti Much Muleuver, Mystical NT Nature Necessity, Neither NelAZ Nevertheless Nevertheless, New Next Nhy No No, Nominalism" Nominalism, Nominalist Nominalists Nominalists, Nominalists. Nominibus, None Not Note Notice Notice, Nous Nous, Nous: Now Ntaao Ntotalume, O O.P. O4 OF OIN OMOt ON OP\ OT, OW* Object Objection Objection: Observe Obviously Obviously, October Of Ofrot Often Ok Om% Om\ Omne Omnipotent On OnIN Once One One: Only Or Or, Ordinarily Origen; Oswald Ot0Xt Ott Ou Our P P, PERFECTION Pars Passing Paul Perfection Perhaps Personal PhantaSM/44014.RbpieSentS Phenomenologyof Philosophical Philosophiques Philosophy Philosophy, Piety Pifiu44 Place Plan Plato Plato. Platonic Platonism Ple Po-r-the-re-a-pe Point Positivism Positivism: Practical Pre-, Predication Previously Primum Principle Proceeding Process Proemium, Project Prologue, Proper Prophets, Protestant Province. Psychological Psychology Pt Published Pure Put Q,(J) Q. Q4batext, QUESTION Quantity, Quarterly Quite R R-1+0A4 R0.__Pc, RAau. Rahner Rahner's Rally Rather Read Read: Reason Reason. Recent Reference: References Relation Remarks: Response: Responsibility Revealed Revelation Review Review57 Revolt, Revue Rhen Rhetoric, Rights Rights: Ritiodibt Ronald Rut Ryle Ryle, S S' S. STh Sacra Sacred Saeir-"ettMIR"gg Said Samaritain. Same Satori. Schepers). Schilleebeeckx Schilling Science Sciences ScientiaDei Second Secundumpct Sed See See: Seem) Seen Selfishness, Sentences Sentences, Should Similar Sin Sinai Since Sirs So So, Soceartes Socrates Some Something Sometimes, Soul, Spice, Spirit Sprachphilosophie) Sri- St St. Structure Stuart Stud. Subject Subjectivity Such Summa Summa, SummaI, Syllogism T T-etieryThis TAL THE TOM TWOXt/AWAX/ Take ThX0 That Thciso.1-uti-DR The The-same The:t14a4Oft-tket Then Theoll Theologiae, Theologians Theologians, Theological Theologiques Theology Theory There There, Therefore Therefore, ThereforeA These They TheyA ThiS Things Think This This, This-makas Tho Thomas Thomas's Thomas, Thomism Thomist Thomistic Thomists Thomitts. Thought Through Thus Thus, TiocJF6t Tite,-4,.asie. Titig-s-ub4eet Title: Tivizato* Tlyason# To Transmission Trinitate, Trinity Trinity, True Tuck. Two Ua Uhomas Understanding Unfortunately, V V- Van Verification. Videnhmus Vie View Virtue, Vito, Vtrcna, W0 W49 WA-044\_. WV Wahrheit Wall, Wat Waxi, We We-==an, Weft Western What What, What. Whatever When Where While Whitehead Whitehead, Why Will Wisdom Wisdom, Wit WitatA, With Without Wittgenetein Wittgenstein Wittgenstein. Won't Words Works X. XII. XII: XIV:De Xkompatible Y Y. You Zen [-Metaphysical [Notice [This _U- _as _example _okle _t: a a, a- a-:- a-k a. a1 a146 aN aO a_ aa:e aajhe aathxopcmopphieai-ly, abhors able able, abou about above above, above. absoltie absolute absolute, absolute. absolutely absolutes abstaracted abstract abstracted abstraction abstractions abstracts absurd absurdity absurdity. abundantly abuse accept acceptable acceptance. accepts access accidens accident accidental accomplished, accomplishes according account accurately, accusation accuses acessible achieve achieves acknowledge acquainted acquainted, acquired acquired, acquires acquisition, acred act act) act, act. action action, action. actions active activity, acts actual actualities, actuality actuality, actuality. actualization actualization. actualization; actualize actualized, actually actually, acutest ad ad'. add add, added. adding addition addition, addition. addressed. adds adequate adequately adequately, adequation admissibility admissible admission admit admits admits, admitted admitting admonitory adopts, advantage adverb. ae.ecr-rl-kAg--te(the aesthetic. affected affection affirm affirmation affirmations affirmative affirmed affirmed. affirms afforded aftEl—tat after after. ag5Skindirectly. again again, against agent agiinst agnostic. agnosticism agreed agreements, agrees aid aim aiway-s aj. akin akl al al-114A1---roi, al-gel alienations alive. all all, all. allegorical allow allowed allows ally alone alone, already alreg(ady alse. also also), also, alteration alternative alternatives, although although, althought altirehAink, always always, am am. ambiguity ambiguousi-inAEITEtt-Tring, amicitiae among amor amount an anagogical analogia analogibcal analogical analogical. analogies. analogous analogous, analogy analogy) analogy, analogy. analysis analysis, analysis. analytical analytically analyze analyzed anchors ancient and and, and,t-e-frame-Hilltprcording angel angelic, angels angels). angll anguish. animal". anity announced. another another, another. another? answer answer, answered answers antecedatt, antecedent anthro anthropolottst anthropomorphically, anthropomorphism anthropomorphism. anthropomorphize. antiquity. anuvement any anyone anything anything, ao,,r-ewaard.. aperable apitOsocea app appIied_u. apparently appears appendix appetibie. appetite, appetite. applicalibe application application. applications applied applies applies. apply apply. applying apprehend apprehended apprehended, apprehending apprehension apprehension. approaching appropriate appropriateness approval.(g.C4.50) approval: approximative, apractices, apt ar are are, are? arepresented argue argued argues arguing argument argument. argumentation argumentation, argumentative); argumentative, argumentative? aric&iicle arise arisen arises arises. arises: arising arose around arouse art art, art. art4x. article article) article, article. articles articles, articles. arts, as as, as-He as: aside aside. ask ask: asked: asking asks asks, aspect aspects ass ass. assent assert asserted asserted. asserting assertion asserts asserts, asserts. assimilation. assume assumes at at, atheism atheistic ative. attached attack. attain attainable attained attaining attains attempt attemptedfto attempting attempts attention attitude attitude. attribtuing attribuendi attribute attributed attributes attributing atuattaVyt authentic authority average avoid avoids avut_ aware away away. azisit b b-e-e-austi'Egf b. bISA- ba ba#,1 back background balance. barging based basic basically basis bat be be" be". be, be. be: be; be? bear beatific beatitude beatitude. beautiful becaause became because become becomes becomes: been bef, before before. begin begin, beginning beginnings. begins beh4 behind behind, being being". being, being. being? beingness beingness, beingness. beings beings, beings. belief believe believer believers believes belong belongs beloved beloved. below benevolence benevolent besides best better better, betteregetamoleb between beyond beyond, beyondj.istice. biblical biblique," birth birth, bit bkch— blessed bodies bodies, bodies. bodily body body. bolster book, books books, books; bore born born. both both) both, both. both? bound bout boxit-ecause breakthrough bring brings brnwig*en broader broadly brought bug burning bush busy but but, bwwwv by bypassed. byt c c* c. c.). c;t-toteri cAttAtclA.-1 cal]stheology call called calling calls cam cam. came can can, can. cance cannot cannot, capable capacity capacity, capacity. card careful carried, carries case case, case. cases cases, casn cast category category. causal causality causality, causality. causation. cause cause, cause. caused causes causes". causes, causes. causing caution cd)-04,1,Von cdThis center center, centraliza-640/n century, ceptions cerning certain certainly certainly, certainty. certitude certitude. cf, cfnamws,:ji chain change changeable character characteristic characteristics characterization charity charity, charity. chastened chhrity, chi2f chief chiefly choice choice, choice. choose chooses, chosen. christian ciA44'44, circle circumambient cit=tr cited cites cizin claim claim. claiming clarifies clarify class class. classical cle clear clear. clearer clearly clearly)e-ALAkwutoN-10011 clearly, cli#46Act.. close closely cmature, cnnture co,u,44 co-extensive co-extensive, cogito cognition cognition. cognitionis cognoscendi coherent coinciding colOr collapsed. combination combination, combine combined come come, come. come: comes coming commentary commercially commit common commonly communicated communicates community compare compared comparison compatible compeeing compeeition compendiously, competely complete complete. completely completion". complex complex. complexity component component. composing composite composition composition, composition. compplete comppletely comprehend comprehends comprehension. comprehension." comprehensive comprehensively, con concatenation concede conceiVe conceive conceived conceived, conceives conceiving concept conception conception* conception, conception. conceptions. concepts concepts, conceptual conceptualization conceptualizations conceptualize concering concern concerned concerned. concerning concernk conclude conclude, concluded concludes concludes, concludes: concluding conclusion conclusion, conclusion. conclusion: conclusions conclusions. concrete concrete. concrete/ concupiscentiae condition conditionable conditionable. conditional conditioning conditioning, conditioning. conditions conditthnnal conferred conferred. confers confidence confidence, conflict conflict. conflicts conformable conformed conforming confrontation. confused confusions conjecture conjunction connatural connaturality. connaturality; connect connected connection connection, connects conned connotation connotation. connote. conow\ conremptgEi,wg, conscious conscious- conscious. consciousness consciousness, consciousness. consciousnesspresents consecrated consequence consequence, consequences consequences. consequent consequently consider consideration consideration, considerations considerations, considerations. considered considering considers consist consistency consistent consitutte constitutes constitutive construct consummation contain contained contains contains. contemplate contemplation. contemplative contemporary contends content content. contention. contents contents. context context, context: contiguity, contingencies contingency contingent contingents contingents, contingents. contingents? continue continues contra contradict contradiction contradictions contrarieties contrariety contrary contrary. contributes control control. conversion, conveyance conveyed conveying conveys conveys. conviction copyright corpore corpore; corporeal corporeal. corpus corpus. corpus: correct corrective corresponds corrupted, cossequence cot cottaining could could? counter countering countries. course course, cover creatdd create created created; creates creates-Milks-order. creation creation, creative creature creature, creature. creatures creatures, creatures. crettures crf critical criticisizi4 criticizing crmufvApv crsTie crucial csX44e.dt. cta.a.dioUi ctly ctly, cto cuki. cumulation cumulative cup customarily cv-en cvA_ cynicism c“ d d'rectly d-cv-e-l-opiRg d. datum de dead. deal dealing deals debatedi0412 debt deciding deduction. dee deed. deeply defect defective defective. definite definition definition, definition. definitions definitively degree deify del deliberately; delight demands demonstration, demonstration. demonstrative demonstratively demonstratively, demythologizing denial denied denies denominated denominated. denominates denomination denomination, denomination. denotation denotation. denotationist denotes deny denying deotrine departure departure, depend dependence dependent depends depen• derived derivedrompe7- derives des des-i-gitate—t described describes description designated desire desire, desires destiny destroy destroyed destroyed. destroys destruction detached detail detail. determinate determination determinations determine determined determined. determines determining develope develope: development devotion. di-notAformalotemminat. dialectically diametrically dictating did did, dif differ differ, difference difference, difference. differences differences, differences. different different. differing, differnace diffferent difficult difficult, difficult. difficult? difficulties difficulty difinition digitized dime dimemitions dir direct directed direction directly directly. disagrees. disappears. discipline discord discoure discourse discourse, discourse. discover discovered discrete discursive discursive. discursive? discursus discursus. discussion disgraced disinterested disposing disposition distinct distinct, distinct. distinction distinction, distinction. distinctions distinctions, distinctions. distinctive distinguish distinguishes distinguishing divErsity diverse diversify diversity diversity. divided divides divine divinity divinization divinization. divinized. division dlifference do do, do. docile doctrinal doctrine doctrine, doctrine. doctrines: does does' does, does. doh, doing domain done done, done. donor donor. double dour1/4was down down, downgraded drawn dreams, dry dthrw duction due due. duirekehat dv-44"9.4) dwell dynamic dynamic, dynamic. dynamism dynamism, e e, e-c e. e.,rPt each eality/indir ear. early earth" earth. easier easy ebAunk ebemrt ebirth eclipses ecomeg ecomnnmy ed ed. educed eeme5c effect effect, effect. effecting effects effects, efficienct efficient effort eft eftm ef—a4-1—thatTglagS-Ain:"Ltlen eggi.kgailtitkAt ei!Espete-ch ei-most ei1 eisreer-; eit4v; either election election, element element. elements elevated elevated. elevates elevating elevation elevation. elf elicited eliminate eliminates elle elminated? else else, else. embraced embraces emerges emotional empathy empirical empirical. employing enclosed encompassing end end" end, end. ends ends. endure engaged eno enormous enough. enpotlicemvessist ens ent, enter enters entertaining entirely entirely, entirely. entis entities entity enulitiation, enuntiable enuntiable, enuntiables) enuntiation enuntiation" enuntiation. enuntiations enuntiations. epistemological equals equates equivalent ere erefo ereli erfu-t4te erg- ergo err erroneous error, errors, ese eseft-4.szte-the especially esse essence essence)of essence, essence. essence/ essence? essences essendi essential essentially essentially, essentially. essentiam essentiam" essentiam"? essentiam, essentiam. essentiam; essentiam? est est. establish establishing esumir et et: etc. etc.). eternal eternity ets,- etymmology. etymology, euLt„ eum even even- event eventiat. events events. eventually ever every everyday everysuch everything everything. evidence. evident evil evil, evil. evils evils, evils? evolution evolve. ewe( exact. exactly example example, example. examples, examples. examples? exceeds excellently except excerpt excess excessive exclude excluded. excludes exclusively exegete. exemplify exercize. exercized exhaust exhausted exhaustively exhausts exhortation, exist exist, exist. existence existence, existence. existential existentialist existentialist, existing exists exists. exitence expanding expands expansion expansion) expectation experience experience" experience, experience. experienced, experiences) explain explained explait explanation explicate explicate. explication explicit explicit) explicitly exploiAt exploit exploitation exploited exploiting exposes express expressed. expresses expressing expression expression, expression. expressions. extend extended extends extension extent extent, external extra-scientific extreme extreme. extrinsic extrinsic. extrinsically eye eye, eye. eyes eyes, eyes? f f* f- fRiveov, faced fact fact, facto factual factual)ActrA" factually faculties faculty faculty, faculty. fail failure fair faith faith) faith), faith, faith. faith: faithx fall]. false false, false. falseness familiar famous far fashionable favor fectly feebleness feel feeling fellow few fewer ff. ffetpass fflte-04141,v fheal, fiction fictional. fictions. fictitious fictitious. field, figment figure fikd filled final finally finally, find finds fini finite finite. finitude finitude, finzai firmer first first, first. fitted fitting fizrrEple, flat flebh, fliqto foi follow following following. follows follows. for force forced forces foregoing foreign forever, form form". form, form. form: formal formaletwift,04-~4-4. formalities formality formally formation formed former former, former. forming forms forms, formulation forth forth. found found, foundations. four, fourfold: fourth fr-r_tirA; fragile. framework frciumc free freely friends, friendship friendship. from from.thought,:itegy, front, frria frustrate frustrated. frustrates frustration frustration, frw241. ftg. fthrrour fuTthor fulfilled, fulfilled. full fullest fullness fullness". fully fully. fulness function fundamental fundamentally further further, further. future future. gAil garet gave genera general general, generally, generate genere. generic generically genuine genuinely genus genus). genus, geor-449-6e4q. get getting gi-v-e.:--54-aaa=t-e-the gift gifts git) give give. given given, given. gives gives, giving glimmering gloriae gloriae, gloriae. glorified glory glory. go goad goal goal. goals god. goes goes: going good good, good. goodness goodness, goodness. goodness? governance grace grace, grace,is—egitin grace. graced gracious grafted granted grapp grasp grasps grass gratuitously gratuituous. great greater greater; greatest green green)44 green. ground ground, ground. grounded groundging grounding grounding, grounds grounds, grow growth h's h.ael h4o. habit habit, had had) had, half-seen hand, happen happen, happen. happens happens, happiness happiness; happy harm has has, has4consciousin hat hate, hatin hav-e-4,4e-.3-eterrttattty-te have have, have. haver having having) he heart. hearth1St. heaven heaven, heavenly heights held held, help help. here here" here". here, here. hermeneutics hesitant hesitates hesitation hey high high. higher higher, higher. highest him him, him,kseryrnothingi41-ipah him. himselOs himself himself, himself. his hisRafk-knew--1-etige.-jv"6 historical historically, history hold holding holds holds, holy home, house houses how however, htnr-on-thi5. hubris human humanism- humanism. humanity humanity. humanly. i i-e-tire--rnsti-arr-ef----GorLao i. i.e i.e. iaa. ibidem, iddividuality idea idea, idealism. ideas ideas) ideas, ideas. iden- idens identical identical, identical. identification identification. identified identifies identify identifying identity identity, identity. ie-r-traivig ie. if if, ifer-is ifestirrg ifigfiut ift, ignore iht ii ii, iitiackpet ikakow_ il... il? ilfr4tr- ili•444" illation. illegitimate illuminate illumination. im image image, image; imaginary imagination imagine imago imago, imago. imitate immaterial immaterial. immediate immediately immoral immutable. impede imperceptible imperfect imperfect. imperfection imperfectly imperfectly, impersonal implication implicit implicit). implicit. implicitly implied implied, implied. implies implies. imply important important. imposes impossibility impossible impossible, impossible. impractical impractical. impress.), impressions improper impropriety improved improving imputation impute in in, in-owerr inIness inacessible incapable inclination". inclination. include includes including inclusion incorrect" incurred. indeed indeed, indeed. indefinitely indefinitely, independence independent index indicate indicated indicates indicative individ individual individualism individuality individuated induction inerrancy inevitably infallible infallibly inferior inferior. infinite infinite, infinite. infinitely infinitely. infinitesimal infinities? infinity infinity. infused infusion ing? inherent initial initiation initself injustice inner inner-most innermost innnermost innumerable inoperable. inserted insight insight, insights insipid insoluble. insome inspiration inspiration. instinct instinct, institute instruct instruction; instrument instrumental instrumentally instrumentally, instrumentally. instruments, insufficiency insufficient int-e-r-p-r-EFM4-on intedded inteeligibilities integrity, intellect intellect's intellect, intellect. intellection intellection, intellection. intellection? intellections intellections, intellections. intellects intellectual intelleigibility. intelligence intelligence" intelligence, intelligence. intelligent intelligibilities intelligibilities, intelligibility intelligibility, intelligibility. intelligibility; intelligibility? intelligible intelligible. intellitible intend intensity intention intentionality intentionality. interaction. intercalating interchanges interconnect interconnection interest interest. interesting interesting, interesting. interfere interior interpolations) interpret interpretation interprets inthe intimately into intransitive intrinsic intrinsically intrinsically, introFor introduce introduction intue intuition intuition. invariability invariable, invariable. inverse. inverted inverted, inverting investigating. investigation investigation, involve involve#. involved involves io ion ir ire iri-ft.1-fti iroug irpi4 irr-t-14-s_uba),-we-krrow-6ed. irrational is is''41Ets-e-,cof is, is,/the is,isb,r---.hiain, is-hro-itanit is. is/superficial is1 isk4U.04i,'74 isn't ist isxmuch it it, it-has it-s-diametrically it. it/ it: it; it_:›I•his itc4ii.-4-to iti itio/tstajriparis.. itithe ito<, itris its itsAhistorical itself itself". itself, itself. itte it•1414-&-=€-aeffits=tri=frel-tcw=ftrem iu ivArbx ivi-ew j j, j6At ja- ject judge judges judging judgment judgment, judgment. judgments judgments, jungthe just justice justice, justice. justified justified. justifies k kAatitO k_ativu ka4t414 kad-tt-iewADJallem:LJO:dsl, keWalm4 keep kerygmatic ketaphor kg_ khich kikaaaae-hesitate kind kitliV knew knew, know know, know. know/ing knowable knowable. knower knower, knower. knowing knowing, knowing. knowldge, knowledge knowledge" knowledge". knowledge), knowledge, knowledge. knowledge: knowledge? knowledgeicomplex. known known". known) known, known. known/ knows knows, knows. knuMdge-i.ef knwledge, knwwledge]. kte kulcier kuulAV l l'infini la lack lacking lacks laid language language, language. larger last later latter latter, latter. latter: law law. law; laws lay lays lead leads least least, leave leaves leaving led left legal len less less, less. lesser let level level, level. levels levels. lf-consciousness, li liable licensing lidtek-lt lie liepAy lies lif,c7firough life life". life, life. lifted liggs light lik.")WW like like. likened likeness; likes likewise likewise. limiat limit limitation limitation. limitation5. limitations limited limits line, line. linguistic linguistic. linguistically. lire literal literally. liti:vooktou little live lives living lki,R44jict4;0 lo,gicaTty- local located located. locates locating location lofty lofty, logical logically logically, long longer looking lost lost; love love, love. lover loving lower lowest ls lucidly lumen luminosity ly lying lyrical m m,o/Nonc6a") m44*-4451 mN made made) made, made. magnificence maintain maintain, maintaining maintains major makd make make" make-up makes makes, making making, making. man man's man, man,, man. manifestation manifested manifesting manifests manner, manner. mans manthe many manylt. mare marks masters matU14. material materialistic materiality materiality. materially materials materil, mathematical mathematics, matter matter, matter. matters matters. may me me. me? mean mean. meanfgful meaning meaning, meaning. meaningful meaningless meaningless. meaningless; meaninglessness meanings, meanings. means means, means. meant measure. measured mede-ef-Iffiegilag media mediate mediate.1 mediated mediates mediates. mediating medieval medium medium, men men. mental mental. mentally mercy. mere merely merit. merl message metalahorical metaphor metaphor). metaphor, metaphor. metaphorical metaphorically metaphorically, metaphors metaphors. metaphors3 metaphors? metaphysical metaphysician, metaphysics metaphysics, metaphysics. metaphysics: methodologies metrmari5- microscope, midway might might, mind mind, mind. mind.Aristotlele minds minor minutes mirror mirrored misapplication misconeive mistakes mistrust misunderstanding mixture mmelt modality mode mode, mode. modern modern) modern,£ moderns, modification modified modify modus montrol, moral morals more more, more. more? moreover moreover, most motion motion. motions motions) motivate motivates motivation move moved movement movements mover mover, movers moves moves, moving movment, msut much much. multiple multipli multiplication, multiplicity multiplied multiplies multiply mum), muoVt-C must mutabilityof mutual my myself myself. myself? mystical myth, n; nae name name, name. named namely namely, nameor names names. naming narrative, nasiiturum, natue natum natural natural, natural. naturalis. naturally naturallyAdo naturallyof nature nature) nature, nature. nature.Epaial natures, natures. nd. ne nearly necessarily necessarily, necessarily. necessary necessary, necessary. necessity necessity, necessity. need needs needs: negate negated. negating negation negation. negations negations. negative negative: negatively, neither ness never nevertheless new nffRhnrif ngeation. ngelic nggative nmajority no no. non-authentic non-beings non-beings? non-contradictory non-ego non-instrumental non-knower. non-productive noninstrumental nonsense nonsense. nor normal normally nos, nos. nosci, not not, not- not. not: notAtruth nota nota, note note, note. noted notes notes, nothing noticed. notion notion), notion, notion. notions; nouns now nown ns-u-AL number numbering, nutor" o o-kot.44,4.- ob1 obediential obj. obj.. object object" object's object, object. object/ object? objectconscious objection objection, objection. objections objections: objective objective. objectively objectively, objectivized objects objects, objects. objects? oblect obscure obscurity observation observations observed, observing, obtained obtaining obvious occasion occasionalist. occupies occur occur. occurred occurs occurs, occurs: of of" of',02e of) of, of-at-tri-buti-en of-judgments. of:o_ntellect off off. office ofr ofs-tatemehouy often og oiala&e+ves oid/L oitatosiki„ oltakIL om omas on once once. one one's one. one41.1*g-el*. one? onenartIMWATMer oneness ones, ones. oneself onl.0 online. online: only onlyAformal onto ontological ontologically ontologically, ontology ontology. ooncepts open operable operable. operate operation operation, operation. operative opinion opinion, opinion. opinion; opinions opportunity oppose opposed opposes opposing opposite opposite, opposition opposition, opposition. oppositions opt opum.4i4\ or or, ordained ordained, ordains order order, order. order: ordered ordered, ordering orders ordinary ordination ordination. organic organizing oriental origin. original ortakt ostak other other, other. other? others others, others. otherwise otherwise, otherwise. otton'4,n ou oug our ours. ourselves ourselves, ourselves. oursfIcIves out out, out. outisde outside ouww;t9 ova, over overcome overcome. overflow overflows overlap, overwhelmed ovititfrusiiork. ovvut ow\ own own. owned owner. owt9 ox~z-rs; p. p.€44464-(464-414,14 p44, paper paradoxical parallel paritcular part part, part. partial partially participat participated participates participation participation, participation. particular particular, particular. particularly partly parts parts. pass passage passages. passed passes passing passion passive passivity past paucity peace peculiar pelfertiy pencil penetrating people per per- peraccidens perceived perceiving perception percipi. perfect perfect, perfect. perfect? perfecting perfection perfection) perfection. perfections perfectly perfectly, perfectly. perfects perform performs perhaps perhaps, permanent permission permits permutations person person. person; personA personal personality personalization personally persons. perspicacity pertain pertaining pertains petere phenomena phenomena. phenomenological phenomenologically phenomenology philos4h4orta4p philosophers philosopherta-reeetieft-te-i-t. philosophica philosophical philosophical. philosophy philosophy, philosophy. physical physicist, piac piece-meal. piously pit place place& place, place. placed, places planets play plurality plurality, plurality. plus plus) plus, plus. plus." plus; poet poetic poetical poetical, poetical? poetry poetry? poets poets? poeuliard4t4icits point point. pointed pointin pointing points political pomorphism, pose posed poses poses, posiible posit posited positing position position, position. positively positivism. posits posits, possMe, possessed possessed, possessing possession possession, possibile possibiliths possibilities possibilities. possibility possibility. possible possible, possible. possible? possiblities. possibly potency potency. potent' potential potentiality potentiality. potentially pottrt(things, power power. powerful powers powers. pp. pr practi practic practical practical, practical. practicality practice prayer prayer., prdcisely pre-eminently preaching precdding preceded preceding preceptive precise precisely predicate predicate, predicate. predicates predicates, predication predication, predication. predict predominate,' prefacing preference premise premise, premises. premisses premisses. preposition preppsition presence present presentation, presented presents preserve presuppose presuppose, presupposed presupposes presuppositions prevent prevents prfound primar1U,selfconsciousness, primarily primarily, primarily. primary prime primum. prinOple, principality principium principle principle). principle, principle. principles principles' principles, principles,-piph-aps-e-vo—p-r-ey.el principles. prior privacy probabilities probability probable probable, probable. problem problem, problem. problem: problematic problems problems. procceds procedure proceed proceeding proceeding. proceeds process process, process. produce produced produces product. production proferred profit profound progress project projection promised promissive pronouns proof proof. proper proper. properly properly, properly. properties property prophets; proportion proportioned proportions proposed proposed. proposition proposition, proposition. proposition: propositional propositions propositions. propositions: propositionssof-thei44;th. prosition protected prove proved provide provided provides providing prpposition psalms? psychological psychologically psychologically, psychologist psychology pu-rkl. public publicity pupose purchase pure purelay purely purity purpose pursues pursuing push pushed put put, puts puuely puzzling q. qua qualifi qualification qualification. qualifications qualified qualifiekton qualifies qualities qualities, quality quality, quality. quality? quantified quantified, quantitative quantitatively quantity quantity) quantity, quantity. quarrel quarrels quasi question question, question. questions questions: quite quoad quotation quotes quoting qvit r r- radical radically rather rather, rather: ratio rational rational, rational. rationality rationalization rationis" re'ations re-opcct reach reached reaches reaction read: reads: ready reaennf real real, real. realiM realities reality reality. realization really really, realm reason reason, reason. reason: reason? reasoning reasoning, reasoning. reasonings reasonings. reasons reasons, reasons7 reasons: reassessing reational receive receive1 received. receiver recent receptacle reception receptive recognize recognize, recognized recognizes reconctruct reconstructing redounds reduce reduced reduces reduction reduction. refer reference refers reffectionsin reflect reflection reflective reflects reflexions reflexive reforming refuse refute refuting regard regarded regrettable. reiition reiteration rejct rejection rejoins relate related related, relating relating, relating. relation relation, relation. relational relationality relationality) relationality, relationality. relationally. relations relations); relations. relationship relationship, relative relative, relative. relaxing, religious religious. reluctance relying rem, remain remaining remains remark remark, remarked remarks remedy remembered removal remove removed removed. removes renaissance. render renders repentence. replaced replies replying representation representation. representations reproduction repudiation required requires res resemblance: resent respect respects. response responsible rest restore restrictable restricted restriction restrictions, restricts rests result results resurrected resurrection? resuurection rev. reveal revealable." revealed revealed" revealer revealing reveals revelation revelation, revelation. reversing revolt, richness right rights, rigorous rill4-!;. rise rises rising rkA:t rl rmourtf rom roof root rooted rooted. rot rowti-rnt,IN rtiiindri°42--4 rubric: rums run s s, s-41-ast s-his s-not s. s_ame sacramental sacred said said, said-ef-h±m saint saint, saints saints). salva- salvation", same same, same. sameA sameitact sante, sar satire saving saw say say, say. say: saying saying: says says, schizophrenia schizophrenia. scholE scholastic scholastics science science" science, science. science? sciences sciences,( sciences. scientific scientist scientists. scope scriptitire scripture scripture,t-h-e-refia-r-e-; scripture. scriptureA se search sec-ond—eir-j-ection., second second, second: secondary secondly, secont4dcw.objeqction secrets secundum secundum. sed seduddum: see see. seeing seek seek, seeking seekingLa seeks seeks. seem seem, seemingly seems seemsArFalher-t=8-49€ seen seen, seen. sees seize self self, self- self-concsiousness self-conscious self-consciousness self-consciousness, self-consciousness. self-contradicting self-knowledge self-motion, self-sufficient. self. self? selfas selfconsciousness, selfish selfish. selfishness. semantic sence sensation sense sense, sense. senseA senses? sensible sensible, sensibly sentences sentences. sentiments separaeli separat. separate separated separately separation separation, sequence sequence: seriously. serve serves servile set set. sets setting settled sgral2 shadow. shall shape shared shared, shares she shifting short short, should should. show showing shown shows showsxWittgenstein/ sicuti sigh sight sign sign. signifi- significance significances significandi significata. signifies signifies. signifleont-o-the signify signs simiiar similar similar. similarity similarity). similarity, similarity. similitude similitude, similitude,y.Causality similitude. similitude? similitudes similitudes, similitudes. similitudes? simple simple, simpleA-1331# simpler simplicity simplification simply simply, simply. simplyand simultaneously? sin sin. sin; since since, sing singular singular$ singularity singulars singulars, singulars? sins). sit sitting situation situation, slight slight. slur-s•tion so so, so-called so. so? sol sole solely solely. soluble solution solve some somehow someone something something, sometimes sometimes, somewhat son's sonsciousnesses sophisticated sophistication sorrow. sort sort, sort. sorts soul soul, soul? sounds source spatial speak speaking speaking. speaks spealqa-af-His_na.maA spec special specialized specially speciem speciem. species species" species, species. species? specific specific, specifically specified speculation. speculations speculative speculative, speculative. speech speech, spelled sphere. spirit spirit, spirits spirits, spirits. spiritual spoke spoken spontaneousNor spread sr ss ssi56 stability. stage stalawtTat stamp stand stands starting starts starts. state state, state. stated stated. statement statement, statement. statement: statements states states, static static, stating step still stone stone. strange strange. stress stresses stressing strict strictly stripping strive strong structure structure. structure: study suasively, subAP4 subTect subalternated subject subject, subject. subjectialmr subjective subjective. subjectively subjectively, subjectively. subjectivity subjectivity, subjects subjects. sublais, subordinate subordinates subsequently subsistens" subsistent subsisting subsists substance substance, substance. substances substances, substances. substantial substantially? substitute subtle subtle. subtlety. success succession successive successively, successively. succinct such such". such, such. suffice suffice. suffices suffices. sufficient sufficiently suggest suggests suhh suittzke;114,-, sulafxrrt-this sum, sum. summation sums superficies superficies. superfluous. supernatural supernature supperadditum" supply support supporting supports suppose suppose, supposed supposes supposing supposition supposition, suppositions: supreme sur surely surface surrounded surrounding surrounds surrounds. susc4Otible susceptive suspect sustain sustained syllogism syllogism, syllogism. syllogisms symbol, system system, systematization systems, systems: t t, t,--ireilpossible t-ers4-to t., t.- t0J-Pti t4,44,44/04,1j4 t4.4144to t4V t6;te tAt,;jurrcobf--,w-4P44- tI tOGioirWMs tack. tackground take taken takes taking tantamount tat tation tb tc. tcG- te tea-L1-iiikg. teabher, teachAtruth teaches teaching teaching, teachs technically techniques tegolapj tei teleios). telescopes telescoping tells tem. temporal tend tendency tends tents tenuous term term, term. termed terminology terms terms, terms. terms: tertium. text text, texts. tfnd th th%ijf th'n th+wsland th-is th..itkmfte_ th.ihrItiov3. thT-s-le4ter„the than that that, that. thatopropositions the the'e the--state—uf the-eeftee-ril the-phranta-wrr. the-scien-oe-. the-slibie-et the/M-Tect. the7e11:1-gergy,and thee theinterpretation their thelogians them them" them, them. them: them; themA theme. theml themselves themselves, then then, theobject theocentric theolog*cal theologian. theologians, theological theologie theologies, theologies: theology theology, theology. theology? theoretical theoretical, theories theories, theorizes theory theory, theory. theouestion thepeculiarity ther.'efare there there, thereby thereby, thereffre therefofe therefora therefore therefore, these these, thesis thesubject. theught thevision. they they, thi thiameans thifr•Wiick thin thing thing" thing, thing. things things, things. things: things; things? thingt think think, think. thinkers thinkers. thinking thinking, thinking. thinks third this this) this), this, this,reason, this. this: this? thit4istrad---s-es-&-i-on thiudiu4t thiv thnks thorough thoroughly thoroughly" thoroughness those though thought thought, thought. thought: thoughts thoughts, three three, thriTrtn-tirts-way7-and through through" through, thrown thtt thus thus. th€ ti ti, tiAt, tic tic,- tie tie- tied tied-si-ara, tiftnet tik, time time, time. times tion tips tir4 tirave-- tis tisk tit tit4141W tit; titeTe+wp-oof tithe tiveof tjj_g_t. tkem-ill-eArt--go- tnrkok. to to-the to. to.-94grew.that to:+4 toAtribute today today, token, tolicek, too too, too. took took, tookap toot total total. totality totally totally, touches toward trademarks. tradition traditional transcendence transcendency transcendent transcendent. transcendental transcendental. transcendentally transcendentals. transcending transcends transends transformation transformative transformed transformer transforms transiently transiently. transitive translation transmits transmitted transmitting tre-prob-i-efs--oflaaw__, trea-t-o-f-i-t— treated treatment treats trefit" triangle tried tries trok trouble troz true true, true. true2 truly truncated trust truth truth, truth. truthfulness truths truths, truths; tru—wri- try trying tt ttendency. ttructured ttt ttv.. ture turns two two-fold twofold ty type types typical u ultimate ultimate. ultimately unanimous unceasing uncomfortable unconditioned undcrstood under underlying understadding understand understanding understanding, understanding. understands understood understood, unfolds ungraced uniA, unification unified unifying unintelligible union unite unite. united. unites unites. unitive unitssestdditerarst*se511444366104,e unity unity, unity. unityA universal universal. universalAiinee universality universals universals. universe unknowability unknowable unless unlimited unnaturally unpublished unreaennable unsaid unsystematic. untrained unusual. unvarying unveiling unwittingly up upon upon,other4 upon. upper urges us us, us. usage, usage. use use, use. used useful user. uses using usual usually uz2).y1~from vacuum vacuum" vain vain. valid. validity valiifit variable, variable. variable? varied. various vary vd,lition. vddition veiled vein, verb verb. verbal verbalization verbs verifiable verified verse very vestige vi741 vie view view, view. viewed viewit1=PS viii, violence violent violent. virtue virtues vis visibility vision vision). vision, vision. vision? visions visited vk vol. volition volition, volitional, volitions vollendet, vollkommen, voluntary, volved vows, vtiuCAL w-ao w-gpt_. w; wAto/mq. wa wages. waits want want, want. wanted wanting wants was was, wasA wax way way" way, way. way: wayrills-t—as—vc9=mti=gitt—e43-j-eet ways ways: wc, we we, weak weakly weakly, weakness weattain week. weekend. well well-being. were were, wg-ftt what whatever whatness whatsoever, when when, where whereas whereby whether which which, which. while who who, who-no whoever whole whole, whole-heartedly, whole. whole/part wholly whom whose why why. why... wicks wii will will, will. will_ willing willing. wills wisdom wisdom. wisdom? wise wise. wished wishes wishing wit% with withAlwhat withen within withoa,, without word word, word- word. words words, words. work work) work. works world world, world. worry, worse worth would wound. wounded write writings written wrote wrtlr wrufib x xt y y. yYe yet yield yields you your yv=a-s--the-distinan zape4eint-their }iim, — • 






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